The Building Blocks of the Faith: The Church and Its Practices
The Building Blocks of the Faith: The Church and Its Practices
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Revitalizing! This set, The Building Blocks of Faith, rouses, renews and rebuilds faith in God! It recognizes the Church as the nurturing body, always emphasizing the great work of salvation through Christ and standing firm through the ages as a citadel of the Truth. Full of inspirational, devotional, doctrinal, meditational, and practical teaching, it also includes personal and church history, debunking heresies and witnessing to a hopeless world! The sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, so unique to the Church, reflect God’s abundant grace to sinners. Riveting!  

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Loving God through our Devotion
Lewis Bayly

A stirring reminder to all Christians reiterating the reasons for, and the conditions and objectives of piety. Bayly, in Practice of Piety, teaches simply how to live well and how to die well! Piety is based on the doctrines of God and His divine grace that meets every need. Bayly expounds the mechanics of individual and family prayer, meditation, Bible reading, and singing, calling you to Christ-likeness and piety. This was the first book to awaken John Bunyan spiritually! Incomparable blessing!

"The textbook for the Christian life!"—Brian Douglas

Following the Christ for Young Believers
Andrew Murray

Fifty-two remarkable chapters, one for every Sunday in the year, custom-made for the young Christian! Murray’s work, New Life: Words of God for Young Disciples, provides a rich understanding of the Word of God, the Son of God, Sin, Faith, the Holy Spirit and Holy Life. Substantially cross referenced, this book practically teaches how to examine and meditate on Scripture. A great resource for the new believer! Wonderful guide!

"Incredible, deep, complete insight!"—Lynette K. Huisinga

"I wish I would have read this when I was saved!"—Alec Justice

Living Faithfully Before God
William Secker

Pithy and packed with numerous brilliant seed-thoughts, William Secker’s The Consistent Christian: A Handbook for Christian Living, attractively displays gems of condensed and enlightening thought. Clearly and pointedly, loaded with comparisons and contrasts, and spiced with analogies this is a wonderful handbook on practical godliness. An excellent aid to help you live a holy life wholly for Christ. You will be humbled and sanctified. Truly a treasure!

"A wonderful book!"—Theodore L. Cuyler

"One of the best books I have read!"—Robert D. Fausett

Fellowship in the Church
John Angell James

Ringing with sound doctrine and engaging eloquence, James discusses the nature and design of the church, specifically the relationship of fellowship among and the duties of the members to each other, the clergy, young Christians and other churches in his book, Christian Fellowship: The Church Member’s Guide. Highly relevant to all churches which seek to practice Biblical church fellowship, and establish closer ties within and between churches. Wise, practical, and helpful! Will enhance the quality of church life! Enriching!

"A useful guide to Church Membership!"—Amazon Customer

Early Years of the Church
E. De Pressense

Forthright and direct, E. De Pressense definitely ranks among the eminent modern defenders of the early Christian faith, from the first period of the apostolic age to the churches in the time of St. John. The Early Years of Christianity: The Apostolic Era, reveals his fresh perceptive, impressive pictorial style and unforgettable tone of narrative. With zest and great scholarship, the maintenance of Christian accuracy and evangelical truth is evident throughout this work. History comes alive! Valuable resource!

"Highly recommended!"—A reviewer

Our Suffering Savior
F.W. Krummacher

In four fascinating sections, each more moving and heartwarming than the other, F.W. Krummacher in Suffering Savior: Meditations on the Last Days of Christ presents what Christ saw, endured and experienced during those last painful days on this earth and His great work on Calvary’s cross. Truly, a storehouse of exceedingly rich comment on the events of the Holy Week, this devotional work illustrates singular beauty of language, depth of spiritual insight, richness of imagination, power of his appeal, clarity of style, undergirded by the warmth and force of his expressiveness. Elevating!

"Eye opening and thorough!"—AyatinGL

"This is a wonderful book!"—Leah Jane Johnson

Anne Dutton’s Letters on Faith

Anne Dutton’s Letters on Spiritual Subjects vividly demonstrates women’s role in religion, in the18th century. British, Baptist theologian, this keenly intellectual woman, with a passion for Scripture, reveals through her correspondence with great men like George Whitefield and John Wesley, a beautiful blend of doctrinal, experimental, and practical teaching, rarely found in such combination! Her spiritual counsel shines forth as she dismantles the heresies of her time, or handles subjects like the Trinity, role and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Christian discipleship! Astounding work!

"Persuasive writing!"— Deirdre LaNoue

A Guide to Presbyterian Worship
Robert Johnston

"The Word of God, which is contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, is the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him."Westminster Catechism.

In Presbyterian Worship: Its Spirit, Method and History Johnson’s aim is to preserve the spirituality of worship, particularly within the Scottish Church. With his extensive knowledge of Church history and ecclesiology, he draws the pattern of public worship from John Knox, through the period of Controversy (1614-45) and Revolution of 1688, ending with the modern changes in the Presbyterian churches outside Scotland. Interesting!

"Remarkable!"—A reviewer

Hymns and Their Stories Volume 1 & 2
Ernest Edwin Ryden

"A hymn is a child of the age in which it was written."

Ryden, in Story of Our Hymns, passionately strives to create a deeper love for the great lyrics of the Christian church. This Swedish author included facts and circumstances about the authors and compositions to better understand and appreciate the hymns themselves, the historical background as well as the spiritual movements within the Church at the time of their writing. He himself wrote and translated more than 40 hymns that have been published in Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian and Presbyterian hymnals.

"Fascinating!"A reviewer

An Overview of English Baptists
Joseph Ivimey

A History of the English Baptists is Ivimey’s painstaking record of the denomination until 1820, across four volumes. Although considered the smallest denomination among the Protestant dissenters, their zealous adherence to the doctrines of evangelical truth is undeniable and laudable. The English Baptists steadfastly held the genuine principles of the Reformation, particularly the doctrine of Christian liberty, and pursued them to their legitimate consequences. Believing that the Bible alone is the basis for Protestants, everything about the worship of God not found in Scripture was rejected. Invaluable!

"Priceless!"A reviewer

Meditations for Godly Living

Powerful, precise and effective, compiled and originally printed in the 1800s by Bagster’s grandson, this most popular and uplifting devotional, Daily Light on the Daily Path, includes Scripture readings, for morning and evening, arranged on prominent Biblical themes, for every day of the year. It attaches no commentary, simply allowing scripture to speak for itself. Having touched hundreds of thousands of Christians the world over, this timeless classic is an inspirational work with carefully collected Scripture selections, delightfully harmonized, with no loss of their original intent! Enriching!

"Excellent devotional for family use!"—Bruce Hempel

"Excellent in every way!"—John Formsma

The Church and its Historical Witness
William Cunningham

Two treasured volumes of very thorough doctrinal history, from the council of Jerusalem in the New Testament to the 17th century. Cunningham, in Historical Theology his apologia for orthodox Reformed theology based on a history of doctrinal controversies, presents church government, the person and work of Christ, and the doctrine of grace. Chronicling the theological tension between law and grace, between sin and forgiveness, and between Christ’s first coming and his second, this masterpiece showcases Cunningham’s significant erudition, deep evangelical insight, incisive thinking and brisk style! Strong and profound!

"A Reformed perspective of history!"Louie Kin Yip

"Very good resource!"—Reformed Library

Thoughts on the Church and Godliness
James Arminius

Work of James Arminius, Volume 2 of a three-volume set, greatly impacted John and Charles Wesley, and therefore, contemporary Protestantism. Translated from Latin this contains some of this 16th century, Dutch Reformed theologian most important works. Arminius, the father of Arminianism’, challenged Calvinism. He rejected Predestination, the Free Will of Man and grace, and defied the Roman Catholic Church. To study the reformation or Arminianism, this scholastic work is highly instructive! A must for every Christian library. Challenging!

"A must-buy for any serious Bible student!"—Ed Rae

Believing in Christ without Compromise
John Angell James

Passionately, James, in the early 19th century, from the letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor, propounds the nature and necessity of earnest piety and pushes the church to pursue it. The Church in Earnest exhorts the church to see that its own internal spiritual condition is of primary importance. Personal effort to save souls, parental example, persevering prayer, and regular family devotion, industriously performed, are prerequisites to piety. Hindrances to earnestness in piety, as well as the means to increase the church’s earnestness to piety are emphasized! Awesome!

"Great read!"—A reviewer

Real Christianity and False Belief
William Wilberforce

"The wittiest man in England", Wilberforce, cuts to the quick, convincing the reader to consider the seriousness of his own convictions, and to be concerned about the product of such faith. Mere church attendance is not Christianity! Clear-cut principles of Christian living, compelling, compassionate, and rigorously self-examining! He understood the dedication of the life of real Christianity, and was himself a great man because of it. A great asset to those ministering in a Post Modernist society!

"Worthwhile challenge!"—Barnabas

"Outstanding!"—Phillip Newman

Sermons on the Lord’s Supper and Baptism
John Willison

A prolific writer with a pronounced sacramental thrust, Willison in his Five Sacramental Sermons identifies five covenants having a contractual basis. He focuses on the Lord’s Supper and the need to seriously prepare oneself for it. Baptism, another sacrament special to Christianity is also explained. The joy of being in a covenant relationship with God Himself is matchless. God’s unfathomable grace, a believer’s dignity in being an heir of God and the fainting believer being strengthened for his work are also exquisitely elucidated. Elevating!

"Lofty!"A Reviewer


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