The Writings of G. Campbell Morgan
The Writings of G. Campbell Morgan
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This life-changing, thought-provoking compilation from E4, the Rev. G. Campbell Morgan Collection is unique, offering you specially selected expository messages par excellence! This superlative collection of resources will satisfy anyone hungering for a more extensive knowledge of the Bible! The "Prince of expositors" is renowned for his critical study of the Scriptures and writings on prayer, evangelism, and Christian living. Benefit from the solid, edifying, Spirit-guided studies, highly appropriate for the tumultuous times we live in! Learn how to approach Biblical studies and be spurred to live a Christ-centered life!  

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The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans

Outstanding as a Bible teacher, this prolific writer divides the book of Romans into 24 chapters. Focused upon the Gospel "as unto salvation", Morgan points to salvation’s principles and privileges because the Bible states the Jew and the gentile alike, in fact, the whole world stands condemned. Racial values, sanctification and grace are discussed, culminating with the ultimate transformation from rejection to restoration by submission to Christ. Scrutinizing the doctrine of this theologically rich epistle by Apostle Paul, Morgan infuses a fresh Biblical outlook. Phenomenal!

"This is a treasure!" — Alternate Lifestyle

The Teaching of Christ

Morgan’s comprehensive and challenging meditations simplify Christ’s precepts, dealing with the fundamentals of who God is, the doctrine of salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven. Communicated in the most straightforward manner to encourage his readers, Morgan presents the claims of Christ, concerning the significant personalities of God, Himself, the Holy Spirit, angels, satan and man. The value of Christ’s teachings, particularly on Sin and Salvation, The Kingdom of God, the cross and the Church, are encapsulated here. With practical applications, this is a boon to the student of Systematic theology!

"Truth was never so plain and clear!" — A Reviewer

Living Messages: Genesis to Deuteronomy

An exciting telescopic overview from Genesis to Deuteronomy, Morgan’s Living Messages of the Books of the Bible emphasizes the importance of context in Bible study. Walking the reader through the Pentateuch, he shows how each book interacts with the other, the rest of the Old Testament, and the Bible in whole. Revealing that the Old Testament although written for the time in which the authors were born provides pertinent insight and builds the faith of all who study them today. Scripture is intended for learning, "that we may have hope"!

"Awesome!"— A Reviewer

Living Messages: Joshua to Ezra

Inspiring hope! In Living Messages of the Books of the Bible Morgan shows that the Old Testament although written by men, under varied circumstances, for specific times and for particular peoples, is really authored by God Himself. God intended Scripture not only for a particular time, but for all time. The Old Testament is thus human in workmanship but Divine in compulsion. This is why it still inspires hope! Their principles abide, although the applications vary with the times. Morgan brilliantly deduces the living message from these permanent values!

"Magnificent Morgan!" — A Reviewer

Parables of the Kingdom

Striking! Morgan discusses the parabolic method in these eight parables in Matthew’s gospel, giving Christ’s own view of His Kingdom and their meaning in life today. The Lord Jesus, at this point in His ministry, introduces a practically new preaching method! Literally, a parable means placing things side by side, for comparison. Something is placed alongside something else, to explain the one by the other, always demonstrating similarity and disparity. A parable intends to arrest the attention and reveal by illustration, to awaken the willfully blind in a godless age.

"Highly illuminating!" — A Reviewer

The Practice of Prayer

With joyous abandon and avoiding religious jargon, Morgan’s presents simple and direct truths! We must ask Christ’s to teach us to pray, just as the disciples did. This devotional commentary will enhance your personal prayer life and lead you to a deeper understanding and recognition of who God is. Showing how a good prayer life can produce results, he clearly portrays the heart and help of God, revealing how each believer is included in God’s plans! Prayer is neither a burden nor an option to integrate into one’s life. Intensely practical!

"A classic worth its salt!" — Natalie Nyquist

The Spirit of God

Morgan with blazing clarity warns against the growing materialism, fanned by Darwin’s, Huxley’s and others’ writings. Recognizing the attempts to discover the spiritual world through new-age philosophies, Morgan answers both these movements, in this analytical dissertation. A progressive operation of the Spirit is visible in a believer’s life because the Spirit continually reveals Christ in some new light, as you read and meditate on His Word. Respond to the revelation and see how the Spirit becomes more than an illumination, He becomes dynamic, transforming us into that which we obey!

"From "Need" to Knees!" — Paige L. Chargois

Life‘s Problems

A resounding reminder in today’s selfish world, which does not even know its neighbor, much less cares for him! Morgan’s pertinent queries on what the world strives for, bodily satisfaction, or mental culture, or spiritual growth are valid even today. Only if one chooses to grow spiritually, "can the others be all that they may be, and all that is God’s will that they should be." Looking keenly into the areas of self, environment, heredity, influence, destiny, and spiritual antagonism, Morgan directs his readers to face life’s problems with Christ.

"Very relevant for today!"— A Reviewer

The Letters of Our Lord: The Churches in Revelation 2

Incisive spiritual discernment and reflection! Morgan in The Letters of Our Lord evinces profound knowledge of the 20th century churches. His perceptions offer imperative messages to the 21st century churches! He lifts up the mirrors of these 7 churches in John’s Revelation for the church today to identify in amazement which category they fall into! Church struggles over the last 21 centuries have not really changed drastically; for those who care about ministry, we can still place ourselves within the conditions that Christ used to describe the churches! An eye-opener!

"With piercing eyes!" — Paige L. Chargois

The Ten Commandments

Strongly credible, containing a chapter on each of the Ten Commandments constituting the Old Testament Law, Morgan concludes with the "new commandment" that Christ gave, of loving one another even as He did, as recorded in John’s Gospel. Generously interspersed with illustrations, scripture references, and stimulating perspectives on how the Ten Commandments are crucial to daily living, Morgan reveals the ethic of Christ Jesus who magnified the Mosaic Law. "It is only when His love indwells and constrains our hearts that the law is fulfilled." Most illuminating!

"Excellent!" — Douglas Wilson

"Most insightful resource!" — Cubs in 2011

The Crises of the Christ

Exceptional! Morgan’s rare vision, accurate judgment, and innumerable shrewd strokes in each of these thirty-three chapters swivel around the pivotal events in Christ’s life. The seven "crises" include the Birth, Baptism, Temptation, Transfiguration, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. Beginning with "The Call for Christ—Man Fallen," and fittingly concluding with, "The Answer for Christ—Man Redeemed" Morgan’s unique angles on the person and work of Christ are foundational to the Christian faith. Several generations of Christians have benefited from the wonderful encouragement Morgan gives in this book!

"Great book!" — Bill Patterson

"A fantastic book!" — warty308

The Gospel According to John

Thirty-nine stupendous lectures from Morgan attempt to plumb the depths of John’s gospel, often termed "the Profoundest Book in the World"! This series of Meditations will astound you with its depth of thought and grand detail. This resource opens up a treasure of wisdom revealing both the person and writing of the apostle John, but always drawing the reader to focus upon who God is and what Christ taught by word and deed. Tremendous thoughts that will strengthen your understanding of the Christ!

"Detailed and thorough treatment!" — A Reviewer

The Life of the Christian

Shocking you out of the spiritual lassitude that characterizes Christians today, Morgan reiterates the plethora of meaning ensconced in the title ‘Christian’! Only three times is the word ‘Christian used in the entire Bible: twice in the book of Acts and once in Peter’s first epistle. Morgan, in his provocative yet ingenuous manner challenges us to recognize the immense meaning contained in the name, a meaning that has become diluted through casual and frequent usage. Expounding on what it means to bear the name Christian, this is a great challenge!

"Stirring and energizing!" — A reviewer


Sparkling with gems of truth, Morgan effectively deals with an immensely important topic, in light of intensified debates on the subject of evangelism at the dawn of the twentieth century. Addressing the controversy with skill and finesse Morgan clearly staked the Biblical claims on evangelism, presenting a thorough argument on the Evangel, Evangelist, the evangelistic service and the opportunities to present the Good News! He includes a history of evangelism in the church and a survey of the subject during his times. Great book for the evangelist and the church!

"Great concise book!" — Rafael Rodriguez

A Man of the Word: Life of G. Campbell Morgan
Jill Morgan

Springing to life under the penmanship of Jill Morgan, his daughter-in-law, Rev. G. Campbell Morgan speaks again. Meticulously researched, using excerpts from Morgan’s personal diary, the family’s records and the contributions from friends across the globe, his words burn with fresh vigor! When Morgan preached, the Bible literally leaped into life, enthralling audiences everywhere. For those who never knew him, this is a wonderful privilege to possess this intimate view of Morgan, the profound thinker, masterful speaker and unparalleled teacher of God’s Word, who appealed to congregations across denominations.

"A man who loved the Book: The Bible!" — T. D. Smith

The Study and Teaching of the English Bible

Empowering! Morgan excels himself as he provides plausible answers to one of the most frequently asked questions, how to study the Bible! Exploring the subject with his wonted, simple yet comprehensive style, Morgan gives us an excellent tool! Couched in easy-to-understand language this book is well-suited not just for the learner but is valuable also for those desiring to teach the Bible in any capacity. Fundamental matters are dealt with for the honest inquirer to identify and refute false treatment which the Bible has been subjected to over time!

"Exhaustive work!" — A reviewer

Missionary Manifesto

Impressive! Morgan’s expository messages reveal that the four gospel writers’ accounts of Christ’s final commission together form a perfect presentation of a perfect Person, presenting the perfect truth. From the whole manifesto thus drawn, Morgan concludes that Christ as King, Servant, Perfect Man and God manifest, sends us to proclaim His royalty, participate in His sacrificial service, demonstrate perfection through His victory, and exhibit transformed lives. Today, humanity’s fourfold need is authority, healing, assistance to reach perfection, and order that can prevail only by reconciliation with God through Christ.

"Deep thoughts!" — A reviewer


Drawing bold and clear lines on how to be a disciple of Christ under all circumstances, whether at home, work, in relationship with those around, in good times, and not-so-good ones, Morgan’s first book ever is meant to encourage furthering a relationship with Jesus Christ. Going on to dissect the biblical origins and implications of the word, Morgan defining "disciples" as those trained by the Teacher first hand! Leaving no stone unturned, Morgan specifies the cost and reward of those who deliberately choose to become disciples of Christ.

"Powerful!" — A reviewer

The True Estimate of Life and How to Live It

A passionate plea for godly living! In his compelling and Bible-based case, Morgan uses Paul’s epistle to the Philippians as a model for how to live life today. Arguably, nobody’s life has been as scrutinized as the apostle Paul’s! Using examples from Paul whose faithfulness to the gospel of Christ is contrasted by that of Naaman and Lot who chose to pitch his tent towards Sodom, Morgan spells out the values of life and values in life! He analyzes holy living, which he expresses as being healthy in the spirit.

"Invaluable teaching!" — A reviewer

Malachi for Today

Kindling a deep sense of accountability, Morgan re-examines the questions and answers Malachi conveys in his book! He earnestly pleads with the Israelites to return to God, forsake their indifference towards Him and keep His statutes. This prophetic book has much to teach us about who God is and how we as His people are to respond to Him. Morgan instructs us about God’s measuring rod and how God always values the offering by what it cost the one who offers it, and never by its inherent worth. Reviving!

"Rouses one from spiritual slumber!" — A Reviewer

God‘s Perfect Will

Enlightening! Morgan offers lucid insights into the will of God. Far from being Divine interference that we ought to be resigned to whenever we encounter it, mostly in times of sorrow and trial, the Will of God is neither alien to human interests, nor evil in its effects. Morgan helps us understand the safety, blessedness, and sheer delight of dwelling within the circle of God’s Will, the one and only law of life that frees us from all the forces that blight and destroy. Lifts you to a new plane!

"Great Book!" — Christopher Risk


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