Biblical and Theological Foundations
Biblical and Theological Foundations
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Widen your compass and broaden your understanding of the canvass on which Biblical history has been painted! Explore this carefully compiled collection from E4, Biblical And Theological Foundations and scrutinize this spectrum of subjects! Be equipped to participate in meaningful theological discussions. Throw open the curtains that shroud the history of civilizations long past! Indulge in language study, investigate commentaries and implement practical teachings! Build a solid biblical and theological foundation. Appreciate bygone Biblical eras and rightly perceive today’s world as God sees it, lost and needing a Savior!  
Just Released April 9th 2013!!
A Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament
Thomas Sheldon Green

An excellent, portable, dictionary, Green’s A Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament is invaluable. The Hebrew language of the Old Testament has endured till today. The Greek of the New Testament has remained almost unchanged over 1800 years. The Greek New Testament contains 5594 words defined by Green’s Lexicon. With 5000 alphabetically arranged words, references of their occurrence, English equivalents for each Greek word and an English index, this book is priceless! Finding the original for any English word in the New Testament, its reference, and possible translations is easy!

Excellent Concise Lexicon! — Dan

Genesis 1-11: An Observation
Rev. Philip Henry

Eye-opener! An Exposition with practical observations upon the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis by Rev. Philip Henry uses the Book of the Creatures to declare the God’s glory and display His handiwork. The Book of the Scriptures unveils the being, wisdom, power, and goodness of God whose Spirit indited it, and whose servants were the writers. Moses wrote the book of Genesis more than 2400 years after creation, yet it is clear that no other book that is or ever was gives the true history of creation!

Enlightening! — A reviewer

Sermons, Fragments of Sermons, and Letters
William Gadsby

Enlivening! Sermons, Fragments of Sermons, And Letters by William Gadsby of Manchester include snippets of enormous significance. Gadsby’s great passions were the depths of the Fall and the s and heights and depths of Sovereign Grace — the Two Deeps! Weighty and full of accurate teachings his sermons were highly effective, for this great orator spoke from his heart. His writings covering a wide range of subjects continue to inspire and bless. Life-changing!

Excellent! — A reviewer

A Defense of Limited Atonement
William Rushton

Tender lessons in grace! A defense of particular redemption, wherein the doctrine of the late Mr. Fuller relative to the atonement of Christ is tried by the word of God in four letters to a Baptist Minister by William Rushton overflows with candor, love of Truth, and respect for God’s word. In four gracious letters to Fuller, Rushton opposed only the errors - the indefinite atonement of Christ, conditional salvation, Christ as Lawgiver than Savior, and denial of His vicarious death - protesting against offering ‘strange fire’ to the Lord.

Gentle, Christ-like correction! — A Reviewer

The Benefit of Christ to Believers
Rev. Philip Henry

Forty stirring expositions! Christ, All in all to Believers; or what Christ is made to Believers in forty real benefits by Rev. Philip Henry is one of the richest studies on Christ’s work in a believer’s life. Father of the renowned Matthew Henry, he was faithful in prayer and expounded Scripture to his family, including the servants. Refresh your understanding of Christ as the Foundation and believers the building. Christ, Head of the Church, our Food, Peace, Light, Life, Passover, Wisdom, Song, Strength, Shield, Redemption, Altar - our All!!

Wonderful insights! — A Reviewer

Women of Early Christianity
Rev. Alfred Brittain & Mitchell Carroll

Elevating thoughts! Women of Early Christianity by Rev. Alfred Brittain & Mitchell Carroll is a distinctively historical work, reiterating that more than any other religion Christianity accomplished the upliftment of women, forever changing their status in society. Christ, by His humanity, treated men and women as spiritual equals, created in God’s image ushered in a new moral epoch in human history. Christ, through His life-transforming power, produced a type of womanhood far superior to any that had been created thus far by the Orient, early Greece or ancient Rome.

A very good book! — Unclepeacock

Assyria and Its People
A.H. Sayce

Authentic records and stunning discoveries! Assyria: Its Princes, Priests, and People by A.H. Sayce describes the recovery and deciphering of the ancient sculptures, inscriptions, and clay books of Nineveh, clearly portraying the Assyrian beliefs and lifestyles. These original documents in the Assyrian language, quite similar to the Hebrew tongue, compiled under imperial orders, unexpectedly validate Biblical accuracy, particularly the books of Kings, fixes the date of Nahum’s prophecy, confirming and illustrating scripture, and supplying the missing chapters. Never again can the ancient Old Testament heroes be distant figures and names!

Simply fantastic! — A Reviewer

Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ

Meticulous record! Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ by Rev. A. Bernstein highlights God’s sovereign plan through history and the active witnesses who unstintingly spread His word! The history of the Mission to the Jews is coeval with the history of the Christian Church. Bernstein shows that only comparatively few names have been recorded from the apostolic age through the patristic period, including the Jewish believers in the Eastern and Western Churches. A list of Christians in the protestant churches is added in alphabetical order!

Amazing! — A Reviewer

Growing in Grace
Archibald Alexander

Highly relevant and applicable, Practical Directions How to Grow in Grace and Make Progress in Piety by Archibald Alexander kindles the desire to be more Christ-like! Scripture teaches growth in grace is gradual and progressive. Evidenced by a sharper vigilance against besetting sins and temptations, and exerting a greater degree of self-denial shunning personal indulgence, and increasing in love to fellow believers, Alexander suggests nine simple steps to grow in grace. Will inspire you to be more faithful in studying the Bible and demonstrate God’s grace!

Very effective teaching!— A Reviewer

The Second Book of Kings: The Expositor’s Bible
F.W. Farrar

Creating clarity and order to an otherwise bewildering assortment of events, The Second Book of Kings: The Expositor’s Bible by F.W. Farrar is an effective study tool. Farrar casts broad beams of light on the terrible state Israel was in, beset by a succession of both well-known and lesser-known rulers. Their greed, oppression and evil ways including murder as well as the strong denunciations of their behavior by God-sent prophets, make this an unforgettable reading experience! Be amazed at the faithfulness of God to His wayward people.

Riveting! — A Reviewer

The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended
Sir Isaac Newton

Intriguing analyses! In The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended Newton introduces new observations and principles of virtue and humanity, backed by scientific proofs in his description of world history from the times of the Greeks, Egypt and Assyrian Empires, the Babylonians and Medes, Solomon’s Temple and the Persian Empire. Exposing the unsatisfactory method of the Greek chronologists, Newton’s system calculated the procession of the equinoxes since Hipparcus, thus reducing the date of the conquest of Troy from B.C. 1183 to 965! Brilliant!

It’s good! — Anandkumaar

Legends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew Tradition
Leonard W. King

A compelling assessment, Legends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew Tradition by Leonard W. King, reveals the impact of the mythology of the mysterious and ancient Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations on the foundations of Judaism, as well as their influence in the Mediterranean region. Incorporating the available research and five-thousand-year-old texts, he narrates the folklore of human origins unbroken from our earliest collective memories. His comparison of the creation and deluge stories of a range of ancient Old World civilizations remains unchallenged till today! Awesome!

Good historical information! — James

How to Master the English Bible
James Gray

Fresh and invigorating, How to Master the English Bible, an experience, a method, a result, an illustration by James Gray revolutionized understanding the Bible. Gray believed the Bible must be mastered before it can be studied! Teaching simple steps of commencing at the beginning, followed by reading, rereading and re-rereading the word, he advises reading the Scriptures in a single sitting, repeatedly and prayerfully, without using commentaries or aids! Ideal for Sunday schools, prayer-meetings, as a study tool, to encourage missionaries in foreign fields, and as for instruction in seminaries!

Exciting way to learn the Word! — A Reviewer

Adolphe Monod’s Farewell to his Friends and to the Church
Adolphe Monod

The uplifting account in Adolphe Monod’s Farewell to his Friends and to the Church is a blessing to the discouraged and lonely! A touching story of a life fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus. Monod doggedly preaches and conducts the Lord Supper from his bed irrespective of the debilitating illness that had virtually bound him to his bed. Overcoming physical limitations and excruciating pain his indomitable spirit and willingness to serve Christ, in however small a measure, will stimulate you to emulate him. Phenomenal spirit!

Rich theology, winsomely presented! — Christina

Priceless! Already becoming one of my favorite books! — Google books reviewer

A Larger Christian Life
A.B. Simpson

Enlarge your vision with A.B. Simpson’s A Larger Christian Life to realize how possible it is to fully live in Christ. The new life in Christ must displace self from the center of one’s being. However, victory in this battle depends only upon God’s freely given grace, which is the source of true strength. Use God’s standards to measure progress. God’s plan for spiritual growth is for it to multiply outward, grace abounding, to make you more than a conqueror. Will strengthen your walk with Christ!

All we believers should live this way! — Adrienne Clark Thomas

A Surviving Diary
A.B. Simpson

A refreshingly honest look into the very heart of a great man of God, A Surviving Diary by A.B. Simpson is balm to the struggling Christian. Not only is it a peek into life more than a century ago, it is also a heartwarming participation in the pressures of a minister’s life, be it in the areas of home, church life or spiritual matters. Experience the assurance of God’s sovereign control over the life of His servant, as He meticulously oversees every aspect of life and meets his every need.

Very encouraging! — A Reviewer

Missionary Messages
A.B. Simpson

A heart-cry for the lost, A.B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, in Missionary Messages is an ardent advocate pleading their cause before the conscience of the Christian. Pushing the Church of Christ to renew its sense of accountability for the neglected people of the world, he has been an inspiration to many. Succinctly presenting the scope of the vision which God had granted to him, he desires that many may joyfully serve God and be more lively and responsible stewards. Motivating!

Rousing call! — A Reviewer

Service for the King
A.B. Simpson

A spiritual shot in the arm, A.B. Simpson in Service for the King declares God’s immense power manifest in creation, frequently evidenced in the Old Testament. Manifested in Christ, the Gospel too is the power of God to every believer, imparted by the Holy Spirit to conquer sin and resist temptation. Service to God therefore must rise from our appreciation of the cost of our redemption and salvation! God willingly uses the weak, insignificant things, encouraging the diffident, discouraged and depressed worker to finish His task!

Superb! — A Reviewer

The World’s Greatest Books: Ancient and Medieval Times
Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton

A riveting overview of the ancient world in a nutshell! The World’s Greatest Books Vol. XI by Arthur Mee and JA Hammerton is an outstanding attempt to compile a compendium of the world’s best literature that is accessible to everyone and faithful to its original form. Volume 11 primarily deals with accounts of ancient times and cultures, including pertinent material from authentic and well known writers of those times. Enjoy history come alive as the great civilizations of Egypt, the Jews, Greece, the Roman Empire, Europe and England unfold.

I am a huge fan of Arthur Mee and JA Hammerton’s writings! — Roger

I like to read Arthur Mee and JA Hammerton’s books over and over again! — Dave

The Seven Great Monarchies
George Rawlinson

Evocative pictures of a bygone era, The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World, Vol 4. (of 7) by George Rawlinson resurrects the glory of an ancient long-forgotten empire! Reconstructing the history, geography, and antiquities of Chaldaea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, Persia, Parthia, and the Sassanian or New Persian empires he supports his findings with maps and pictures. The Biblical relevance of these great powers, the extent of the empires, climate, capital and people, arts and science, manners and customs, religion and history all make for fascinating reading!

Thorough study of ancient lands! — A Reviewer


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