The English Reformation<br><i> Worship, Theologians, and Anglican Identity</i>
The English Reformation<br><i> Worship, Theologians, and Anglican Identity</i>
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Evocative and redolent with church history, the English Reformation Set offers a precious cross section of thought. All 19 authors showcased render reality and a vision beyond that, which explains why they have endured the ages and continue to positively impact contemporary thinkers as well. Glowing with virtue and accomplishment, facing imprisonment and martyrdom, these writings will penetrate deep into the soul, deeper than emulation, deeper than imitation, for the integrity within the work itself cannot be ignored. Heart searching and life changing!  

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1552 Book of Common Prayer
Thomas Cranmer et al

Skillfully crafted in wonderfully emotive language, Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury established the first doctrinal and liturgical structures of the reformed Church of England. The deep thoughts revealed truly bring prayer to life. The Book of Common Prayer contains forms of service for daily and Sunday worship, morning and evening prayer, the Litany, Holy Communion, baptism, confirmation, marriage, and funerals. A major revision published in 1662 is used today in 50 different countries and in over 150 different languages! A solid starting point for daily devotion!

"Amazing devotional and liturgical aid!" — Raymond Cannata

"A wonderful and practical devotional book!" — Michael J. Meehan

1662 Book of Common Prayer
The Standard for Anglican Worship by Thomas Cranmer et al

A verbal masterpiece, in ’archaic’ but elegant style. A living testament to the English Reformation, Cranmer’s work is a milestone in church history, capturing the essence of the English language and culture, chronicling its enduring achievements. The mechanism of prayer does not interfere with the spirit or intent of prayer. This warm and wonderful daily companion of liturgical prayer has spiritually nourished Christians over the centuries. An Anglican gift to the world, it continues to guide worship and stimulate spiritual growth. A blessing indeed!

"Comfort and Balm for the Soul!" — Sacred Chapel

"A very high recommendation!" — pcarder

"Beautiful!" — Daniel M. Hixon

Book of Homilies Volume 1
Thomas Cranmer et al

Strongly instructive, The Books of Homilies in two volumes develop the reformed doctrines of the Church of England in great depth and detail. As the clergy were often less educated, these sermons were to be read out each Sunday. Most sermons are straightforward exhortations to read Scripture daily and pray meaningfully. Containing 12 sermons, five doctrinal and seven practical, a clear and more biblical mode of worship, cleansed from Roman Catholic superstitions, Cranmer spotlights God’s character and Justification by Faith. From 1547 onward it was used in every English church! Great resource!

"Historically and Spiritually rich!" — A Reviewer

Book of Homilies Volume 2
John Jewel

Thrilling! Visualize early church history opening up! John Jewel’s ’Second Book of Homilies ’ is a new model of simplified topical preaching with a theological understanding of the English Reformation. Published by 1571, it has 21 authorized sermons, with practical application on daily living the Christian life. These godly and wholesome doctrines greatly impacted both royalty and commoner. In 1623, both volumes of homilies were combined under one title, ’Certain Sermons or Homilies Appointed to Be Read in Churches’. Wonderful reading experience!

"Inexpressibly delightful!" — A Reviewer

Commentary on the Book of Common Prayer
Anthony Sparrow

Enlightening! Historically and spiritually significant, Anthony Sparrow’s Commentary on the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) was published in1655, when the BCP was outlawed in England, during the Puritan Commonwealth period. This fascinating commentary on the entirety of the 1662 BCP, long regarded as one of the "standards" of classical Anglican divinity greatly influenced everything written in English! Despite the numerous revisions it has undergone, both in England and in the other countries of the Anglican Communion, the original text is still comprehensible and relevant!

"Highly recommended!" — A Reviewer

Founding Fathers of the Reformation
Thomas Cranmer et al & Richard Hooker

Pertinent truths plainly presented in these 4 articles. Doctrines from the Founding Fathers of the Reformation include Cranmer’s writings on the efficacy of Christ’s mission, emphasizing justification by a "true and lively faith in Christ alone". No good work could ever merit salvation. Cranmer, in his last sermon prior to being burned, defines the love of this false world as hatred against God. He advocated obedience to rulers and love among the believers. Hooker’s masterful sermon on justification is eminently educated, logical, and authoritative theology! A must read.

"A worthwhile investment of time!" — A Reviewer

The Country Pastor: His Character and Rule for Holy Life
George Herbert

Delightful! Pastor, poet, and spiritual master, Herbert’s peaceful poetry flows during tempestuous times in church history. Herbert’s personal devotion and humility percolate through his writings, providing spiritual direction to a wide range of people till today. With insights into his own spiritual work as well as snapshots of early 17th century life, his whimsical word play reveals the poet and priest in perfect unison! Published posthumously, this work reveals his deeper spirituality. Undoubtedly one of the best devotional poets! Savor the substance!

"Beautiful Religious Poetry!"— Rev. Dr. Charles Erlandson

"George Herbert, the beautiful psalmist of the seventeenth century." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Precious Gems of John Jewel

Three excellent expositions of Christian thought, Jewel’s apologetic is a defense of the Reformed Church of England, not as a new belief form but as solidly based on Scripture, the church Fathers’ doctrines and even Jewish tradition. He declares the Bible’s divine origin and its life-changing power, the pleasure reading God’s Word and the reverence it merits. He poses 15 indisputable challenges to the Catholic Church, particularly the absence of mass, statues, papal supremacy and sacrament for 600 hundred years, although currently prevalent. Highly informative and thought provoking.

"An Anglican Classic!" — Quentin D. Stewart

"An argument for orthodox Christian religion!" — C. Stephans

The Pastoral Touch of Jeremy Taylor

In 4 significantly varied articles Jeremy Taylor pleads for the effectiveness of set liturgical prayer over spontaneous prayer. Prayer should be Spirit-assisted, reverent and respectful! He teaches the scripturally right way to administer the Lord's Supper. He reveals Christ as Final Judge, executing His will on the impenitent. The 11 Bible-based arguments warning a lady against following Roman Catholicism, with its idolatry, papal supremacy and salvation by works plus Christ, are insightful! A great package!

"Interesting subjects sensitively handled!" — A Reviewer

Latimer’s Legacy: Choice New Testament Sermons
Hugh Latimer

Three interesting samples of Latimer’s direct and earthy style! He preached righteousness of the conscience not intellect, always showing the hollowness of all earthly satisfaction. In one sermon, Latimer emphasized the leper’s faith to approach Christ, plead his case and experience healing. When faith and prayer join together, it is impossible for God not to hear it. Latimer, in the parable of the tares, recommends patience dealing with the unrepentant. Ultimately martyred, he contended that only God’s word challenges and changes people. Amazing versatility! Eminently enjoyable.

"Great Read!" — A Reviewer

Devotional Donne
John Donne

These three splendid texts on disease and death, in verse and sermon format reveal Donne’s skillful blend of the melancholy with pleasant humor, great imagination, contemplation and compassion. Praise to God and his quest for knowledge were unquenched. These 23 pieces in tripartite form of meditation, expostulation and prayer have startling phrases and juxtapositions. Although Donne declares Death every man’s enemy yet he assures that whoever abides in Christ shall never die! Death is the way to resurrection, and ascension into His mansions!

"A dynamic expostulation!" — Bruce P. Barten

"A Fabulous Collection!" — Muirnin

Letters of John Bradford

Passionate and vocal about his faith, John Bradford also wrote extensively. Each of these 83 letters to individuals, family, friends, cities and towns painstakingly upheld the truth of the doctrine for which he dared to die. Caring and concerned, his letters of encouragement, warning and counsel are a blessing even today. Godly and fervent in his witness, this martyr’s letters show his deep consideration for the lost and his compassion for and generosity to the poor! Stirring! Will inspire!

"Exhilarating!" — A Reviewer

Sermons and Tracts
John Bradford

A lode to be mined, these six tracts and sermons by Bradford discuss an array of topics. Sounding out a heartfelt cry for Repentance to circumvent God’s wrath and judgment; conditions and manner in which to participate in the Lord’s Supper; encouraging thoughts to allay the fear of death; patience and endurance in suffering and affliction; and a pithy apologetic on the doctrine of predestination and election of God, each writing is a treasure beyond measure. Bradford at his sparkling best. Uplifting.

"Good resource!" — A Reviewer

Some Account of the Rev. John Bradford, Prebendary of St. Paul’s, and Martyr, A.D. 1555

Unwavering in faith and unstinting in effort, Rev. John Bradford, Prebendary of St. Paul’s immeasurably impacted the lives of many. Martyred in 1555 A.D., his life, works and writings have left an indelible mark on 16th century England, and the Christian world till today. His faithful diligent labor, his gentle reproof, his zealous preaching, his clever arguments refuting heresies and errors and his godly life all reflected Christ and Him alone. Challenging!

"He was man by whom God has and does work wonders in setting forth his word!" — Dr. Ridley, bishop of London!

The Golden Grove
A Christian Guide of What to Believe, What to Do, and What to Desire by Jeremy Taylor

Sensory imagery and apt allusions to Biblical, patristic, and classical material, Jeremy Taylor ranks as one of the great spiritual classic authors termed the "Caroline Divines". This manual of daily prayers and litanies concerns what is to be believed, practiced and desired or prayed for, the prayers being specific to days and celebrations. He is the last of a "golden age" of preachers like John Donne and Lancelot Andrewes. Taylor’s focuses primarily on the believer’s spiritual growth and sanctification. Exquisitely pleasurable reading.

"The Shakespeare and the Spenser of the pulpit!" —Anon

Some Signposts on the Anglican Way

Seven versatile writers offer a spectrum thought!

The 39 Articles of Faith written by Cranmer and others were the complete statement of the Christian faith in England post Reformation.

In 1559 Elizabeth I circulated the Act of Unity structuring church services and levying penalties for irreverence or contempt of the ordinances.

William Perkins clarifies the Lord’s Supper emblems not as Christ’s real flesh and blood but as symbolic representations.

Isaac Barrow caveat on thoughtful speech cautions against foolish talk, poor humor, swearing, slander and evil speaking.

John Pearson’s exposition on Ps 111:4 is noteworthy regarding God’s wonderful creation that is to be remembered.

Thomas Adams in the Immutability of Christ’s Mercy uses Heb. 13:8 to show God as enduring, having neither beginning nor end. Elevating!

An unusual prayer by Thomas Ken particularly for those visiting the Baths for healing also includes prayer of repentance of sin and admonition to casting off besetting sins that could be the cause of illness.

"Scintillating thoughts!" — A Reviewer


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