Apologetics - Vol. 1<br><i> Contending for the Historic Faith</i>
Apologetics - Vol. 1<br><i> Contending for the Historic Faith</i>
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Outstanding works by deep Christian thinkers, Apologetics Vol.1, is an unforgettable compilation that will train you to defend your faith! Become a competent Christian apologist, able to argue for Christianity as truth, from premises acceptable to both the unbeliever and believer. Be captivated afresh with the Christ who alone can transform a person to become like Him, in love, relationships, forgiveness and newness of life! Learn to present logical arguments and suitable proofs to engage lost loved ones in the claims of Christ. Be stimulated to think, believe, defend and share the good news of the gospel!  

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The Evidences of the Christian Religion
Archibald Alexander

Lucid and logical, The Evidences of the Christian Religion by A. Alexander is thought provoking. Astutely appealing to the reason of men to ascertain the truth of his arguments as he presents evidences for Christianity, he truly believes that this noble faculty was definitely given to man to assist him in choosing everything, including which belief system to follow! Alexander helps one to judge correctly and assent to the truth. Helps to show why Christianity is true and reasonable! Convincing!

"The Shakespeare of the Christian heart!" — Dr. Theodore Woolsey

How the Bible Came to Be
Archibald Alexander

Scrupulous and thorough, The Canon of the Old and New Testaments Ascertained, by Alexander, is a detailed researched work. Invaluable for its honest authentication of the Canon, this treatise investigates how the Bible was compiled. Published across fifteen hundred years, Ezra is credited with forming the present Old Testament Canon. Origen, Athanasius, and Cyril certify the New Testament. It was publicly read as Scripture, in all Christian churches. Useful for those who require reason and facts to believe the Bible. Awesome!

"Helpful book!" — Avid reader

Living Morally
Archibald Alexander

Forthright and simple, Alexander’s Outlines of Moral Science is a helpful handbook of Christian ethical philosophy that will throw light on beliefs where one’s conscience takes the function of God in determining right from wrong! Although conscience is original, universal and prompts moral obligation, Alexander presents reasoning and its ability to overrule! This is a book of elements, revealing Biblical principles and answering fundamental questions. Crystallizes your thinking!

"Clear-cut truths!"— A Reviewer

The Elder and His Role in the Church
Samuel Miller

Rich and significant, Warrant, Nature and Duties of the Office of the Ruling Elder In the Presbyterian Church is a historic reminder of Presbyterian polity. Replacing church governance by hierarchies of single bishops, Calvin developed this theory of government, which was strongly associated with French, Dutch, Swiss and Scottish Reformation movements, besides the Reformed and Presbyterian churches. Miller clearly shows the importance of this book as a theological document. A great resource as a compendium to the Book of Order!

"The best treatment of ruling eldership I’ve read!" — Jerry Owen

"Excellent!" — Douglas Wilson

Darwinism Explained
Charles Hodge

Incisive! Hodge’s direct straightforward style in What is Darwinism reveals his keen insights, lively debate and strong, but always gracious, opinions. His rapier sharp arguments on common ancestry and natural selection are highly commendable. As Darwin denied any type of guided evolution, the exclusion of design from nature makes his theory essentially atheistic. The struggles, sufferings and self-sacrifice so foundational to Christianity, are, from the evolutionist’s standpoint, mere failures in the struggle of life! Effective in aiding evolutionists rethink. Brilliant!

"Discerning the true significance of Darwinian evolution!" — Randy A. Stadt

"Hodge was, and remains, one of the most astute writers on the theological implications of Darwin’s work!" — Neal Gillespie

Notes on The Epistle to the Ephesians
Charles Hodge

A new slant on the power of the gospel in precipitating a permanent change, within a person and the sociopolitical climate of a city! In Commentary on the Epistle to the Ephesians, Hodge uses easy to cross-reference proofs and arguments in his exploration of Ephesus being transformed from idolatry, sorcery and divination, to have a flourishing Church established under Paul’s ministry. Priceless truths on our new identity in Christ! Applicable, powerfully relevant wisdom to suit your current needs and issues! Elevating!

"A great resource for the study of Ephesians!" — LLD Lisa

What Did Charles Finney Teach?
Charles Hodge

Remarkable and very unusual, Finney’s Lectures on Theology by Hodge is an original work, rational to a high degree. Profound thoughts, not to be lightly passed over! Starting with certain postulates, or what he terms first truths of reason, he remorselessly pursues them with singular clarity and strength to take them to their legitimate conclusions. An amazing train of uninterrupted thought. If you have concurred with his principles, you have already granted his conclusions. Astounding!

"Incredible work!"— A reviewer

The Role of the Miraculous
B.B. Warfield

A citadel of undiluted truth, Counterfeit Miracles by Warfield challenges the unhistorical assertions, popularly propounded today. With brilliant academic precision, Warfield relegates miracles to revelation periods, appearing only when God communicates to His people through accredited messengers. He also claims the cessation of the charismata at the canonization of the New Testament Scriptures. Advocating Biblical inspiration and authority, Warfield expertly examines Biblical texts exposing modern claims, which rely on superstition and sensationalism, often exploited for personal gain. An unparalleled source of study and reflection!

"Classic-must read & Reread!" — Blind Bartameus

"An intellectually challenging, well-made case!" — Scott Hagaman

Christ the Son of God
Gresham Machen

Potent and pointed, Machen’s On the Deity of Christ is impressive. A conservative, highly esteemed apologist of the modernist-fundamentalist era, Machen gives irrefutable proof regarding Christ’s deity. Interestingly, the New Testament affirms Christ’s deity by addressing Him as Yahweh. Old Testament prophecies pertaining to Yahweh are quoted in the New Testament as referring to Christ. Every divine attribute of God the Father, including eternality, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and, immutability, is seen in the Son. A fresh view of the Son!

"Glorious glimpses of Christ!" — A Reviewer

Commentary on the Psalms
Joseph Addison Alexander

Exquisitely elucidated The Psalms Translated and Explained by Alexander was exclusively intended for teachers of the word. Excluding all devotional and practical remarks, he furnishes an exegetical basis on which ministers could build a doctrinal, devotional or practical edifice. He also preserves the strength and unique form of the original, which is often lost in translation in the English Bible, where the literal is substituted by the figurative and the general by the specific. All the Psalms have a poetic basis, stamped with parallelism. The psalms sing a new song!

"Alexander on the Psalms is still a classic!" — P. Nelson

"Highly recommended!" — Spurgeon

Sermons of Joseph Addison Alexander
Joseph Addison Alexander

Intriguing art of invitation! In Sermons Volume II, Alexander reiterates that Christians must take the good news of the gospel into a lost and condemned world. The gospel is not a preventive, but a cure! We ought to do as Christ did, seek and save the lost and invite men to the Savior, learning the skill from God Himself. The Bible reveals different invitations, similar in principle, starting from the same source, addressed to the same subjects and making the same offer. An amazing evangelical tool!

"Incomparably the greatest man I ever knew!" —Rev. Dr. Charles Hodge

The Witness of Christ in the Old Testament
Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg

Alluring quest! Hengstenberg in Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions, Vol.1, leads us on a discovery of Messianic prophecies through the Bible, beginning from Genesis! Writing with verve and passion for scholarship, marching through the Hebrew Bible, interpreting Scriptural texts that have traditionally been interpreted messianically by Christians, he admirably weighs the non messianic interpretations against the traditional ones, arriving at some surprising, although always, solid conclusions! Very enlightening!

"Invaluable stuff!"— John Lowery

"A Great commentary on the messianic prophecies of the OT!" — Marc Axelrod

The Witness of Christ in the Prophets Volume 1 & 2
Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg

Indubitably the best book on messianic prophecies of the Hebrew Bible, Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions Vol 2 by Hengstenberg contains a wealth of scholarship. Intense and impressive, these prophecies are explained in their historical order and connection. God’s divine plan for man’s salvation revealed through the minor prophets regarding Christ’s birth and purpose, saw culmination in Christ’s coming in the New Testament. Wonderful unraveling of God’s plan!

"A Great commentary on the messianic prophecies of the OT!" Marc Axelrod

The Attraction of the Cross Volume 1 & 2
Gardiner Spring

Challenging! Spring’s poignant look at the cross, in The Attraction of the Cross drives us to a deeper, more honest look at ourselves. The eternal state of men is decided by their character, and the best way to do that is by the test of the cross. The truth of the cross, its purpose and full assurance, based on the Holy Scriptures sets objective standards for true self-examination. Eloquently expressed, convicting, honest, and faithful to the word, this is life-changing!

"Solidly Biblical, Honest, and Thought-Provoking!" Mitch

Lectures to Young People
William Sprague

Searing and penetrating, Sprague’s Lectures to Young People goes straight into the heart! Convinced that what is retained at every period of life is burned into their minds, Sprague’s counsel and instruction for a variety of circumstances is for the youth. These 17 sermons are directed to their well being. His distinctive writing style reveals his firm roots in Scripture. A reliable companion for young people who wish to be wise unto salvation. Good guidepost!

"Solid Biblical Lectures!" — pbcook

God’s Marvelous Mercy in the Life of James Smith
James Smith

Transparency, backed by a simple steadfast yearning to share the love of Christ is the hallmark of Marvelous Mercy, as Displayed in the Life and Experience of James Smith. In this autobiography, Smith shares his great objective throughout life, since being converted, which has been the longing to bring many to Christ. This volume will encourage, caution, and develop in you a hunger for and sensitivity to reach those who do not know Him. Soul stirring.

"Refreshes a resolve to reach out!" — A Reviewer

Good News for All
James Smith

Inspiring wonder and kindling a desire to declare the glory of Christ! In Good News for All, Smith presents Christ’s message to man, the Gospel or Good-News! A Savior who came exclusively for sinners, just the way they are. As God’s Son, He is able to save anyone, and is willing to save all who are willing! He saves freely, perfectly, and with pleasure! Saving is Christ’s greatest work and one that affords Him the greatest pleasure! You will see Christ anew!

"Glorious!" — A Reviewer

The Powerful Message of Christianity
James Smith

Captivating! Smith in The Book that Will Suit You simply intends to glorify God for His rich, free, and sovereign grace! Meant to be placed on a table for easy accessibility and perusal or suitable as a gift, this book, in plain and pointed prose, is adapted to every category of character and suitable to almost every circumstance in life! Pray for the presence, power, and teaching of the Holy Spirit as you read! Simply, a blessing!

"Truly precious!" A Reviewer


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