Reformation Library Vol.1
Reformation Library Vol.1
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Dive into your history and sit at the feet of your spiritual fathers! Let Reformation heroes like Martin Luther, Philip Melanchthon, John Knox and John Calvin tell you their tales and teach you Truth! Truths and rights we take for granted were delivered to us by the toil, heartache and even the blood of heroes. Let us examine their words, their lives and their insights that we might follow their examples of godly triumph!  

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Selected Works
By Martin Luther

Martin Luther is a name most Christians know, but a man most of us should know better. He was devoted to Truth and dedicated to ensuring that every follower of Christ have access to unadulterated, understandable Bible teaching. In Luther's Selected Works, you gain access to the author's very heart works—those he wrote to "the common man."

"…simply the best discussion of faith and works that I have ever read. It is immensely clarifying. I would recommend this highly." - FJC Flynn
Selected Sermons
By Martin Luther

Luther's conviction started a revolution within the Church over 450 years ago, leading to the Reformation and ultimately the formation of the Protestant Church. His teachings will start a reformation of heart and mind as you read from the 116 of his Selected Sermons offered on this DVD. Luther preaches here on many topics, including "The Parable of the Sower," "Enemies of the Cross of Christ," and "Of the Office of Preaching."

"These sermons have supported the faith of thousands of Christians over the last 500 years" —Benjamin Maye
A Treatise on Good Works
By Martin Luther

Philipp Melanchthon called A Treatise on Good Works Luther's best work. "Neither silver, gold, precious stones, nor any rare thing has such manifold alloys and flaws as have good works," says Luther in this treatise on the necessity of good works. This book will caution us to circumspection then train our eyes to look hopefully to the Giver of Grace.

"One of Luther's best. The necessity of works is carefully laid out through a study of the Ten Commandments. Works are not necessary for salvation but are necessary to do God's will." - T. Fleming
The Life and Acts of Martin Luther
By Philipp Melanchthon

Perhaps best known for penning the Augsburg Confession, Philipp Melanchthon was a contemporary of Martin Luther and a leader in the Reformation. In fact, Luther was said to consider him the greatest theologian ever, and a man whose writings were superseded only by Holy Scripture. Here, in The Life and Acts of Martin Luther, Melanchthon offers a concise (9,000 words in the original Latin) but intimate biography and extended eulogy of his dear friend and co-laborer for Christ’s cause. Melanchthon brings to this work a unique blend of love and understanding of his subject’s foibles.
Book of Concord
Compiled by Jakob Andreae and Martin Chemnitz

Originally published in 1580, The Book of Concord (meaning an agreeing together), was designed to end religious controversies and that arose among German Lutherans after Martin Luther’s death in 1546, and bring unity of thought.

The Book of Concord is a collection of all the documents essential to the Lutheran Church. It begins with three creeds which originated in the ancient church: the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. Next are the Augsburg Confession and the Apology of the Augsburg Confession, the Smalcald Articles, the Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope, Luther's Small and Large Catechisms, and, finally, the Formula of Concord.
Selected Writings
By John Knox

In Selected Writings of John Knox, the father of Scottish Presbyterianism kindles in even the most comfortable Christian a determination to live beyond himself. Iain Murray said well of Knox, “Sometimes he could be severe and sometimes extreme… But his keynote was of another kind altogether. From the first years that we have anything from his pen, we find him engaged in a ministry of encouragement.” Included in this collection are such works as Trumpet Blast Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women, A Vidication of the Doctrine of Mass is Idolatry, Exposition of Psalm 6, Answers to some questions concerning baptism, and many public letters.
Treatise on Prayer
By John Knox

In Treatise on Prayer, the great Scottish reformer reminds Christians that true communication with God is "the very branch which springs forth of true faith." His writings beckon us back to a time when to live for Christ meant truly being prepared to die and suffer for His cause. They also remind us to ever seek our place of comfort and security only at the Master’s feet.

"I found Knox to be a riveting author. His zeal and knowledge were extraordinary." —Kevin Reed
Of Prayer
By John Calvin

In Of Prayer, Calvin expands our vision and understanding of communing with God through prayer. “No one in the history of Christian thought has written on prayer as much as John Calvin. Few have approached him in sensitivity and profundity,” says Rev. Dr. Victor Shepherd. On the one hand, says Calvin, "Prayer is an intimate conversation of the pious with God.” On the other hand, he reminds Christians, prayer is our duty.“

Calvin's writing [in On Prayer] is definitely needed in an age when prayer seems to be treated as nothing more than a magical formula for getting what we want from God.” —Sarah H.
On the Christian Life
By John Calvin

Calvin’s classic devotional On the Christian Life teaches us to live our whole lives in the fullness of salvation. The five chapters in this book stress the importance of living a balanced and devoted Christian life rather than one marked by a contemplative otherworldliness.

“[On the Christian Life] is one of the best little books that you will ever read. Buy it. Read it. Share it.” —Brian, Reviewer

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