Christology Vol. 1: The Life & Works of Christ
Christology Vol. 1: The Life & Works of Christ
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Stimulating thought and quiet reassurance, this kaleidoscope of brilliant thoughts from distinguished authors, shows Christ as the Center of Scripture, the focal point to which all of history and every world event converge. Christology (Vol 1) offers incredible insights into why God chose to save a corrupted world in the way He did! Believers now have an unmerited eternal hope, free from sin’s hold, the fear of death and judgment! This set presents Christ, His Person and work through the eyes of men who have themselves tasted and known Him! Invaluable!  

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Concerning the Christ: The Messiah Has Come
Tertullian & Cyprian of Carthage

An outstanding exponent, Tertullian, in his own practical and legal way, yet gently and sensitively argues, in Answer to the Jews, Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. The Jews’ voluntary rejection of God’s grace caused it to be offered to the Gentiles! The splendor of Tertullian’s prose and animated style, full of attractive and creative adages, bold and satirical remarks, humor, sarcasm and several newly coined words leave a lasting impression!

Cyprian’s TREATISES: Against the Jews (Cyprian of Carthage) gives one of the earliest glimpses into the church organization as it responded to the predominantly pagan culture of his time. This work offers a workable blueprint for contemporary Christian leaders to interact in their cultures! Memorable!

"A Little Gem!" — Patrick R. Novak

Jesus Became Man
St. Athanasius

With consummate ease and efficacy, St. Athanasius in On the Incarnation of the Word, presents fundamental, rational arguments for the need, aptness and value of the Incarnation! Strongly grounded in historical context, it still retains its theological and intellectual luster! A great definitive statement of orthodox Trinitarianism, his mystical prose, portraying Christ’s dual nature of being wholly God and yet limiting Himself in His humanity, irresistibly draws you closer to Him! Using logical, reasoned proof to demolish heresies, St. Athanasius reveals the continuing relevance of Christ! Awesome!

"Epic and foundational!" — Alex

"A masterpiece!"— C. S. Lewis

Seeing the Christ in All The Scriptures
A.M. Hodgkin

Fragrant and fresh, Hodgkin’s Christ in All the Scriptures is pure perfume, even after 100 years! Hodgkin unveils Christ as the Key to the Old Testament, showing Biblical characters as types of Christ, and the priestly practices and Christ’s life. All branches of history, psalm and prophecy, converge towards one central point, Christ, and to one ultimate act, His crucifixion. From that center, again, all recorded history in the Acts, Epistles, and prophecy in Revelation radiate outward, testifying that the Father sent the Son as Savior of the world! Eye-opening!

"This book is in my top 10 Christian books of all time!"— David W. Hooper

"Excellent, presented very well, thoroughly interesting!" — Corey

Christ Died for Us
John Bunyan

Powerful and penetrating, Bunyan’s The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate rouses a wholesome fear of God as well as a guarantee of His mercy! A pertinent yet poignant reminder that every sinner fearing God and seeking His forgiveness will be met by Christ’s everlasting mercy and be blessed! A true feast of experimental divinity, appealingly presented. Affirming his interpretations, Bunyan explores Christ as always pleading for His own, nullifying the accusations leveled by the evil one. Elevating!

"Nice little book on God’s grace through Christ!" — Jason

Christ Raised for Us
John Bunyan

In Bunyan’s unforgettable Resurrection of the Dead based on Acts 24:14 & 15 he elucidates the resurrection and reward of the Just, and the punishment of the wicked. A lively discourse on life, death, and eternity, buttressed by Scripture that the Day of Judgment is imminent. The bodies of both just and unjust will rise up from the graves where they are or shall be on that Final day. Defying our puny reasoning and enlarging our perspective of divine omnipotence, this is a solemn and impressive warning! Brilliant!

"John Bunyan is a brilliant man, greatly used by God!" — Nasil Kim

"Word-centeredness as well as the depth of doctrine!"- Reformation and Revival Ministries

Christ, the Complete Savior
John Bunyan

Wonderful encouragement, couched in beautiful prose, deeply stirring one’s affection for Christ! Bunyan in CHRIST, A Complete Saviour meticulously describes the intercession of Christ as the savior of the human soul. Only an honest self-searching will convict a man of his guilt and sin. Only those thus convicted will allow the love of Christ to cleanse their hearts, which is the only way to a sure pardon and reconciliation with a Holy God! Impeccable treatment!

"Comforting!" — A Reviewer

An excellent treatise on Eph. 3:18-19, The Saints’ Knowledge of Christ’s Love (The Unsearchable Riches of Christ), became at one time, the most read book after the Bible! Bunyan attempts to express the unfathomable love of God for His children, which surpasses all other loves, and is himself lost in wonder! Will draw you into a deeper, very personal, love relationship with God. Awesome!

"Wonderful Read!" — Jeremy Wright

"A potent yet smooth read, great for devotions!" — Mike Robinson

Hearing the Christ in All the Scriptures
Jonathan Edwards

Skillfully tracing the single thread of God revealing His ultimate plan for man, right through the Bible, Jonathan Edwards, in Types of the Messiah & Six Selected Sermons excels! God has irrevocably revealed His plans and future happenings by symbolical representations through His prophets by typifying the subjects of their prophecies. Mysteries, parables, dark sayings or enigmas in several Biblical passages are but hints of the great events pertaining to the Messiah’s coming and His kingdom! Kindles anticipation of Christ’s return! Inspiring!

"Encouraging!"— A reviewer

Jesus the Christ Over All Nations
James R. Willson

Christ is sovereign and supreme! Willson in Jesus the Messiah & The Dominion Belongs to Jesus the Messiah shows Christ as Mediator, Prophet, Priest and King. Scripturally vindicating the reality of Christ’s kingship, particularly applying it to the United States constitution, Willson includes the far-reaching consequences of ignoring Christ’s Supremacy! Wars, famines, disease, unjust taxation, immorality are but signs of the desolation of kingdoms worldwide, much of which can be attributed to ignorance of the doctrine that ungodly, unholy republics refuse to acknowledge Christ as Lord of all! Challenging!

"Excellent!" — Jason

Like Christ
Andrew Murray

Direct and incisive, Like Christ by Murray slices through misconceptions that shroud our understanding! Being like Christ comes only by abiding in Him, not by any works of merit! Christ-likeness becomes visible as we serve, suffer wrong, be crucified, deny self, not be conformed to the world but be conscious of our holy mission in doing His will. We will depend on the Father as Christ did, love, pray and use Scripture like Him, be humble, die and finally rise as He did, glorifying His Father at all times! Refreshing!

"Murray goes deep and stimulates your thinking!" — Justus

The Glory and Grandeur of Christ
John Owen

Magnificence and majesty flow from Owen’s Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ! These discourses proclaim Christ’s glory, including the glory of His love, His mystery, as mediator, in the church, and in His eternal being. Christ sanctifies our lowly nature and secures our relationship with God. Our limited faith and personal sin obscure His glory; but when Christ returns, we will revel in the light of His pure and blinding glory. Understanding the gospel correctly will spur our desire to see the Lord Jesus! Scintillating!

"Full of richness and depth!" — Jude

Christologia: Learning about Christ
John Owen

Carefully crafted and ruthlessly uncompromising, Christologia cuts through the pretended misunderstandings of Owen’s day that the rock the Lord Jesus spoke of to Peter, was Himself, Christ, and not Peter! To know the Lord Jesus is itself life eternal! This is the very foundation and life of faith. The church is built and has its strength in the very person of Christ who is the foundation. All honor is due to the Son, expressed and demonstrated by praise, petition and obedience to Him alone. Heart warming!

"Excellent!" — Tom Riggle

The Work, Suffering and Glory of Jesus Christ Volume 1 & 2
William Plumer

Powerful! Profound thoughts on God’s providence. The Rock of Our Salvation by Plumer reveals the total dependence of the whole material universe upon God. From the microscopic organism to the archangel in heaven, all events, rule and authority are under Christ’s governance, until His last foe is vanquished! Uplifting and comforting to know that every single thing in our life is under His control! Sin and death are conquered foes to those who trust in Christ. Encouraging!

"Simple, yet profound; heart-searching, yet encouraging!" — Joel Beeke

Living for Christ
William Plumer

Eminently practical! The Christian (Parts I and II) & Theology describe 27 facets of the Christian experience! Plumer clearly spells out what being a Christian involves. Very useful as a daily devotional and an evangelistic tool to explain the experiential Christian life to the inquiring unbeliever. Will help you refine, refresh and rejuvenate your walk with God!

"Excellent, succinct presentation on what it means to be a Christian!" — Joel Beeke

Christ the Eternal Son of God
J.C. Philpot

Significantly soul-humbling and richly Christ-exalting, The True, Proper, and Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Only Begotten Son of God by Philpot, is a defense of the doctrine of eternal Sonship. A well written, well reasoned, reverent study of Christ, who although He was always God, yet He became a Son. Sonship helps us understand Christ’s essential relationship and willing submission to the Father to redeem Man. A great study!

"A wonderful new look at the Son!" — A reviewer

The Sinlessness of the Savior
Carl Ullmann

A beacon of light to the questing soul, The Sinlessness of Jesus stems from Ullmann’s personal experiences in developing a living belief in Christianity. He reveals how Christianity addresses the heart, conscience and will and not merely instilling knowledge of Divine things but producing new life itself! Life transformation and total renewal of the whole man, from the core of his moral life to the whole circumference of his practice! Christ, as the Sinless One, can justify our faith in Him as the Son of God and Redeemer! Life changing!

"Life-changing!" — A Reviewer

Christ for Us and for Our Salvation
Don Benedetto

Historically important Don Benedetto’s The Benefit of Christ Crucified is the most popular book of the brief Italian Reformation! Presenting his case against the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church, as Martin Luther did, he further challenged the Italian humanism of the Renaissance. The centrality of Christ’s death, the righteousness of Christ making us acceptable in God’s sight, without any of our good works, ring out clearly! Great resource.

"Valuable record!" — A reviewer

Christian Teaching in Perspective
H.C.G. Moule

Highly relevant Outlines of Christian Doctrine by Moule includes main doctrines of the Christian Faith, and expressions of truths divinely revealed in the Scripture, particularly the Doctrines of God the Father, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Man, the Church and Sacraments. A truly helpful outline of Christian doctrine for individual and group study, clarifying unclear and obscure concepts. Elevating!

"Very helpful Biblical aid!" — A reviewer

Jesus Christ: Fully God, Fully Man
Frank Bartleman

A veritable treasure! Bartleman’s Deity of Christ is really 40 volumes in one, as it contains the condensed testimony and teaching of several highly recognized Christian scholars, from the early church fathers up to the present day! Particularly valuable to Bible scholars, Bartelman has distilled the very essence of Christian belief on the doctrine of the Godhead, from a theological and a Scriptural standpoint. Will energize your faith and enlighten you on this most sacred and profound subject. A blessing!

"Very simple and understandable!" — G. Kkaya

Sermons on the Passion of Christ
H.P. Liddon

Twenty one, soul stirring, sensitive Passiontide Sermons by Liddon, arranged according to their subjects, bring into sharp focus the suffering and redemptive work of Christ on the Cross. Biblically sound and instructive, these thought-provoking sermons clearly portray the enormity of the suffering and the cost Christ paid to be the sin offering for man. Will make you more appreciative of and humbled by the love of God. Uplifting!

"Spiritual refreshment!" — A reviewer

No Condemnation for Those in Christ
John MacDuff

Masterly work, Paul’s Song of Songs by Macduff is one of the finest practical and devotional commentaries on the eighth chapter of Romans, one of the most loved portions of the Bible. Paul’s prose rises to poetic heights and delves deep into divine truth! The Love of God and the Security of the Believer are harmonized in a beautiful, impressive union of thought! His overwhelming love will draw you into a closer, more intimate relationship with Christ. Heart warming!

"For sound doctrine, you cannot go beyond MacDuff!" — C.H. Spurgeon

Christ in the Epistle to the Ephesians
Henry Law

A timely warning against neglecting the family altar! Meditations on Ephesians advocates joint supplication and praise as a family. Law, in simple language, method and arrangement impresses the grand themes of the Bible and emphasizes the need for spiritual instruction to every family member. His straightforward teaching on Family devotion will enhance and empower your family worship to be more meaningful each day!

"Great stuff!" — JoeK

Jesus for All of Life
Octavius Winslow

Excellence and erudition flow smoothly in Consider Jesus: Thoughts for Daily Duty, Service, and Suffering. These thirty crisp chapters of Christ-centered writing are richly devotional and practical, marked by sincere love, reverence, and praise to Christ. Refreshing the weary, consoling the suffering and sorrowing, this elegantly phrased volume is a phial of sweet incense with the lingering fragrance of that precious Name which is above every name, which is as ointment poured forth! Winslow is winsome!

"Winslow is amazing!" — Jennifer J. Uwarow

Christ’s Love for Us
Thomas Vincent

Moving mind and heart with power, The True Christian’s Love to the Unseen Christ by Vincent engages you, driving you to diligently use whatever means God has provided to increase your love for Christ. You will relish hearing the preached Word, read and study the Bible, pray more, dare to live by faith, strive more against sin, and exercise the love that you now possess and watch it grow! A great gauge for self-examination! Priceless!

"A powerful, transforming book!" — Catherine Magill

"Immensely Important For Believers!" — J. Adrian


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