Theology of the Gospels
Theology of the Gospels
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Experience the wealth of the stout commentaries, stirring sermons, and serious studies that focus on the great truths of the gospels and bring to life the glorious good news. Rejoice in the writings of this cross section of spiritual giants and profit from their balanced, detailed, and thought-provoking exegeses. Infused with a genuine generosity of spirit, deep Christian faith and clean and compelling writing, these works will help you see Christ pictured in the four gospels. A solid collection, E4’s Theology of the Gospels draws and directs you to discover more!  

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Lightfoot’s Commentary on the New Testament: Gospels

Huge endeavor! All 883 pages, in verse-by-verse format, Lightfoot’s A Commentary on the New Testament: Gospel from the Talmud and Hebraica, includes significant Jewish literature, medieval rabbinic traditions, and Josephus’ writings. The only work of its kind in English, sadly, it remains unfinished covering only Matthew through 1 Corinthians. Deeply respectful of God’s word Lightfoot sets the Biblical text in the context of the last 200 years of Judeo-Christian relations. Translating all Hebrew and Greek quotes and including Place Names in the Gospels, this scholarly work highlights post-medieval antisemitism. Amazing!

"Very deep!" — Marty Johnston

"I highly recommend this!" — Edward J. Vasicek

"A wonderful addition of Hebraic and Jewish thought throughout the New Testament!" — Belinda Taylor

A Harmony of the Gospels for Students
A.T. Robertson

Well-organized and easy-to-follow A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life of Christ by A.T. Robertson minutely examines the countless details that will be lost by reading only one Gospel. This classic on the chronology of Christ’s life on earth aligns the accounts of all the four gospels. An excellent overview of the life and ministry of Christ, with notes, tables, and outline, this is acclaimed as one of best works giving the "whole picture with factual and historical reliability". Stimulates your thinking and warms your heart!

"Great book!" — Jeannie

"Wonderful and Very Enjoyable!" — Norma Clark

"A needed tool for the Bible Student!" — Robert Wynkoop

Sermons on Matthew and Mark
Martin Luther

An original look at the Gospels, Martin Luther’s Sermons on Matthew and Mark are reviving! Declaring that Christ’s work is a gift and a blessing to us, to build faith and exercise it, as well as for an example and pattern for us to emulate and follow, Luther holds that every Gospel lesson must come to us through faith. Good works must definitely follow as an off shoot of it! Only then can we understand the lesson and its hidden meaning. A new look at these well-loved gospels!

"Certainly refreshing!" — A reviewer

Commentary on the New Testament: Gospels and Acts
John Trapp

Exceptional! Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew-Revelation by John Trapp is a phenomenal work of unparalleled merit. One of Charles Spurgeon’s personal favorites, this set of commentaries is unique as Trapp adeptly discusses some controversies in the course of explaining the text. Wherever possible, various other scripture texts, which are occasionally seen, are opened up in their entirety. At other points, related histories are interwoven, to render the use of this commentary both pleasurable and profitable. A valuable asset!

"Most valuable to men of discernment!" — C.H. Spurgeon

Commentary on the New Testament: Romans - Titus
John Trapp

A copious outpouring of stimulating thought, Trapp’s Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew-Revelation by John is a highly respected work, full of rich paraphrases and captivating illustrations. His comments are meant to induce thoughtful men to think correctly and particularly to trigger a line of thought, and allow it to germinate in the reader’s mind and heart. Trapp’s attraction lies in his ability to narrate witty stories on the one hand, and erudite allusions on the other! An incredible reservoir of information making the study of the New Testament exhilarating!

"Always worth consulting!" — Joel R. Beeke

Commentary on the New Testament: Philemon - James
John Trapp

Transcending time and still significant in today’s context Trapp’s Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew-Revelation stands alone because unlike most other works it is interspersed with clever sayings, wit and succinct statements. His quotable statements are myriad and he is still one of the most quoted authors. He continues to clear up areas of doubt, and clarifies cases of conscience, skillfully interlacing Bible truths with his innate humor! A joy to refer to his commentaries when studying God’s word. Brilliant!

"Stupendous!" — A reviewer

Commentary on the New Testament: 1 Peter - 3 John
John Trapp

Colossal in volume and loaded with Biblical knowledge Trapp’s Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew-Revelation is a boon to any student of the word. One of the greatly respected preachers he devoted his lifetime working unremittingly at his magnificent commentaries on the Bible, resplendent with his old-world humor and deep scholarship. His observations are practical, and his consecrated wit is particularly infectious! He makes referring to his commentaries an unforgettable experience! Be revived and refreshed in your soul!

"I can read him when I am too weary for anything else!" — C.H. Spurgeon

Commentary on the New Testament: Jude - Revelation
John Trapp

Remarkable for his wealth of Biblical knowledge and widely read for his charming writing style that opens up Scripture with candor and honesty, Trapp in his Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew-Revelation excels himself! Easy-to-use and, with almost unforgettable pithy comments, this impressive work is unrivalled as a secondary study resource. Discover many a Bible truth beautifully introduced which former interpreters had overlooked. Reading Trapp is a truly invigorating spiritual exercise that is bound to result in steady spiritual growth. Well worth reading!

"Packed with colorful paraphrases and captivating illustrations!" — Joel R. Beeke

Sermons of William Guthrie

Seventeen scintillating spiritual delights! Sermons of William Guthrie in Times of Persecution in Scotland by William Guthrie was transcribed from Guthrie’s manuscripts by John Howie. This supernova shines brightly in the constellation of great Bible teachers of the Second Reformation of 1638. His expository preaching was full of freedom and sincerity encouraging the persecuted of the duty of the godly, in an evil time, to wait on the Lord. Moving and passionate! Be reminded of the price paid by many to hold high the Lord’s banner in perilous times.

"Life changing!" — Tom

"Simple and Powerful!" — A. Wolverton

"The best book that I have ever read!" — Thomas Chalmers

Parallel Gospels in Harmony
David A. Reed

Smooth flow of thought distinguishes Reed’s Parallel Gospels in Harmony showing all the four Gospels at a glance, although each author writes from his unique perspective. Placing corresponding passages side by side, Reed presents the Gospels in parallel columns, more-or-less chronologically. Employing the World English Bible text and avoiding numbered selections for coherence, Reed also includes a study guide. Sermons and events closely resembling each other, although they seem like different events, are also grouped together, with brief explanatory notes given below. Ideal for study!

"Admirable work!" — A reviewer

Why Four Gospels?
A.W. Pink

Astounding logic characterizes A.W. Pink’s Why Four Gospels? In an unmatched examination of the four Gospels, Pink presents the unique characteristics of each gospel, revealing how each Evangelist viewed the Lord Jesus. He gives irrefutable evidence for each writer’s portrayal of Christ in a distinct relationship Matthew as King, Mark as Servant, Luke as Son of Man, and John as Son of God, while underscoring the Holy Spirit’s establishment of harmony of the four gospels. A valuable resource on the life and ministry of Christ!

"Incomparable resource!" — A reviewer

The Sermon on the Mount
A.W. Pink

One of the best expositors, A.W. Pink expounds one of the most majestic sections of Holy Scripture in The Sermon on the Mount. It doesn’t get any better than this! Be challenged by Christ’s most important sermon recorded in Scripture. Feel the pulse of the heart of Christianity, right here and savor every beatititude! Full of helpful insights and practical applications, this book will whet your appetite and deepen your hunger to be more Christ like in thought, word and action. Life-changing!

"For a serious student with an appetite for an advanced, detailed writing style!" — Richard

How to Teach the New Testament
Charlotte Mary Yonge

A highly interesting handbook of history Charlotte Mary Yonge delineates the conditions of the Covenant. Pointing to the New Testament as the Christian’s charter of liberty, and the foundation of all our hopes, she inimitably presents the supreme subject of saving faith, showing the means of salvation; Christ’s life as the only perfect example, and how we must follow that pattern. With separate methodologies to teach the very young and later the older ones this manual is very useful, particularly as an evangelical aid. A real blessing!

"Very practical!" — A reviewer

The Gospel of St. Luke: Expositor’s Bible
Henry Burton

Highly valued and valid, The Gospel of St. Luke: Expositor’s Bible by Henry Burton is a vital part of a time-tested valuable resource, The Expositor’s Bible. One of the most-recognized standards of expository commentaries, with twenty-nine eminent contributors, the Expositor’s Bible conclusively demonstrates the profound realities and essentials of the Christian Faith. Burton carefully examines Luke’s account of the life of Christ giving clear insights and great attention to detail. An indispensible supplement for individual Bible study. A must have!

"Undoubtedly a great work!" — A reviewer

The Almost Christian Discovered
Matthew Mead

Jolting you out of spiritual complacency, Mead uses pertinent Biblical examples to show how close one can get to Christ and still NOT be a Christian. Many demonstrate great signs of spiritual life but have never truly experienced salvation and remain "an almost Christian". Some exhibit wonderful spiritual gifts like healing and even casting out demons and still not be a Christian. Examine your own faith. Search your heart to see what motivates you to follow Christ. Challenges you to true commitment. Great for personal study or as a teaching tool!

"Excellent!" — L. Elliott

"Wonderful!" — Geoffrey S. Robinson

"Ouch! This one hits you in the heart of the matter!" — Douglas VanderMeulen

The Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13
A.W. Pink

Incomparable and indelible! Highlighting the Lord’s teachings on the "Kingdom of Heaven" A.W. Pink explores, in depth, the subject of Prophecy. He suggests the first four parables recorded in Matthew 13, which were addressed to the multitude on the seashore provide the external view in the history of Christendom, while the last three addressed to the disciples inside the house portray the more internal and spiritual view. With methodical and reliable biblical scholarship on a subject that attracts much conjecture and speculation this is a great read!

"Very insightful!" — A reviewer

Men Called Him Master
Elwyn Allen Smith

A memorable trek back in time, Smith’s attempts to recreate the period, times and geography besides the history and the existing social milieu during Christ’s lifetime are exciting! Portraying His humanity, Smith’s bracing, Biblical account of Christ’s life and His dialogues with His disciples showcase their human frailties and His spotless humanity and divinity! Thought provoking and reverent, with Scripture references for each event, Smith’s scholarship and interpretation are brilliant! Appreciate what it costs to dare to follow Christ then, and what it means to do the same today.

"A once in lifetime masterpiece!" — Stephen M. Zielinski

The Apostles’ Creed
James Dodds

Well-loved and highly popular, The Apostles’ Creed by James Dodds is crafted with care and consummate dexterity. Skillfully written, this well-informed and well-balanced statement of the doctrines of the Church is very profitable to study the depth of meaning contained within this ancient and still essential part of church worship. Be acquainted with those portions of Scripture on which the doctrines expressed or implied in the creed are founded and understand their full import. A very thorough treatment of the creed! Highly recommended!

"Very detailed and clear!" — A reviewer

Plain Sermons on the Gospels
H.J. Wilmot Buxton

Pulsing with verve and vivacity Buxton’s sixty-eight sermons are striking! Enjoy the beauty and vigor of his language and clear cut practical applications. Every sermon has something so tangible, arresting, and spirited that they cannot fail to stir you. Be captivated by the earnestness and power flowing thorough the simple words, short sentences and straightforward presentation, with no shadow of any pretensions. Peppered with illustrations and anecdotes, they are a veritable feast to the soul and intellect.

"Sheer spiritual enjoyment!" — A reviewer

A Grammar of New Testament Greek
James Hope Moulton

Invaluable! A Grammar of New Testament Greek by Moulton’s entire life was dedicated to language study, particularly to the study of Koine Greek. Balancing academic study with practical ministry Moulton found time for Biblical studies and missions. Moulton’s grammar is unique as it brings a linguist’s perspective to the introductory study of Greek, with discussions unquestionably a cut above any other book. Most of all he enthusiastically kindles interest in pursuing the study of Greek! Very useful!

"A reliable and instructive aid for beginning students!" — Frederick W. Danke

"The most comprehensive account of the language of the New Testament!" — The Expository Times


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