The Background of the Bible Vol.1 Library
The Background of the Bible Vol.1 Library
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Revitalize your faith and widen your understanding of sacred writ with this inspirational compilation! Engage with authors who test, change and impact you, profoundly and permanently! Massive works, the fruit of inexhaustible labor, deal with war, idealism, corruption and the clash of civilizations. Weaving numerous histories with superlative objectivity into one harmonious whole, spiked with intellectual investigations and academic analysis, E4’s The Background of the Bible Vol.1 Library deepens our understanding of the tumultuous background against which the Bible endured!  

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The Greek Old Testament: Books of Moses
Lancelot Brenton

A veritable watershed in Jewish history and critical in the formation of the Christian Church, the Septuagint Version of the Old Testament with a Translation in English by Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton is one of only two existing complete versions of the text (primarily the Codex Vatianicus) available in parallel Greek and English columns. Begun in 275 B.C., by seventy rabbis, representing both Jewish and Greek cultures, this work, The Work of the Seventy, or The Septuagint changed history forever! Authoritative reference tool! Highly valuable!

"Wonderful!" — Michael

"A must for Bible students!" — H. Schmitz

"Wonderful book for the serious learner!" — F. Bickle

The Greek Old Testament: Joshua - 2 Chronicles
Lancelot Brenton

Awesome! Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton’s The Septuagint (LXX) held prime position as "the Book" for the earliest Jewish and gentile Christians. With helpful textual and translational footnotes, it enables even those with meager or no knowledge of the Hebrew language or Judaic culture to grasp the prophecies and history that are foundational to the Christian message, and study its spread throughout the empire! Admirable and profound in extent and execution, Brenton’s work brings the Biblical historical narrative from Joshua to the second book of Chronicles alive! Great study tool!

"Handy study tool!" — J. Robnolt

"A must have!" — Daniel Rivera

"A quite excellent translation!" — Peter A. Papoutsis

The Greek Old Testament: Ezra - Song of Solomon
Lancelot Brenton

A reliable resource for reviewing New Testament parallels, Brenton’s Septuagint Version of the Old Testament with a Translation in English is accepted as trustworthy! Citing examples where the grammar and syntax employed are slightly differently from the New Testament usage, many commentators have been greatly assisted in word studies. Highlighting rarely used words in the New Testament which were present in the Koine Greek language, the English translation is invaluable. To those who know Greek, it clarifies the sometimes tortuous LXX Greek! Insightful for all readers, irrespective of age!

"Most enlightening!" — R. Warren Moser

"A unique book!" — John C. Lambropoulos

"A fine resource for students of Greek!" — David Bennett

The Greek Old Testament: Isaiah - Malachi
Lancelot Brenton

Simply splendid! Brenton’s Septuagint Version of the Old Testament with a Translation in English retains the beauty of the archaic language, but is eminently readable and still one of the most satisfying presentations of the ancient text. The prophecies of Isaiah to Malachi become incandescently comprehensible as well as their fulfillment in the New Testament. Any type of serious scholarship or research referring to the early Christian canon is impossible without it. Unreservedly recommended! Benefit greatly from this magnificent work, whose worth cannot be overestimated!

"Great study guide!" — Robin R. Bolt

"A great way to learn and research the truth!" — Ronnie Dees

"An incredible resource for all Bible students!" — John J. O’Sullivan

Philosophy of Revelation
Herman Bavinck

Erudite, extensive, biblical and theological, Bavinck’s work emphasizes the significance of revelation in philosophy, nature, history, religious experience, culture and the future. He shows how the explanation of the phenomena has been repeatedly reduced to one original, universal principle (monism), ignoring or denying the reality of God’s revelation, and the unstinting efforts to discover it within the existing world. Referring to ‘evolution’, and ‘religious experience’ in the context of the contemporary church, this is an outstanding synopsis of the Reformed critique and rationalism. An excellent historical, systematic, and exegetical work!

"Truly awesome!" — Steve

"A magnificent summary!" — Tsun Lu’

"The significance of revelation in every field of thought!" — B. C. Richards

To Be Near Unto God
Abraham Kuyper

One hundred and ten wonderful meditations on one single thought "As for me, it is good to be near to God" (Psalm 73). Kuyper declares that being near to God must become reality, permeating into our very being, molding our sentiments, our sensitivity, our senses, our thinking, our imagination, our will, our actions, and our speech. It must be the passion that breathes throughout our whole existence, a blend of spiritual vigor with doctrinal constancy. Devotions with true substance with an index of Scripture texts, is a Christ-centered inspirational treasure!

"A good devotional!" — Douglas Wilson

"By far my favorite devotional!" — Christina

"One of the best devotionals!" — Brandon Davis

Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek: Different Greek Versions
Henry Barclay Swete

A treasure store of knowledge, Henry Barclay Swete’s Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek: Additional Notes with respect to manuscript evidence offers a very detailed description of almost all of the manuscripts studied to establish the Septuagint, as well as those used by current scholarship to translate Old Testament texts. Besides an unmatched exhaustive analysis of Septuagint, he gives the textual history of the Greek Old Testament, including its different editions and traditions. Remarkable work, whose worth is immeasurable! A boon to any serious student of the Old Testament!

"A Concise review!" — Brian Roe

Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek: Books of the Hebrew Canon
Henry Barclay Swete

Extraordinary scholarship! Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek by Swete uses the different manuscripts available to compares the "textual divisions" between them. This is the gold standard by which other treatments of the Greek Old Testament are measured. The expert in Septuagint studies will value Swete’s assessment of the versions, revisions, and manuscripts of the Septuagint, while the non-specialist will appreciate the extensive data Swete has collected, including the analysis of the way the New Testament authors and early Christian and non-Christian writers have used the Septuagint. Great reference!

"Priceless study tool!" — A Reviewer

Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek: Literary Use of the Greek Old Testament
Henry Barclay Swete

Crucial to the study of Old Testament Greek, Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek by Swete, is a classic study of the Septuagint! Delving into the different versions and manuscripts and surveying the contents and organization of the books, he discusses their relationship to the Hebrew Bible. Demonstrating the significance of the LXX in later writings, like the New Testament and writings of the Church Fathers, he extensively discusses the language of the Septuagint, more explicitly addressing the literary usages of the Old Testament Greek and its subsequent impact. Stupendous!

"A veritable storehouse of materials for study of the Greek Old Testament!" — A reviewer

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Edward Gibbon

Six spectacular volumes in 2000 pages! Unchallenged for two centuries, and unrivalled in any genre, Gibbon’s mammoth masterpiece, with innumerable footnotes, and a narrative ranging from philosophic to humorous, is terrific for its timeless historical content and poetic prose. Condensing human thought and evolution into valuable lessons, Gibbon traces Rome’s decline from its pinnacle (around 1 A.D.) to its demise (around 1500 A.D.), affording a sweeping view of an era still unequaled. Revealing Rome and humanity, Gibbon shows that albeit changes in context and names, we face essentially the same issues!

"Relevant forever!" — John

"A monumental work!" — bixodoido

"Utterly magnificent!" — Pejman Yousefzadeh

"Still considered the gold standard of Rome’s demise!" — G. Chapman

Letters of Pliny the Younger
Pliny the Younger

Ten delightful books, from Nerva’s accession until 113 A.D. inspires a humanization and respect for the Romans! Highly esteemed by friends, the public and the Emperor, Pliny’s ‘Letters’ portray his everyday life, practicing at the Bar and governing Bithynia! Managing his own estates, this devoted scholar contrasts the happy times under Trajan against the evil ones under Domitian, revealing his love for beauty and loathing for the brutal gladiatorial games. Portraying Christians as pure and principled, he did not foresee that a Roman Emperor would one day embrace Christianity! Enthralling!

"Fantastic view into Roman society!" — Kay

"A wonderful glimpse into Imperial Rome!" — Susan Paxton

"Great primary source to compare and contrast culture!" — D. Supinski

The Formation of Christendom Vol. 2
Thomas Allies

Unembellished truth! Thomas Allies describes Christianity, particularly its method of operation where the individual human soul is considered the unit, purified, and a supernatural life wrought within it! As the treatment of the Greek Philosophy was too large to include in one volume, Allies penned Volume 2 to complete his view of the Formation of Christendom during the ante-Nicene period. Dealing in detail of the gods of the nations at the time of Christ’s appearance, Allies contrasts Adam and Christ, and chronicles the three ages of the martyr church. Brilliant!

"Very informative!" — A reviewer

Legends of the Jews: Vol.1 & 2
Louis Ginzberg

Monumental! These two volumes by Louis Ginzberg contain a lively and interesting collection of the many elaborations and flourishes of the Biblical stories that emerged over the centuries, giving insights into the Midrash. Gathering these legends from their original sources in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Syrian, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Arabic, Persian, and Old Slavic, Ginzberg reproduced them completely, accurately and vividly, with notes. Presenting them in their traditional Biblical sequence he reconciles the sometimes contradictory versions of the same stories drawn from different sources. Indispensable for lovers of Jewish and Christian history!

"A great resource!" — Kevin

"A great work!" — Yeshua Ben-Yair

"Awesome! Couldn’t put it down!" — David W. Mcdaniel

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
Various authors

Huge! Old Testament Pseudepigrapha includes noncanonical stories from Enoch, Baruch, the Greek, Latin and Slavonic versions of Adam and Eve, an account of Joseph and Asenath, Isaiah’s martyrdom, and the revelation of Esadras, concluding with the testaments of Solomon and the Twelve Patriarchs. Highlighting writings familiar to the Qumran community and Jews during the second Temple times, several unpublished stories, written before the rise of Islam, sacred legends and spiritual reflections of many lost, neglected or suppressed works are presented with authoritative yet accessible introductions to each text. Invaluable!

"Indispensible!" — Timothy Dougal

"Fantastic resource!" — The Dragon Reborn

"A volume every theology scholar needs!" — djdjdjdjdjdj9

"Impressive, well-annotated collection of noncanonical Apocalypses & Testaments!" — mirasreviews

Martyrs of the Faith: 1st - 5th Century
Thieleman J. van Braght

This gigantic work, The Bloody Theater Or Martyrs Mirror of the Defenseless Christians by Thieleman J. van Braght records the faith and endurance of the Christians from the first century until the cruel Anabaptist persecutions in the sixteenth century. Remembering those who willingly died for their belief, this was written in 1659 by a Dutch Mennonite to strengthen the faith of his fellow believers. Translated into German and later into English this work will prompt a close self-examination and alter the course of your life! Has challenged many generations!

"Wow!" — Trenton D. Whalon

"Absolutely stunning!" — Classic City DBT Fan

Martyrs of the Faith: 6th - 10 Century
Thieleman J. van Braght

Incredibly inspiring! Van Braght’s history of solid Christian doctrine and martyrdom from Christ’s time up to 1660 recounts the extreme torments the Anabaptists underwent when they were persecuted by both the Catholics and the Calvinists. Including moving letters and testimonies of those awaiting being burned or otherwise killed, the pathos and the fervor of these martyrs is memorably etched! Heart-breaking stories of stoic courage and unshakeable faith, this book makes for excellent research material for those studying or preparing for persecution. Will ignite your spirit!

"My life has never been the same!" — Amazon Customer

"A masterpiece of Christian history!" — Marc G. Heatherington

Martyrs of the Faith: 11-15th Century
Thieleman J. van Braght

An excellent history registering the execution of more than 4,000 martyrs! Van Braght’s history of the church of the Middle Ages is moving and poignant! The past comes to life, as your spirit resonates empathetically with the hearts of the thousands who approached God differently, who appreciated the world differently, and who applied Scripture to their lives differently. This is a history that needs to be told, and retold, for it gives insight into the lives of true born-again Christians from yesteryear, setting for us an example to emulate.

"One of a kind!" — C. P. Young

"Incredible and life changing. Must have for all Christians!" — Jeremy Hiltz

Martyrs of the Faith: 16th Century
Thieleman J. van Braght

A strong antidote to the lukewarm Christianity prevalent today! Written with painstaking detail, giving countless references from authentic archival sources, van Braght traces the true Christian faith from the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, all the way until the late 16th Century. This exciting spiritual expedition in time destroys human pride and seeks to conform believers to become more like Christ Jesus. An impressive work, van Braght documents the indescribable pain, horror and spiritual triumph as the believers are martyred, apparently forgotten and unsung! Unforgettable!

"A must have for all Christians!" — Scribe that loves Amish cooking

"They don’t make people like that anymore, but God can!" — Michael Mcginnis

Martyrs of the Faith: 17th Century
Thieleman J. van Braght

Pulsating and passionate! An indelible account of the valiant martyrs who steadfastly faced death with no thought of recanting, and paid the price of following Christ with their lives! Merciless in their actions and relentless in their pursuit, the Romanists swept through Switzerland in unabated fury, destroying the Anabaptists, until succor came from the Church of Amsterdam. Van Braght declares the end or design of man should include such reflection as may stimulate us to prepare ourselves resolutely to endure similar calamities that may befall those who believe in Christ!

"An accurate history of Baptist martyrs!" — Hiland

"An Inspiring work of spiritual devotion!" — Ky. Col.


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