E4ís Bible Reference Library Vol. 10
E4ís Bible Reference Library Vol. 10
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A delectable palette of spiritual food, The Variety Set proffers an assortment of exceptional Reformed writers who will inspire, instruct, invigorate and impel you to delve deeper in to the Word and dwell longer on the loveliness of Christ and His love. An outstanding collection that is bound to renew and refresh your own faith, besides preparing you to draw others to Him. A Bible study tool with a cutting edge, a mini library of the works of some giants of faith. Sermons, lectures, meditations and Bible studies, this is an invaluable resource for any Christian who takes His commitment to Christ seriously.

"Very good resource!" — David A. Bielby

"Eye opening!" — Barbara Staschke


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Selected Writings of Henry Law
Enthralled with the Gospel, Law sees the "Good News" unveiled from Genesis onward! In invigorating style, his expositions, tracing the single thread of the gospel theme through the Old Testament are simply magnificent, besides being unique, convincing and highly useful. Christ-centered and devotional, his doctrine is strong, that Christ pervades all Scripture. The Bible is the immeasurable Treasury of Christ! A very valuable tool!

"Law is Gospel!" — C. H. Spurgeon

"Best book I’ve read!" — Jennifer Martin

Meditations on Ephesians by Henry Law
A timely warning against the neglect of the family altar as a grievous shame and base ingratitude, this book could not arrive at a better time. An opportune reminder to the family to participate in joint supplication and praise. Simple in his expression, method and arrangement, Law impresses the grand themes of the Bible in easy language, emphasizing the need for spiritual instruction to every family member. With no show of profundity or erudition here Law has presented straightforward teaching on Family devotion. This book will certainly enhance and empower your family worship time!

"Very good resource!" — David A. Bielby

Selected Writings of J. Gresham Machen
As a worthy defense of the gospel, Machen produced this anthology against the liberalism that was creeping into the church in his day! Influenced by Augustinian Christianity, Machen paints, with depth and dexterity, a blindingly brilliant picture of the Christian message, the church’s ministry and the believer’s responsibility! A sharp warning to the church today, as heresies of a different genre stalk the believer today. You will learn to be even more alert and aware of the wiles of the evil one! Read and equip yourself!

"Outstanding explanation of modernity’s erosion of Christianity." — Dan Peretti

"Eye opening!" — Barbara Staschke

Introduction to the New Testament by Louis Berkhof
A reference volume par excellence! Drawing from several great men of God, Berkhof strives to present a higher appreciation and deeper understanding of the New Testament, its history, culture and authors, particularly to his students in 1944. Grand work, beautifully organized, impeccable systematic theology! Impressive investigation of the history and purpose of the gospel and epistles. As Berkhof starts with a simple outline, before going onto the author, contents, characteristics and canonical significance of each New Testament book, it is easy to navigate and enjoy! An unmitigated pleasure.

"This is a must for all Christians!" — Peter S. Sim

"One of the best!" — John McKenna

"So useful!" — M. J. Keel

Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner
A bright ray of light on an often less understood doctrine. Using reason to show the truth of Scripture clarifying predestination, Boettner untangles the knots with ease and skill. In humility and with clarity, Boettner highlights the sovereignty of God and His plans set before the foundation of the world. He refutes arguments with grace and expertise. Most reasonable, concise and thorough, this book is persuasive and life-altering! Highly recommended.

"Unraveling the complexity of God’s mystery!" — Ellison Marshall

"I loved it!" — Amazon customer

"Life-changing!" —

Light and Truth: The Old Testament by Horatius Bonar
Passionate for souls, preacher, pastor and hymn writer, Horatius Bonar set great worth for the Word and the unchanging character of God. Truth is his banner. This wonderful book of encouragement deals with the immeasurable love of God, love that is uncreated, unbought, unsought, undeserved and unfathomable. Simply stated, God loves us because He is God, and the sinner is a sinner. Revel in the majesty of Bonar’s utter reverence for God and His every word. Read, meditate - and reread!

"Simple, yet profound, always insightful! — Joel Beeke

The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Horatius Bonar
Verse by verse, this commentary on the Book of Revelation irresistibly provokes the heart to praise. Bonar reveals the Excellencies of God and Christ in such splendor and magnificence that it will awaken and rouse from within you worship that you have never before offered! He touches the deepest and remotest parts of your soul and stirs you to unutterable heights of exultation! An amazing work on Christology with clear insights into the end days!

"The theology is precise and life changing, and beautiful as well." — Daniel Beck

Pensees by Blaise Pascal
Pascal’s masterpiece, the landmark of his life’s work, Pensees is a collection of beautiful and penetrating thoughts meant to be the basis for Apology for the Christian Religion, which he never completed! Starkly highlighting the wretchedness of man without God, Pascal focuses on Christ as Redeemer. Brilliant mathematician and inventor, Christ was Pascal’s greatest passion. Touching upon several philosophical paradoxes of infinity and nothing, faith and reason, soul and matter, death and life, Pascal brings you to bended knee in humility at God’s awesome grace to man. Powerful!

"The most eloquent book in French prose." — Will Durant

"Highly provocative arousing thought and contemplation at the deepest levels!" —J.F. Foster

"A Spiritual Classic from a Great Scientific Mind! — Craig K. Galer

Christ Altogether Lovely by John Flavel
An uplifting work! You will be transported into the realm of inexpressible and unsurpassed beauty of the Loveliness of Christ. Fresh and enduring, solely satisfying and transcending all other earthly loveliness Christ stands out in almost unendurable beauty. In Him, your soul will revive. In His person, offices and works, He stands out as Altogether Lovely. Majestic sweetness! You will love the Beloved in a new way.

"Highly recommended." — Paul West Jalapablo

"Strikingly valuable for contemporary readers." — Tony Reinke

Selected Sermons by Robert Murray McCheyne
A power-packed collection of 3 volumes, stamped with eternity! Every sermon exalts Christ, pictures the sinner’s need of Him, and the rich fullness of His grace. McCheyne’s writings revolve around knowing Him and living in Him. His deep desire to make Christ known to the unbeliever sears every page. Although called home to glory at 29 years, he has left a lasting legacy. There is much to meditate upon and contemplate in his literary works and brief life. A test to confront and spur every Christian to a more dedicated service and a life of worth.

"Pick it up, read it, and walk with one of the giants of our faith." — John A. Bird

"McCheyne is very important and powerful!" — meek

Robert Murray McCheyne by Andrew Bonar
Challenging! An inspiration and a blessing. Dr. Andrew Bonar unveils the godly life of his friend Robert Murray McCheyne and the immense influence that his life made upon his own people and for all time. Greatly respected as classic devotional literature, this gem of Andrew Bonar’s sparkles with the facets of the life of this young, rugged and uncompromising man of God. Cheyne’s vigorous visitation work, Bible study, prayer, meditation and writing, encourage you to emulate him. The sobering thought remains as to what impact we will leave behind us.

"Wow!" — Jim Hale JFred

"McCheyne’s short life an inspiration!" — Daniel Beck

"This is one of the best and most profitable volumes ever published." — C.H. Spurgeon

The Gospel Pointing to the Person of Christ by Andrew Bonar
Extraordinary and exciting! Andrew Bonar writes with a single-minded zeal and devotion to Christ. Bonar is lost in his rapturous love for Christ. As you read you will be irresistibly drawn to experience the exquisitely sensitive and ardent love that Bonar had for Christ, so much that he reflected Christ throughout his life. The peace that passes understanding will sweep over your very soul and yours will be an enraptured heart, burning with a deeper passionate love for Him who gave His all for us. Soul stirring and satisfying.

"Bonar helps me see Christ everywhere!" — Stephen

"Outstanding!" — Jason B.


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