Devotions Vol. 1: Comfort and Guidance with Christ our Companion
Devotions Vol. 1: Comfort and Guidance with Christ our Companion
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Piercing the clouds of doubt and despair with restful reassurance from God’s word, Devotions (Vol. 1): Comfort and Guidance with Christ our Companion from E4 will help you to calm your mind, control your thoughts and carry you through any difficulty that weighs you down! Walk confidently in His love, knowing He cares. Though He may appear distant and detached from your suffering and pain, remember His own suffering and the love that prompted it. Christ, our burden-bearer, is the ultimate answer to all our unanswered questions and inexpressible losses.  

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God’s Light Breaks Through the Clouds of Sorrow
Theodore Cuyler

Theodore Cuyler’s fresh and uncommon texts in God’s Light on Dark Clouds are saturated with sympathy and encouragement! Cuyler, bereaved himself, declares God sovereignly reigns and governs His world by the law of compensations, where afflictions result in an exceeding weight of glory! The sharp regimen of hardship strengthens, stemming selfishness, worldliness and pride. God’s ways, while not always our ways, are infinitely better. Warm and conversational, with memorable quotable quotes, a best-seller in 1882, this book makes a wise gift.

"It really is uplifting!" — Glyn Williams

Healing Words for the Christian Prilgrim
Theodore Cuyler

Restorative and reassuring, Cuyler’s Words of Cheer for Christian Pilgrims has 3 sections of soul music, striking sensitive chords with a soothing balm to the ill, bedridden or dying. Spreading the sunshine of cheer and hope that Christ knows His own and He will never disappoint us, Cuyler softens the pain of the pilgrim pathway with the promise of a glorious home.

Therapeutic and bracing, this 3-section collection of thoughts Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life by Cuyler has the formula for a good life, to be thorough and recognize the right and wrong way of praying. Christians need to be for the world, not of it! With a call to hold up under strain and seek after holiness, he concludes with beautiful glimpses of heaven, assuring us that death is merely falling asleep in Christ! Highly recommended!

"Valuable stuff!" — A reviewer

Healing in the Garden of Grief
Newman Hall

Forty simple reflections and prayers for the distressed, GETHSEMANE—Leaves of Healing from the Garden of Grief by Newman Hall is inspirational! Dwelling on the dark lonely moments Christ faced in Gethsemane, fully appreciating the extent of unimaginable suffering and pain that lay before Him, Hall’s intercessions and succor to the hurting are pertinent. Hall’s words are a sure soul-salve from the most supreme Sufferer to every earth-born sufferer! Consoling!

"Comforting!"— A reviewer

Henry Law

Fathomless love and far-reaching forgiveness are the theme of Henry Law’s Forgiveness of Sins. Perceive the need to forgive, the price to pay, and the fullness and blessedness of the act! Strongly condemning an unforgiving Spirit, Law expounds how to give and receive forgiveness. Watch the fruits of forgiveness be formed within you, which are faith, joy, love and filial fear. Law is clear and practical!

"Highly illuminative!" — A reviewer

Comfort in Sorrow
A.W. Pink
William S. Plumer

Unequaled for excellence in expository preaching A. W. Pink presents well-researched Christian concepts in Comfort for Christians. A very deep work of Christian theology, Pink gives us plausible reasons not to faint when tested, for trials must be viewed in the light of eternity. Affirming that the present buffetings of the Christian have a beneficent effect on the inner man mitigates much of the bitterness of our sorrows! Brilliant!

"Highly insightful with great theological backing!" — Brian Davenport

"Immensely valuable to Christians in trials and suffering!" — J. Adrian

A persuasive potion of peace Balm for Wounded Spirits by William S. Plumer is a spiritual pick-me-up! Replete with Biblical sufferers and those he personally encountered, Plumer reiterates every difficulty is from God, emphasizing the godly behavior that is expected in response. Receive trials with meekness, reverence, submission and true humility. Accept Scripture-given reliable comfort, resist false comforters! Identify the unexpected blessings in suffering and immunize yourself against the vanity of the world!

In this single-chapter book, Assurance of Grace and Salvation: What It Is; How To Attain It; Why More Do Not Enjoy It, Plumer carefully examines the meaning of the assurance of grace and salvation. Raising relevant questions on what they entail, how to receive them and the reasons why so many reject them, this rare and out-of-print book is a must read!

"Simple yet profound, heart-searching, yet encouraging!" — Joel Beeke

Comfort in Trials
Edited by J. Sanderson

A seamlessly woven fabric of solace J. Sanderson’s collection, Words of Comfort for those in Bereavement, Sickness, Sorrow and the Varied Trials of life includes the best of John MacDuff, James Smith, Robert Trench, William S. Plumer, John Flavel etc. Sorrow’s clouds are often beautified by the rainbow of God’s promises. As God chooses some in the "furnace of affliction" we need to grasp eternal realities, comprehend God’s character and works, commit our way to Him and extend compassion to others. These soul-cheering words "bind up the broken-hearted," for "earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

"A collection of individual testimonies to the consolation from God’s Word to those in trouble!" — William M. Taylor

Comfort for the Soul
Richard Sibbes

Master exegete Sibbe explores The Soul’s Conflict with Itself! He poignantly compares those lulled into a false peace, to who God speaks none, with those who walk above the world and its clamors, in His peace. A sure motivator to your Christian walk! What gross ingratitude to forget our consolation, and focus so keenly upon a few crosses, forgetting innumerable blessings! In all storms there is sea room enough for faith to fly under full sail. Study, reread and soak in!

"Incredible!"— Zemekian Mark

Journeying Pilgrims
Robert Hawker

Heart-warming! Robert Hawker’s Zion’s Pilgrim reveals the author’s deep regrets of his own wasted life. A recognition of God’s blessings brought matters of eternal value over those of the temporal to him. His strong intense evangelistic fervor and sound Biblical doctrine are inspiring for he is a man as we are, yet one greatly used of Christ to proclaim His righteousness. A wake-up call to the apathetic and indifferent!

"Invigorating!" — A reviewer

Family Prayers
Henry Law

A veritable bouquet of prayer, Henry Law’s Family Prayers includes prayers for four weeks, in 3 sections. Prayers for the morning and evening enable one to pray worthily and without fear. Law concludes with prayers suitable for special days like Christmas, the last and first days of the year, Christ’s death, resurrection and Ascension, Pentecost. Communion meditations, as well as payer during sickness and recovery, death and burial, domestic anxieties, journeys and return, public sickness, weather, harvest, political problems and religious meetings, also help tremendously!

"A prayer for every occasion!" — A reviewer

A Happy Home
John Angell James

Precious truths applicable even today! In A Help to Domestic Happiness by John Angell James advocates that if a man is not happy at home, he cannot be happy anywhere; also, such a man, need not be miserable anywhere. Every Christian couple must raise their children in the fear of God and as employers, diligently instruct their servants to follow Christ. If happiness is to be found upon earth, it will be within a loving family sanctified by grace. Only a right relationship with God can foster a right relationship in a family.

"Best book on the home outside the Bible itself!" — Amazon customer

"I write plain truths, in plain language, for plain people!" — John Angell James

Wisdom for Widows
John Angell James

Simple in sentiment and style, James in The Widow Directed to the Widow’s God centers his writings on the ministry of Christ to the brokenhearted, particularly to those who mourn. Therefore, those who minister in His name need do the same. The Christian widow requires special comfort from the Lord, a message which speaks exclusively to her. Calling for the gentlest handling the bruised heart needs the sincere "milk of the word" that can sustain in times of pain, leaving the "strong meat" for other times.

"Moving!" — A reviewer

Meditations for the Traveler
James Meikle

Interesting! Stimulating thoughts from James Meikle in The Traveler are as invigorating as the sea breeze that he breathed while writing! Employed as a naval surgeon on a British battleship in wartime, these 121 meditations in 4 sections relate to various ship parts and sailing itself! The anchor, the ship sails, ballast provision and stores; setting sail, blowing up of the ship and loss of friends; keeping unsullied despite evil company, God’s unchanging words and love to sinners resound along the journey! Captivating!

"Fresh thoughts!"— A reviewer

Life’s Journey
Ashton Oxenden

A time-tested recipe, Oxenden’s A Happy Old Age or Home Beyond is unbeatable! The Bible likens life to a journey, a tale, a day, a vapor or a flickering flame! Truly the longest life is but Ďa little while from eternity’s perspective. Psalm 90, however, describes gracious old age. Oxenden advises a retrospective look, learning patience, practicing gentleness, praying and sitting loose in the world, ever ready to leave it! Ending with prayer for the morning, noon and evening he inspires us to readily await our Lord’s return!

" Thoroughly enjoyable!" — A reviewer

Aids For Christian Living
Thomas Sherman

Pocket-sized dynamo of spiritual power, Aids to the Divine Life, A series of Practical Christian Contemplations by Thomas Sherman contains bite-sized portions suitable for reading at any leisure moment. He commends Christians to have truth written in their hearts and read in their lives, that their minds be filled with Gospel light and their lives with Gospel holiness. Meaty enough in matter to supply nourishing sustenance for profitable meditation.

"Packed with spiritual nourishment!" — A reviewer

Take Heed That You Stand Lest You Fall!
Thomas De Witt Talmage

Strongly and forcefully, Talmage, in The Abominations of Modern Society, vehemently decries the evils that oppress man, predominantly the pressure of fashion, dances, gambling, drinking, swearing and lying, etc! Warning how fashion dictates the rules of behavior, the make-up of religious belief, which church to attend, and what religious tenets to adopt, including what goes into the pulpit, to the suit, and the style of rhetoric! Hollow pretenses and inane flattery, hypocrisy and intellectual depletion, all result from a life without God. Hard hitting and appropriate!

"Brilliant arguments!"— A reviewer

The Believer’s Companion in Solitude
Thomas Reade

Seventy superb meditations, interspersed with some of his own hymns, Reade’s Christian Meditations or The Believer’s companion in Solitude promotes serious reflections, silent aspirations to God, and sincere self-examination. The heart thus recognizes Christ as the only Foundation for a sinner’s hope and the only Fountain of a sinner’s happiness. The more we meditate on the things of God, the more our minds are sanctified. Christianity is the religion of the heart, enlightening the understanding and purifying the affections. The world will cease to fascinate!

"A fantastic book for meditation!" — Stone

Christ’s Work
David Harsha

Plumbing the inexhaustible love of Christ, Harsha’s Thoughts on the Love of Christ flows from a grateful heart while recovering from illness. God the Father, in infinite love, birthed the glorious plan of man’s salvation revealing the most marvelous redemption to hell-deserving sinners. Love was the grand principle why God sent his Son to save sinners, and love was the impelling motive that brought Christ, to this fallen world, to fulfill that plan. Salvation was never so tenderly described!

"Unfathomable love!"— A reviewer

The essence of the Gospel is distilled in sparkling clarity and purity in Harsha’s Christ and Him Crucified. The sum and substance of the gospel is simply Christ crucified, the only hope of the sinner, and the cross, the only glory of the Christian. Rejoicing in the excellency of the subject, the Person and glory of Christ, His crucifixion and Redemption and Harsha’s exultation is infectious!

"Great good news!"— A reviewer

Meditations on the Last Days of Christ
F. W. Krummacher

Painting permanent pictures in one’s heart of what Christ saw, endured and experienced during His last days on this earth, F. W. Krummacher’s The Suffering Savior: Meditations on the Last Days of Christ is a magnificent meditative asset. Undiluted scriptural truth describing the Savior’s sufferings he divides his work into three sections - the "Outer Court," the "Holy Place," and the "Most Holy Place," to highlight out the different stages of the Redeemer’s sufferings, from their commencement to their close. Memorable!

"This is a wonderful book!"— Leah Jane Johnson

"Eye opening and thorough!"— AyatinGL

Alone with Christ
James Meikle

Lose yourself in the loveliness of being alone with Christ! Solitude Sweetened by Meikle contains 147 meditations that taste like newly harvested grapes plucked straight off the Vine. Rest on God’s promises, relax in His love and revive your soul in the river of His grace! Your soul will be beautified, your mind will think heavenly thoughts, and your face will shine! Occupy your heart with Him, whose favor surpasses life, the only worthy object of your love, and the subject of your meditations!

"Restful restorative!"— A reviewer

Theology For Everyone
William S. Plumer

Upfront and outspoken, William S. Plumer in Theology for the People, Biblical Doctrine Plainly Stated cannot be more frank! This easy-to-read Baptist systematic theology is basic theology for the common man, honestly and candidly written. How to use the Bible with reason and revelation, the names and titles of God, His attributes, the Trinity, Man as sinner and Christ as Savior, repentance, justification and God’s Law, death and resurrection of the believer, judgment heaven and hell, all the 32 chapters are gems of matchless radiance. Scintillating stuff!

"Simply effective work!"— A reviewer

The Total Christian
John Angell James

Slicing through the fog of ambiguity that permeates today’s Christianity, The True Christian by John Angell James specifies the marks of a true Christian, his obligations and how his faith should practically affect his lifestyle outside the church! In this series of lectures, originally delivered to his congregation, James discusses such fundamental issues like heavenly mindedness, assurance of hope, the spirit of prayer, self-examination and the increased holiness of the church. New light on tough topics!

"Very helpful!"— A reviewer

Christian Hope
John Angell James

Hope in its full scope is what Christian Hope by James is all about! The substance of the New Testament, the end of redemption, the glory of Christianity and the antidote of nature’s supreme evil, hope accompanies us to the very entrance of death’s dark valley. When every other earthly illumination flickers out, hope furnishes us with the only light that leads us to the realms of immortality, accomplishing what human understanding could never achieve, which is solving the stupendous problem of man’s life after death.

"Elevating!"— A reviewer


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