Baptist Greats - Theology and History
Baptist Greats - Theology and History
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Become intimate with the astounding and often startling, deep things of God as revealed in this carefully compiled Set Baptist Greats - Theology & History. Engage with authors of renowned and vast scholarship and retrace the history and struggles of the church through the ages. Written with candor and simplicity of spirit, this set is true manna for those whose hearts yearn for a deeper acquaintance with their God and to know the outworking of His purposes!  

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Reformed Baptist Theology
Rev. James Petigru Boyce

Incisive! Abstract of Systematic Theology an in-depth thought provoking practical text by Rev. Boyce is a superb study of the system of doctrine taught in the Word of God. Insistent on the importance of theological education for all ministers, Boyce’s work reveals meticulous care and detail. Following a philosophical introduction on the science of theology, Boyce digs deep into the study of God, beginning with creation, providence and the fall of man, going on to Christology, salvation, sanctification, and eschatology. Wonderful overview of Baptist theology!

"Great!" — Jay Risner

"An excellent source of theological heritage!" — Fred A. Malone

"It has to be one the best handbooks of Biblical Theology!" — Michaelpatrick

Baptist Theology in Perspective
Rev. James Petigru Boyce

Comprehensive and methodical, Rev. Boyce’s Abstract of Systematic Theology upholds the absolute sovereignty of God in His decrees. Sin entered the world only because man was free and necessarily fallible as a created being. Rev. Boyce offers an excellent study of Christ in the Old Testament including the glories of the person and work of Christ, particularly His death to effectually accomplish salvation for those who would repent and believe in Him. Election, reprobation, regeneration, conversion, repentance, faith, and justification, no facet of faith has been left untreated. Brilliant!

"A must read!" — Daniel Henderson

"A great reference book!" — Mac

"Highly recommended for any believer searching for a grasp of theology!" — Roger Peters

Sermons on God’s Glorious Grace
Benjamin Keach

Power and plain speaking characterize Keach’s The Display of Glorious Grace: Or, The Covenant of Peace Opened. Keach, in these fourteen sermons, tries to rectify the errors regarding the doctrines of reconciliation and justification prevalent in his day. Straightforward and spirited, he literally opens a golden mine bringing to light many essential points of Christianity revealing the glory of God’s rich grace displayed in Christ’s mediatorial role to believers, and His final judgment and wrath against the impenitent. Highly impactive!

"A Godly book by a Godly Man!" — David Garver

"Outstanding resource!" — Sigel Shroy

Sermons of John Brine

A sparkling spectrum of 37 sermons, the Sermons of John Brine scintillates with the freshness of truth! Brine’s defense of true holiness and his exposition of the doctrine of eternal justification and the covenant of grace open up refreshing avenues of thought. A Christian’s duty and divine efficiency and a Christian minister’s work are clearly delineated. Defending the Gospel, ancient prophecy and future glory, keeping Christ always central to all of life, the focus of God’s eternal delight, and the Church’s everlasting joy, this book is explosive! A must read!

"Great work!" — A reviewer

Why Be a Baptist?
H. Boyce Taylor, Sr.

Why Be a Baptist? Boyce Taylor, Sr. logically examines the rationale of the Baptist belief. John, Christ’s forerunner was called the Baptist, and Christ sought to be baptized by him. The grand moment when the Trinity was seen on earth was at Christ’s baptism. The Lord’s companions were Baptists, as were the first twelve missionaries He commissioned. In every crucial experience, He preferred to have His Baptist companions with Him. Taylor claims that Baptists are a people of the Word, and wherever it is read and obeyed, they go, glow and grow! Edifying.

"Incredible work!"— A reviewer

The Life of Adoniram Judson
Edward Judson

Captivating and challenging, Adoniram Judson: A Biography by Edward Judson with keep you on the edge of your seat! From a Deist to America’s first missionary, Judson’s dramatic transition eventually culminated in his translating the Bible into the Burmese language, overcoming danger, discouragement, disease and even death of family. Consider his conversion, commitment and conquests in the missionary field as he lived out his calling with conviction and God-given courage. Stimulating and inspiring!

"What a testimony of what God can and will do!" — Sally Myers

Justification by Christ Alone
Samuel Richardson

Packed with proof and presented with passion, Richardson’s Justification by Christ Alone is impressive. His whole scope and aim are to prove that we are justified by Christ alone. We are not and cannot be justified by anything that is within us or by our works. Our justification is a part of our completeness. Therefore, where we are complete, there we are justified. However, we are not and never can be complete in ourselves, except in Christ Jesus as Col. 2:10 claims. No room for doubt at all! Humbling!

"Convincing!"— A Reviewer

Baptist Reformers
John Quincy Adams

Unique in style and content Baptist Thorough Reformers by Adams is generally recognized as the first of the great books on the distinctive doctrinal statement of the Baptist faith. Unlike other denominations, the Baptists do not have a formal creed, therefore such theological treatises gain importance for defining what a Baptist believes. This is a great foundational work of Baptist thinking, and gives the reader a true picture of where Baptists came from, and what they really believe. Highly recommended!

"A very interesting and informative read!"— Kurt A. Johnson

"The best Manual of Baptist principles!"— C. H. Spurgeon

The Glory of the Gospel
Edward Drapes

An impassioned invitation to enjoy intimacy with God! In Gospel-Glory, Drapes explains the doctrines and order set forth in The First London Confession of Faith quite similar to The Longer and Shorter Catechisms of the Pedobaptist works. He advocates faith as the means or result of justification, although not its cause. Sternly warning against the raging ungodliness, when blasphemy against God and children of righteousness is rampant, Drapes is deeply moved as he pleads with the indifferent to consider what they are losing, to repent and do their first works that no man may take the reward Christ has promised!

"Instructive!"— John Vernon

Lime Street Lectures
Robert Bragge, et al.

Twenty-six searing lectures from nine eminent ministers, Robert Bragge, et al., in Lime Street Lectures, draw us into a defense of some distinct doctrines of the Gospel, providing an extraordinarily united testimony against the growing erroneous teaching. They emphasize Christ’s love and grace, and His ability to save all who approach God through Him. They explain Christ’s incarnation, as God’s essential Word made flesh and expostulate against the horrors of atheism, idolatry and immorality, that we may instruct and defend, with the right gospel spirit, the great truths of the Scripture!

"Invaluable instruction!"— A reviewer

Defining Doctrines
C.D. Cole

Candid and compelling in Definitions of Doctrine, C.D. Cole reveals his doctrinal mindset and logical methodology. He diligently correlates and systematizes his teachings. Recognizing that it requires the space of only one generation for people to drift from their doctrinal moorings, his is a timely warning. He calls us back to a serious Scriptural study of the Person, nature, and glorious attributes of God. His discussions on the Doctrine of God and His divine attributes reveal there could be no greater or grander theme for study and meditation!

"My heart has thrilled, my soul has rejoiced as I have read this!" — D.F. Sebastian

Life of Patrick Hues Mell

Frank and attractive, a son’s sincere account of a father’s life well lived, Life of Patrick Hues Mell by P.H. Mell, Jr., takes us back in time. Mell dressed his ideas in unembellished language, yet lofty, strong, and beautiful, that the truth was fixed in his listeners. Never afraid to speak out against trends that threatened the heart of the Gospel, he preached the doctrines of predestination, election and free grace. That God is Sovereign and powerful, an efficient ruler who accomplishes all His pleasure, and is never thwarted was the anchor that held him! Enjoyable!

"Encouraging!" — A reviewer

Discourses on the Parable of the Sower
Samuel Stenett

Unflagging zeal and sacred fervor make Stenett’s six sermons in Discourses on the Parable of the Sower memorable! This parable, which appears in all three Synoptic Gospels, is prefaced by a discussion of parables in general, as well as the use and abuse of allegorical instruction. With dedication and humility, directness and warmth, he opens the Scriptures, declaring the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus. He describes the types of hearers, apostasy and what draws them away, the differences in the fruitfulness of believers. Remarkable!

"Very useful!" — A reviewer

Pastoral Cautions for a New Minister
Abraham Booth

Timeless admonitions in Booth’s blueprint for a new minister in Pastoral Cautions: An Address to the late Mr. Thomas Hopkins, echo Paul’s advice to Timothy, "Take heed to oneself!" Daily prayer and diligent endeavor should help one guard against self-deception, grow in love and zeal, and be in conformity to Christ’s will. Warning against pride, covetousness and other snares, Booth encourages an exemplary walk in word, love, faith and purity. Motives must be checked, recognizing the God-given duty to feed the church, which Christ has purchased with His own blood!

"Awesome!" — A reviewer

Church Members Handbook of Theology
Norvell Robertson

Readable and relevant, Church Members Handbook of Theology by Norvell Robertson came out of his desire to make a theological hand-book available to every church member. Only such subjects which there was most difficulty with have been treated such as man’s moral nature and the depravity of the heart, human will and eternal security in Christ. Robertson’s presentation will strengthen the hearts of the holy, and contribute towards correctness and uniformity of faith among God’s children. Most useful resource.

"Interesting!" A reviewer

The Church of God from Creation to 1885
Cushing Biggs Hassell

A monumental record, The Church of God From Creation to A.D. 1885 by Elder Cushing Biggs Hassell is an amazing chronicle. The Kehukee Baptist Association organized in A.D. 1765, published its first history in 1803 and the second in 1834. This volume is the third, sketching the history of the Church from creation, spanning time from B.C. 4004 to A.D. 350. In 1880, Hassell’s son revised and updated the history from A.D. 350 to A.D. 1885. He has, in the solemn light of eternity and the consciousness of his great responsibility, written the truth as seen in creation, history, and Scripture. Exceptional!

"Phenomenal work!" A reviewer

The Church of God from the Beginning
Cushing Biggs Hassell

Hassell in The Church of God From Creation to A.D. 1885 declares there is only one God, Sovereign over nature, providence and grace. The Bible is absolutely the only inspired and infallible book which is the fundamental doctrine of the Baptist Church and the Protestant Reformation. Church history is very important as it occupies two-thirds of the Bible. Prof. P. Schaff calls it "the backbone and storehouse of theology, and the best commentary of Christianity itself" as it shows proof of the continual presence of Christ with His people. Hassell traces, from Biblical and extra Biblical sources, the ways God dealt with His people until the birth of Christ.

"Amazing!" A reviewer

The Church of God from Its Inception
Cushing Biggs Hassell

Hassell emphasizes the authority of Scripture in The Church of God From Creation to A.D. 1885. The Bible contains sixty-six books, written over sixteen hundred years, by forty God-inspired authors, from all ranks of society, from Egypt, Asia Minor, Greece and Rome, in Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek, and translated into about three hundred languages. It unfolds world and church history from the beginning to the end of time, authoritatively declaring the character of God and His salvation. Since closing the canon, not a single statement of Bible has been disproved by any human discovery to date!

"Incredible!" A reviewer

The Church of God through All Ages
Cushing Biggs Hassell

A mindboggling journey through time, Hassell in The Church of God From Creation to A.D. 1885, distinguishes Christianity by its unique character, where religion and history are inseparably blended over 4,100 years. Baptist churches grew from the apostolic New Testament models struggling through persecutions. The 5th century was the twilight of the dark ages, when the papacy with image, saint and relic worship was born. The 7th-11th centuries saw terrible perversions of the church practices, growth of Islam and papal domination. The 12th & 13th centuries were no better. The 14th century saw the arrival of Wycliffe and others who shook the papacy until the 15th century.

"Informative!" A reviewer

The Church of God in History
Cushing Biggs Hassell

The 16th century was highlighted by the Reformation under Luther, Ulrich Zwingli and Calvin. The 17th saw the publication of the King James or Authorized Version of the English Bible (in 1611), the best of all Bible translations ever made. Different sects of Christianity arose. The 18th century showed religious calm but the latitudinarianism, indifference, Arianism, Plagiarism, deism, naturalism, philosophism, illuminism, perfectionism, universalism, infidelity, and materialism emerged, especially in Europe, with dead formalism in the church. However, Modern Protestant Missions and Sunday Schools originated then. Wesley and other greats were born. Only 48 American Baptist Churches were formed in the first half of the eighteenth century. The19th century saw the likes of C. H. Spurgeon but also many false doctrines like atheism and evolution undermining the church,. An inestimable resource tool!

"A must read for Protestant research!"— al justice


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