The Scottish Reformers Library
The Scottish Reformers Library
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The suddenness and far-reaching impact of the Scottish Reformation happened because of God-directed impulses! The sweeping change grew to unprecedented proportions, a mission of Revival of Religion, at personal and national levels! Several unnoticed circumstances prepared the world for the great transformation that hit the sixteenth century, so that human hearts were prepared when the hour of emancipation dawned. Discover the full light of historic truth, God orchestrating history to prove and fulfill His purposes. Encounter spiritual giants! Be energized by E4’s pulsating and indispensable resource, The Scottish Reformers Library!  

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The Works of John Knox Vol. 2

Invigorating! Revealing his intellectual depth John Knox in Vol. 2 dates each passage to give a chronological framework accurately recording the Scottish Reformation. Feel the fire that ignited whole nations! Chronicling the formulation of the First Scottish Confession (1560) and the books of discipline, this most enduring of Knox’s practical writings, perfectly endorses the march of his stately and musical language! With few equals, his candor, great literary excellence and thoughts will be intelligible in every age! For anyone interested in history, theology or Knox himself!

"Knox is a writer for all time!" — Thomas Thomson

The Biography of Robert Murray M’Cheyne
Andrew Bonar

In this razor sharp account, Andrew Bonar indelibly carves into our hearts a portrait of his close friend, Robert Murray M’Cheyne who lived conscious and joyful in God’s very presence until his early death at age 30. This stirring first-hand recollection constantly refreshes the reader in his own spiritual walk. Eminently quotable, he preached with vigor the electing grace of predestination and man’s responsibility to repent and believe the Gospel. This eulogy will leave you with a hunger for scripture like never before! Deeply impactful!

"What a blessing to the soul!" — Valentin Rojas

"Meet a true man after God’s own heart!" — Bonnie H

"A Passion for Holiness and Evangelism!" — Matthew Everhard

Samuel Rutherford
Alexander Whyte

Engaging and thoroughly researched! Samuel Rutherford by Alexander Whyte introduces you to another great personality of 17th century Scotland. Brimming with insightful quotes from Rutherford’s correspondence, this series of lectures keep you focused on the character of Rutherford’s friends, and their mutual influence on each other. This is a graphic record of his indomitable spirit and ability to spend time and spare no labor in eliciting and elucidating the truth! You will get more out of it, each time you read it!

"A great life!" — A reviewer

History of the Great Reformation
J.H. Merle D’Aubigne

Transporting one through Germany, France and England during the Reformation, Vol. IV of the five original volumes by J.H. Merle D’Aubigne is the definitive, protestant account of the Reformation. Using letters from the reformers themselves, and some from their enemies and friends, he breathes life into different scenes in history. Quoting historical documents, including the Papal Bull, the 95 Theses and Tetzel’s Theses, D’Aubigne, in this historical work acknowledges the sovereignty of God, showing that the events he recounts are God-ordained and decreed. An excellent resource on the Reformation.

"A must read!" — Wesley

"He shows "God in History"!" — Sarah

The Scottish Reformation
Alexander Mitchell

Resonating with the passion of the 16th century Scottish reformers, historian Alexander Mitchell reports Scotland’s formal break with the Roman Catholic Church. The Scottish Reformation was part of the great Protestant Reformation that swept across Germany and the rest of Europe. Scotland’s protest ended in the re-establishment of the church along Reformed lines, and in the triumph of English influence! Reasserting the anti-papal principles which became the foundational documents and Presbyterianism’s fundamental principles, Mitchell raises this testament to the memory of its noble-hearted and single-minded reformers. Awesome!

"Challenging stuff!" — A reviewer

The Works of George Gillespie (Vol. 1 of 2)

Absorbing! In Vol. 1 of his two volumes Gillespie speaks of conspicuous gifts and graces. With avid interest and the true instinct of a historian, he painstakingly ascertains his facts before presenting his conclusions. His patient and careful investigation bear the impression of a master. His was an undisputed position as he almost singlehandedly steered the Westminster Assembly. Well known for his rare classic on Reformed worship and his Treatise of Miscellany Questions he gives a good grasp of theology and church history. A blessing!

"Genius of the highest order!" — Hetherington

John Knox
William M. Taylor

Towering personality! John Knox by William M. Taylor highlights Knox’s role in the Scottish Reformation, particularly the changes he instituted in the communion and his contributions to the English Book of Common Worship. From a galley slave under the French, to his subsequent preaching in England and his exile to Germany, Taylor leads us to Geneva where he laid the groundwork for the "Book of Common Order" which the Church of Scotland received in 1565. He returned to Scotland to reconstruct the Scottish church, until his death. Stirring account!

"Good Reference!" — huffer

The Covenants and the Covenanters
Rev. James Kerr

Riveting! Transporting us to the days the Covenants, the blazing beacons that reminded all nations of their duty to Christ and reintroducing us to the Covenanters, those men of intense faith and fervor, Kerr’s work rectifies the ignorance and hypocrisy of today’s Christendom. Carrying the readers back in time, Kerr includes some of the most moving sermons ever preached, encouraging the three kingdoms which were freed from the autocracy of the Pope, Prince, and Prelate. Be challenged by the heroism as they strove to enthrone Christ as Lord. Elevating!

"Phenomenal!" — A reviewer

Erasmus and the Age of Reformation
Johan Huizinga

This skillfully woven tapestry of Erasmus’ life by Johan Huizinga shows him as philosopher, Roman-Catholic priest, critic, classic scholar, teacher and Dutch renaissance humanist! This great 16th century thinker was central to the Reformation, as he and Luther emphatically returned to the original scriptures and writings of the early church fathers. His improved editions of the Greek New Testament and criticisms of scholastic theology and the Roman church’s complex traditions are noteworthy. Erasmus’ life shows how God uses even unlikely persons to further His Kingdom. A timeless masterpiece!

"Great book!"— Mei

"Great Insights and Readable Biography!"— B. Marold

"Great historian’s perspective of a great thinker!"— D. Keating

A Short History of Scotland
Andrew Lang

A splendid overview of Scottish history! Right up to the last of the Jacobite uprisings Lang’s crisp one-volume history, 33 chapters long is essentially a distillation of his earlier massive work, a four-volume History of Scotland published in 1911. With his is attractive acerbic humor, Lang delves into the decadence and corruption of the medieval kings and reconstructs the thrilling intrigues and conspiracies that have shaped the true history Scotland. An expressive and gripping version of the peoples and places of the northern reaches of this little isle. Enthralling!

"A very good read!" — Mr. W. Tuck

"Useful resource!" — Barbara Wilson

"A wealth of historical detail!" — Kevin Smith

Reformers of Great Britain and Ireland
Henry B. Stanton

Superb word snapshots of little known events and personages! Sketches of Reforms and Reformers, of Great Britain and Ireland by Henry B. points to the most important general Reforms effected or attempted in Great Britain and Ireland, between the time of the French revolution and the present. Bringing to notice prominent and popular movements in chronological order with details of the leaders involved, Stanton recalls those rare and true men, who struggled against the odds, endured persecution and achieved much for the cause of Humanity and Freedom.

"Unsung heroes!" — A reviewer

The Genius of Scotland
Robert Turnbull

A fascinating tour guide of Scotland! In The Genius of Scotland; Or Sketches of Scottish Scenery, Literature and Religion Robert Turnbull paints a fair picture of his native land. Drawing our attention to the natural scenic beauty, coupled with rich literary and biographical outlines, he recollects characters, social and religious aspects, incidents of travel, and reflections on local or general matters of interest. Unveiling events and places of enduring interest, this enlivening book gives adequate information to help us perceive Scotland’s rich and varied heritage. Inspires a visit to Scotland!

"Very informative!" — A Reviewer

Church Life in Scotland
William Andrews

Poignant reminders! William Andrews in Bygone Church Life in Scotland offers new studies on old themes! The Scottish Reformation destroyed the worship patterns and the country’s architecture too. Andrews shows us remnants of crosses, bells and holy wells! Every Scottish city is closely connected with a castle or cathedral. The Church of Scotland holds the preaching of the word the chief part of the service of the sanctuary. Revealing the role of music and witchcraft, customs and superstitions, Andrews ends with a mention of the invaluable sacrifice of the martyrs. Moving!

"An unforgettable glimpse of the past!" — A Reviewer


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