EVANGELISM:  Despair, Deliverance, Discovery
EVANGELISM:  Despair, Deliverance, Discovery
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An exciting collection of extraordinarily gifted writers, E4’s new set, EVANGELISM: Despair, Deliverance, Discovery invites readers to study the concepts that have shaped Christian theology and the church through the centuries. Discover Biblical answers to the deepest questions regarding Evangelism, phrased in fiery passion and brilliant clarity. Experience the joy of being lifted out of yourself, into God Himself! Learn to plainly expound, expand, and confirm what scripture pronounces, because the gospel is both absolutely simple yet profoundly deep. Rekindle the zeal to win the lost!  

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First Things First: Humanity is Hellbound

Bondage of the Will
Martin Luther

Crisp convincing arguments De Servo Arbitrio by Martin Luther records the debate between Luther and Erasmus, in one of the earliest pieces of Reformation literature and one of the best known theological exchanges on the issue of free will and predestination. It is one of the clearest and most humble presentations of the election of God and its relation to the human will. Luther’s dedication and submission to the authority of Scripture is inspirational. Enlightening!

"A worth-while glimpse into the thoughts of Luther and Erasmus!" — Jesse Rouse

"Fascinating controversy and theologically enlightening!" — Amazon Customer

"Best way to read Luther and Erasmus on Free Will!" — Steven E. Warhurst

No Second Chance
John Bunyan

A challenging eye-opener, A Few Sighs from Hell or The Groans of the Damned Soul by John Bunyan is a detailed researched work, explicating Luke 16. In Christ’s story of Lazarus and the rich man, the latter personifies the thoughtless and unsaved. Wealth can bribe neither death nor hell, nor God’s rejection of the ungodly. ’God will have a time to meet with them that now do not seek after Him’. Bunyan’s description of hell is a timely warning to correct one’s ways. Graphically memorable!

"Amazing!" — A Reviewer

The Total Depravity of Man
A.W. Pink

Explosive! A.W. Pink in The Total Depravity of Man decimates the concept of man’s inborn nature as being either neutral or good. Pink forces us to recognize Man’s fallen corrupt nature as God sees him, to fully appreciate the need for salvation. Despite performing externally good acts, fallen man can never please God, for he has no goodness, in thought, word or deed. He cannot earn his salvation. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. The perfect accompaniment for Luther’s "The Bondage of the Will," this is a humbling handbook!

"Rich and detailed look concerning Total Depravity!"— S. McIntyre

"Excellent Book and Sound Doctrine!"— S. Miller

Alarm to the Unconverted
Joseph Alleine

Power and conviction resonate in Joseph Alleine’s Alarm to the Unconverted, a historic reminder of the plight of the unconverted and the absolute necessity for conversion. This incredible discourse focuses on some of the misconceptions about conversion. Using one argument after another, coupled with impassioned pleas to draw the sinner to Christ, Alleine reinforces that the Holy Spirit alone can convict one of sin. Without mincing words, Alleine edifies, equips and encourages you to zealously reach out to the lost! Read and receive the Truth.

"An absolutely superb book!" — M. Kolbo

"A mighty exposition on the doctrine of Conversion!" — J. M. Urban

"Such impassioned writing - just wish I’d heard Alleine preach!" — Joel Radford

The Summation: Gospel

The Gospel
Charles Ebert Orr

Solid and scripturally sound! Charles Ebert Orr in The Gospel Day, leads us to God as the source of meekness, gentleness, and love, the fountainhead of beauty. Christianity is simply God in man, exhibiting God’s loveliness. Orr lifts true Christianity up to its legitimate plane and blows away the clouds of error that have long distorted its pellucid perfect light. Undoubtedly, the words of finite man are inadequate to describe the true character of Christianity. Absolutely elevating!

"Awe-inspiring!"— A Reviewer

Good News For All!
James Smith

Inspiring wonder and kindling a desire to declare the glory of Christ! In Good News for All, Smith presents Christ’s message to man, the Gospel or Good-News! A Savior who came exclusively to save sinners, just the way they are. As God’s Son, He is able to save anyone, and is willing to save all who are willing! He saves freely, perfectly, and with pleasure! Saving is Christ’s greatest work and one that affords Him the greatest pleasure! You will see Christ anew!

"Glorious!" — A Reviewer

For Deep Thinkers

Resurrection: The Foundation of Christianity
William John Sparrow-Simpson

Arresting thoughts from a new angle, The Resurrection and Modern Thought by Sparrow-Simpson concentrates upon the evidences of Christ’s resurrection. In this mature development of the theology of the Resurrection according to St. Paul, its bearing on Christ’s Deity, its effect on the process of His exaltation and on the justification of the Christian Community, as well as on the moral and physical resurrection of individuals, Sparrow-Simpson traces the history of this doctrine from the Apostolic age to recent times, showing it to be at the foundation of true Christianity. Great teaching!

"Solid teaching!" — A Reviewer

Thoughts About Christianity
Blaise Pascal

Huge in its enduring wisdom, Pascal’s Pensees, unwraps the three orders of knowing reality! Appealing to modernity and post modernity, his stylish writing is aimed at the "thinker." In a series of aphorisms and thought for a lifetime of contemplation, Pensees (`Thoughts’) expounds the human situation, Christ, God, revelation, infinity and finitude. Sensitive to the restlessness of the modern soul, Pascal touches the core of one’s being, cutting to the center of philosophic arguments exposing their weaknesses and the Truth of the Gospels, at the same time. Human genius at its highest!

"Amazing Insights!" — Maddie

"Life changing!" — Yamato

"Outstanding!" — Michael Walters

The Christian Faith in the Modern World
J. Gresham Machen

Hard hitting and striking, Machen’s The Christian Faith in the Modern World addresses needs of the present day and how to meet it. Dealing with the basic questions of how God be can known, and if the Bible is genuinely God’s word. If God has spoken how should man respond? Can the Bible be defended? Carefully representing the deity and humanity Christ, His teachings, death and resurrection Machen calls upon Paul’s testimony to Christ and the Holy Spirit. Very useful for personal and group study!

"Challenging!" — A Reviewer

For Inquiring Minds
John Angell James

Beautifully balanced convictions with practical piety, The Anxious Inquirer after Salvation by James, contains directions for profitable living! James explicitly describes salvation, reasonable and necessary religious impressions, the importance of gaining Scriptural knowledge and divine truths. He discusses the mistakes believers make, the perplexities they could feel and the discouragements they could encounter, besides the natural deceitfulness of the human heart. He cautions against the errors and the consequences, particularly not to accept knowledge, impressions, and partial reformation as genuine conversion. An authentic picture of salvation.

"Rich with truths!" — Taylor B. Conley

"A Must Read!" — vonbora

An Answer to Skeptics
C.A. Row

Dynamite! Christian Evidences Viewed in Relation to Modern Thought by C.A. Row provides the arsenal to disarm the skeptic! Row discusses the Order of the Christian Argument, its Nature and Extent, including the New Testament evidence that the Christian Revelation is based on the Incarnation. Miracles are neither a suspension of nor a violation of the laws of nature. As mere exhibitions of power, the greatest Biblically recorded miracles are transcended by the daily workings of God in Creation and Providence. If reason cannot account for them, then the testimony of the omniscient Christ can be our only basis for belief!

"Powerful!" — A Reviewer

Christian Beliefs and Modern Questions
Oliver Chase Quick

Illuminating answers by Oliver Chase Quick in Christian Beliefs and Modern Questions is an invaluable reference. Quick adeptly sorts out the doubts commonly leveled at the belief in God, the power of God and the problem of evil. He also emphasizes the Godhead of Jesus Christ, salvation, death and resurrection, God’s Judgment and Eternal Life. He elucidates that the Christian faith, in its rigidity and adaptability, in its definiteness and breadth, hangs together as a whole, and is complete and undefiled despite our meager understanding! Enlightening.

"A beacon light!" — A Reviewer

For the Evangelist

Words to Soul Winners
Horatius Bonar

Strong words! With great candor and force, Horatius Bonar’s Words to Winners of Souls is a superb touchstone for the faithfulness of full-time Christian ministers! He exhorts ministers to examine their lives, to be godly, always seeking to be more holy, and to know the heart, soul and purpose of the Christian Ministry, which is to convert sinners through the preaching of the Gospel and to edify the saints. An essential tool for any Minister of the Gospel, to advance God’s Kingdom and bring about a revival in the ministry!

"A Great Guide!" — J. Adrian

"Highly recommended for all pastors!" — Wallace White

The Soul Winner
C.H. Spurgeon

Rich in content and captivating in style, The Soul Winner by C.H. Spurgeon inspires one to individually think on how to enable God to work in their lives and ministry. One of the most effective evangelists of all time, Spurgeon spearheaded a revival in Victorian London on a singularly unique scale. Extremely wise and intelligent, he outlines not only the kind of preaching we need to preach, but also the kind of people we need be to save the lost. Heart-stirring! Will kindle your zeal to win souls.

"Magnificent!" — Midnight Oil ‘Bookaholic’

"A must read book for Christians!" — Adrian Warnock

The Ministry of the Gospel
J.C. Philpot

Refreshing! The Ministry of the Gospel by J.C. Philpot is a remarkable portrayal of the foundation, nature, character, and ends for which the gospel ministry was established. He examines the subject in light of the Scriptures focusing on the call and qualifications, the promised blessings, trials, comforts, exercises and encouragements. He strives to exalt the grace of God, to declare salvation through Christ alone, to pronounce the sinfulness, helplessness and hopelessness of man and to express the living experience of God’s children in times of trial, temptation, sorrow, consolation and blessing.

"Comprehensive look at the ministry!" — A Reviewer

The Last Word: Humanity is Helped

A Guide to the Savior
David Harsha

Rare reflections of breathtaking beauty, David Harsha’s The Star of Bethlehem: A Guide to the Savior displays Christ in His personal and mediatorial glory. Harsha describes Christ’s excellence and mercy, including His atoning work on Calvary, in all its splendor and sufficiency, as the only hope for a lost world. Detailing the incarnation, crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension, he shows Christ’s present and future work as He currently intercedes for us in heaven and finally returns triumphantly at His glorious Second Coming. Thrilling!

"Simply Beautiful!" A Reviewer

All of Grace
C.H. Spurgeon

A wonderful wellspring of encouragement and truth, All of Grace by C.H. Spurgeon promotes the life-changing message of the power of God, the Source of such change. One of the greatest non-canonical books ever written, this phenomenal volume with indelible illustrations, apt anecdotes, irrefutable arguments, sincere pleas and most of all the plainly-spoken and rightly-applied word of God, thunders a powerful timeless message. One of the most incredibly moving Gospel presentations, both intellectually and emotionally, it remains as alive and relevant today as it ever was. Hard to put down!

"Spurgeon was a genius!" — Matt Brick

"Pure Gold!" — Jonathan A Blevins

"Awesome Book!" — Michael Breen

Around the Wicket Gate
C.H. Spurgeon

Penetrating and easily readable, Around the Wicket Gate by C.H. Spurgeon, is pithy and thought provoking. Introducing the real and living Christ, this book relates to Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. With simple and beautifully illustrated Biblical principles this book is immeasurably valuable particularly to those who know something of the Christian faith but who are resisting God’s call to commitment. Tackling the seeker’s hindrances and fears, Spurgeon urges them on to full trust. A model for Christian workers, a must read! Highly recommended!

"I loved this book!" — Martie

"The gospel: The power of God to save!" — CJS

Greater Grace for a Great Sinner
John Bunyan

A delightfully imaginative piece of allegorical writing, Grace Abounding to the Chiefest of Sinners by John Bunyan is a spiritual classic of utmost simplicity and great depth. Bunyan records what life can really be like when everything is truly meaningful. Bunyan’s bares his own soul as he reveals his deep personal battle of vacillating between believing that God can cleanse him of all unrighteousness and his consciousness of God’s pristine holiness. One does not choose God; it is God who chooses one! Bunyan’s genius and arguments are undeniable. An amazing chronicle!

"I love it!"— Vincent Mason

"Outstanding!"— Paul Dare

"Demonstrates the importance of knowing and meditating on God’s Word!"— Dan Panetti

The New Life
Andrew Murray

Incisive and sharp The New Life by Andrew Murray is a clear picture of the confused thinking concerning the New Life prevalent among the young Christians he encountered. Murray vividly shows how, after the New Birth, God has provided His power to overcome sin. Murray kindles a hunger and thirst in the new Christian for the milk of God’s word, to really grow. He proclaims the glorious victory and joy available in Christ, and how easy it is to enjoy these blessings. Recommended for new-born believers in Jesus Christ!

"Life!" — Dottie Miley

"The New Life!" — Lynette K. Huisinga

"I wish I would have read this when I was saved!" — Alec Justice

The Way to God and How to Find it
D.L. Moody

Passionate and fervent about saving the lost, D.L. Moody’s The Way to God and How to Find it, is sheer reading pleasure. Primarily intended as a devotional, he employs several Biblical quotes, with anecdotes from his personal life, to present the everlasting freshness of the universal message of salvation, and details all the reasons to find God. He includes answers to the fundamental questions normally raised by those seeking to find Christ, as well as offers comfort to Backsliders assuring them of God’s gracious forgiveness and restoration.

"Great evangelical message with super content!" — Ian M. Acheson

"Moody, evangelist and soul-winner, at his best!" — Jean-Paul A. Heldt


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