Glorious Gospel and the People God Used to Advance It
Glorious Gospel and the People God Used to Advance It
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Powerful and spiritually rewarding! Exploits, explorations and excitement add zest to every real life story of each of these messengers of the gospel! From gritty and unglamorous locales, to very real danger and unimaginable hardships, the resourceful missionary exudes indomitable courage, an unquenched spirit and hardy resilience. The life of the missionary overflows with faith, hope, love and heartache! Encounter brilliant minds, experienced hands, and eager hearts, ever ready and ablaze to carry the ‘Good News’ of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the furthest ends of the globe. Savor this special assortment of missionary struggles and triumphs from E4 Glorious Gospel and the People God Used to Advance It Library.  
Just Released Aug 8th 2013!!
Things As They Are: Mission Work in Southern India
Amy Carmichael

Deeply nostalgic! Things As They Are: Mission Work in Southern India by Amy Carmichael is an authentic look of the real life of a missionary in the superstition-bound culture of the early 1900s. Written over 100 years ago, the freshness of honest truth wafts right through, without sensationalizing or romanticizing missions. The joys and the hardships of mission life are very convicting even today. Feel the chilling palpable spiritual darkness, and applaud Amy Carmichael’s resolve, faith and love for those she came to serve. Inspiring for those considering missions!

"Eye-opening!" — Charles A.

"Heart-stirring!" — Carol Thibo-Holcomb

"This book got me fired-up for Christ!" — Liz

Henry Martyn: Saint and Scholar
George Smith

A superlative spiritual classic! Henry Martyn: Saint and Scholar by George Smith. Be gripped by the brilliant and highly productive life of this first modern missionary to the Moslems! Unmatched for his holy passion and zealous work in preaching the gospel, Martyn’s brief life of 31 years continues to kindle more keenness for missions! Having translated the New Testament into Arabic, Hindustani, and Persian, and worked as Chaplain of the East India Company he presented the Persian New Testament to the Shah of Iran which was read in his court!

"The Saintly Scholar!" — T. L. Jones

Answers to Prayer
George Muller

Captivating and elevating! Answers to Prayer by George Muller is an almost incredible chronicle of faith which could quite literally move mountains! Muller’s importunate prayers and the stupendous 50,000 of God’s inimitable answers are recorded, subject wise. Muller single-handedly built and maintained orphanages caring for thousands of children, doing Bible and Gospel tract distribution and foreign missions - six decades of splendid work. Intimacy with God in prayer will bring positive answers. Be stirred by the intensity of Muller’s faith and phenomenal prayer life.

"Very encouraging!" — Philly

"Will increase your Faith!" — W. Parker

"Wonderful book of a life of walking by faith!" — sunmoon

Lotus Buds
Amy Carmichael

Relentless love! Lotus Buds by Amy Carmichael will thrill your soul as the heart-wrenching sacrificial service of Amy and her brave band of women who willingly paid the price to rescue many girl children from terrible situations, unfolds. Savor the scenes and stories! Sense the heartbeat of those from different cultures. Delightful descriptions, dire circumstances and a dauntless woman! A true pioneer of social justice for the oppressed, Amy’s word portraits of the children she rescued from the then prevalent evil social practices will remain etched in your heart.

"Beautiful writing!" — Jeanne

"Wonderfully challenging!" — Sarah Wilson

"Great Stuff! Great Value!" — R. W. DeFord

The American Missionary (1884-1890)
Various authors

Appealing and engaging! The American Missionary (1884-1890) by various authors was published as series of a collection of articles relevant to missions. Write-ups of interest on missionaries and their works and a careful survey of their necessities and needs were brought to the notice of the reader for propagation and for the efficient execution of the work of God. Detailed information on missionaries both locally and overseas was faithfully reported and funds were requested. Accounting and judicious distribution of the finances were also reported. A wholesome Christian magazine!

"Very informative!" — A Reviewer

Home Missions in Action
Edith H. Allen

Reverberating with ardor! Edith H. Allen in Home Missions in Action unleashes an impressive reminder that Home Missions was a dynamic force through which the lands reeling from the aftermath of the world wars and bound by blinding binding fetters of ignorance and superstition could be reclaimed, educated, healed, and integrated. God’s kingdom needs to be built here on earth, where Christ will be supreme and from Him alone will the church draw her ideals and strength to improve all social conditions commencing with hearts surrendered to Christ. Wonderful!

"Responsibility of the Church and the Christian!" — A reviewer

Thoughts on Mission
Rev. Sheldon Dibble

Pertinent and practical Thoughts on Mission by Rev. Sheldon Dibble is a down-to-earth model of managing missionary concerns. Pressing for the cultivation of a spirit of enterprise, without which nothing great can be achieved in any human pursuit! Remarkably clear and succinct he deals with a variety of subjects like the Christian’s duty to the heathen, the true spirit of Missions, Christian stewardship, the great Commission and its import, the role of the laymen, the guilt of neglecting the unbeliever in Christ and the trials to be encountered! Awesome!

"A variety of relevant topics handled with aplomb!" — A reviewer

Daughters of the Cross
Daniel C. Eddy

A galaxy of gems in God’s crown! In Daughters of the Cross or Woman’s Mission Eddy proudly displays distinguished Christian heroines, who have toiled and endured inconceivable inconveniences on heathen soil. Gathered from different denominations and countries, drawn from the remotest records, these memoirs of faithful Christian women continue to impart instruction and encourage the timid. Besides the well-known ones are some not-so familiar warriors, Harriet Newell (Calcutta), Harriet Stewart, (Sandwich Islands), Sarah L. Smith (Syria), Sarah D. Comstock (Burma), Henrietta Shuck (China), Mary E. van Lennep (Istanbul)! Spiritually stimulating!

"Warms the heart!" — A reviewer

Woman and Her Saviour
A Returned Missionary

Astounding! Woman and Her Saviour in Persia by A Returned Missionary is an amazing account of 15 years of labor by Miss Fiske’s among the women of Persia. Venturing into harsh terrain, amidst a people bound by stringent laws, contending with uncomfortable climatic conditions, a complex language and an alien culture, this is a remarkable story of a remarkable woman! Her letters and conversations with those familiar with the scenes described, and directly from Miss Fiske, this book resounds with astonishing courage and faith! Challenging!

"Simply astounding!"— A reviewer

Surveying the Mission Field
Roland Allen and Thomas Cochrane

Meticulous and enlightening record! Missionary Survey as an Aid to Intelligent Co-Operation in Foreign Missions by Roland Allen and Thomas Cochrane presents the need of a world survey for a proper understanding of how and where the gospel is to be preached. They propound that surveys are the basis of all co-operative work and very necessary if Christ’s great Commission is to be obeyed! Presenting clear statistics on the unequal distribution of missionary forces they advocate periodic surveys to assess the world as a unit to facilitate responsible administration. Comprehensive!

"Very informative survey!" — A reviewer

White Queen of the Cannibals
A.J. Bueltmann

High adventure! White Queen of the Cannibals; The Story of Mary Slessor of Calabar by A.J. Bueltmann resonates with the smells of the jungle, wild animals and cannibals! Mary shocked many by living with and as the locals did. Fluent in Efik and familiar with the local customs and culture, she combined missionary work and the promotion of women’s rights. She adopted several children including twins. Part of the Itu court she helped mete justice. Recipient of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, she was later buried in Nigeria.

"I could read this multiple times and be blessed by it!" — Amy

The Value of a Praying Mother
Isabel Byrum

Endearing and encouraging! The Value of a Praying Mother by Isabel Byrum instills the need for the development of a godly Christian home, nurturing the children’s relationship with God. She covers a wide spectrum of topics, including prayer, early training, consecration, conscience, the Christian experience, blessing and trial, temptations, decision-making and self-control, all vital for Christian parents and children. Build stronger relationships with your children and reap the benefits of unchanging scriptural wisdom in parenting. Although the times are very different today, the Word of God still holds true!

"Excellent!" — Jennifer Warren

"Great, encouraging story!" — Michelle D. Kapusta

The Fulfilment of a Pastor’s Dream
A. Mildred Cable

Tender and yet strong revelation of God’s omnipotence! The Fulfilment of a Dream of Pastor Hsi’s: The Story of the Work in Hwochow by A. Mildred Cable flows with picturesque language! With strikingly expressive descriptions of conditions and compassionate recounting of the people of the province of Shansi, China, her honesty, and humility add charm to the naturalness of the story, the country and cultures she visits. The transforming power of the gospel is always in the forefront as Mildred Cable and her two fellow workers never failed to acknowledge.

"A good read!" — Amazon reader

Robert Moffat: Missionary Hero of Kuruman
David Deane

Herculean efforts! Robert Moffat: Missionary Hero of Kuruman by David highlights the hardship Robert Moffat undertook as a pioneer Christian missionary to the Bechwana tribe in southern Africa. Fifty difficult and lonely years he spent among them, put their language into written characters and finally translated the entire Bible into their language! His reward was to see the Bechwanas dramatically transformed over time. Moffat helped pave the way for other missionaries including one who became his son-in-law, Dr. David Livingstone! Amazing life!

"Courageous Christian Missionary!" — R. Rampey

Everlasting Pearl
Anna Magdalena Johannsen

An indelible illustration of Gospel power, Everlasting Pearl by Anna Magdalena Johannsen brings to life a farmer’s daughter in 19th century China! Her story, narrated by a Christian missionary, carries us right into the city of Yüshan, the heart of China. Maintaining a high interest level throughout Pearl’s conversion to Christianity and how she helps to convert others, Johannsen shows how the light of the gospel penetrates the heart of one brought up in heathenism. Truly the Gospel spreads faster through the life and testimony of the converts themselves. Moving!

"Very touching!" — A reviewer

Fifty Missionary Heroes Every Girl and Boy Should Know
Julia Johnston

A vivid tapestry of mission life! Fifty Missionary Heroes Every Girl and Boy Should Know by Julia Johnston is a simple and accurate account. She conducts us on a trip around the world to foreign lands, sharing successes and failures of fifty dedicated missionaries, the great adversities they endured and adventures they had! Be enraptured by the Love and Passion of God for His people and of those He has called to risk everything to minister to them. Very challenging and thought provoking. Easy to read! Hard to put down!

"What a bouquet of lives — a sweet smelling savor indeed!" — A reviewer

The Book of Missionary Heroes
Basil Mathews

Unsung, forgotten, and perhaps even unknown, Basil Mathews in The Book of Missionary Heroes inimitably introduces the great missionaries. Written like historical fiction, he parades Pioneers, Island Adventurers, Pathfinders of Africa, Heroines and Heroes of Plateau and Desert, who conquered some of the harshest environments and inhabitants. Will rouse you from spiritual lethargy and stoke your spiritual fire. Meet Wilfred Lull, John Williams, Patteson, Chalmers, Livingstone, Khama, Mackay, Grenfell, Mary Slessor, Abdallah, Sabat, Dr. Shedd, Cushman and Forder and your life will be never be the same again!

"Amazing!" — Doris Egli

"Very encouraging!" — Nate

"Outstanding history that stands the test of time!" — Paula Whidden

The Story of John G. Paton
James Paton

Sensitive, clear and ringing true! Paton in his first-hand account, The Story of John G. Paton spiced with winsome humor, shares his willingness to die in the service of the Lord Jesus. He joyfully gave his life to win the cannibals of the South Sea Islands (the New Hebrides). His father’s life and example spurred him to keep himself pure and holy. You will be shaken by the power of the word and your understanding of faith will be changed forever! Outstanding life!

"Inspiring missionary classic!" — R. Martin

"An awesome servant of God!" — A. Anderson

"Best missionary story I ever read!" — Daniel

Life of William Carey, Shoemaker and Missionary
George Smith

Multifaceted! In Life of William Carey, Shoemaker and Missionary George Smith dramatically reveals the reality of religious practice in colonial Bengal. With Carey began the Modern Mission Movement. Besides creating dictionaries of many Indian and Asian languages, translating, publishing and printing the literature of these cultures, Carey translated the Bible into Bengali and Sanskrit, stopped the practices of infant sacrifice and sati and founded the Agri-Horticultural Society of India at Calcutta. In Carey’s lifetime, he printed and distributed the Bible in part or whole in 44 languages and dialects!

"What a Story!" — W. L. Day

"An ultimate discourse on the mind of Modernizer!" — Noboru Tabe

Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
David Livingstone

Intrepid and invincible, David Livingstone in Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa includes his notes on the regions he explored and the people he encountered! Alongside his scrupulous records of intriguing encounters, Livingston also attacked the slave trade and was largely responsible for its end. A great missionary and a fearless explorer he contributed much to the knowledge about Africa. Untouched by the racism of his day, he stated things as he saw them, and won the Africans for Christ, alleviating their physical, social and spiritual ills. Riveting!

"Incredible Man!" — Edivorp Rouylael

"Bright Light in the Dark Continent!" — Serpentofthenile

Life and Labors of Elder John Kline: The Martyr Missionary
Benjamin Funk

Awesome! Life and Labors of Elder John Kline, the Martyr Missionary Collated from his Diary by Benjamin Funk is an account of a little-known missionary with an almost unbelievable sense of accountability to man and God. Culled from his untiring and faithful diary entries for every single day of his work for twenty-nine years, John Kline’s life reads as an open book. With no reason to be ashamed before man or God, his martyrdom, shot by unknown assailants on his return home to Virginia was unexpected. Kline lives on!

"Very instructive!" — A Reviewer

Fruits of Toil in the London Missionary Society
Various authors

Evocative! Fruits of Toil in the London Missionary Society by various authors is an excellent documentation of when this Society was established to counteract the infidel principles of the French Revolution which were undermining the work of the gospel. Beautifully illustrated with exquisite pencil drawings, the lists of statistical Tables included show the wide influence the work has achieved. Calcutta and Nagercoil, Bangalore and Madras, Samoa and Tahiti, Polynesia, China and Madagascar are brilliantly sketched with pertinent statistics of native students and pastors, foreign missionaries and expenses conscientiously detailed.

"Immense historical value!" — A reviewer


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