Christian Focus Commentaries Volume 2
Christian Focus Commentaries Volume 2
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You may find it difficult to find a commentary series with balance. Some commentaries are focused on studying the original language or higher criticisms which may be difficult to apply to your life. Other commentaries are very easy to apply to your life, but they lack depth. The Christian Focus Commentaries is an excellent balance for the needs of those in the pulpit and the pews, the serious students and for your everyday Christian walk.  
Daniel - Fyall - Retail $19.99
The book of Daniel is also well known as a prophecy and there are several instances of God's predecting the future, particularly that of the great empires of the ancient workd. However, the climax of these prophecies concerns the Kingdom of the Messiah and graphic descriptions are given of it. Sometimes we find difficulty interpreting these prophecies since they come in the form of visions and dreams. Robert Fyall provides guidelines for us to use in coming to a biblical understanding of God's plans for the world.
Hosea - Eaton - Retail $19.99 , 208 pages
The breakdown of family values is having a devasting effect on society, older people are no longer respected by the young,lawlessness abounds, everyone does what they like with no thought for their neighbours, politicians and the governmnet are viewed as corrupt. The leader of the church are out of touch, out of mind and out to lunch. This scenario is not taken from last weeks' tabloid newspapers but from the troubled times of the Prophet Hosea in the 8th century BC.
Jonah, Micah, Nahum,Habakkuk & Zephaniah - Mackay - Retail $19.99 , 310 pages
This book is an extended edition of the author's previous commentary "God's Just Demands". John L. Mackay is an internationally respected Old Testament scholar and is also in demand for conferences where his skill in the practical exposition and application of doctrine are well respected.
Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi - Mackay - Retail $19.99 , 352 pages
The ministry of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi is a record of how God deals with people he has restored as they try to translate their basic loyalty to him into practical action.
Mark - Grogan - Retail $19.99 , 224 pages
Mark's Gospel is a book for today's people in today's world. It is vivid, graphic, appealing powerfully to the eye of the imagination. This is an age of new interest in the supernatural, with so many possibilites of deception. Here is Jesus, the true God and perfect Man, working the supernatural works of God. Today we are bombarded by harrowing pictures of suffering and we ask"Why?" Here is God's great Suffering Servant, showing us that God cares. Today is the age of change when everything moves faster, the age of tearing down walls and barriers. Here we see God's way of breaking down the greatest wall of all, built by our religion against Him.
Mathew - Price - Retail $19.99 , 304 pages
Matthew was written to show that Jesus is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament. In Matthew we meet Jesus, the Great Teacher (the Sermon on the Mount and the parables in Chapter 13), the Prophet (chapter 24), the Miracle Worker, the Victor over Death and the Atoning Sacrifice.
1st Corinthians - Barnett - Retail $19.99 , 320 pages
First Corinthians is Paul's masterly pastoral letter to a church which he founded five years earlier but which in the meantime has lost its way. In Ephesus Paul was visited by various groups from Corinth bringing disturbing reports of recent developments, but also a list of questions. A little sleuthing helps us recover an idea of the problems in Corinth as well as the questions to which they wanted answers. A less imaginitive person may have simply addressed the problems and replied to the questions, but not Paul. Paul discerned in the problems and the questions five underlying issues.
2nd Corinthians - Grogan - Retail $19.99 , 224 pages
The second letter to the Corinthians is Paul's personal appeal to the church he founded in Corinth, a church influenced against Paul by false apostles. In describing the type of Church Leader that is pleasing to God, Paul reveals more about himself than in any other of his writings. It is as if we can see into his soul as he lovingly and honestly points out the faulty attitudes of the church at Corinth. In addition to guidance on leadership and on other subjects, he also wrote about Christian giving. Paul was eager for the church to participate in the relief fund he was putting together for poor believers in Jerusalem. His rulings on these matters need to be applied to today's church.

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