Eschatology: Christ is Coming Back
Eschatology: Christ is Coming Back
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Electrifying! Enter into the excitement and expectation of the Christian hope of Christ’s imminent return! Enjoy E4’s Eschatology: Christ Is Coming Back, a truly exhilarating experience as each writer captures the essence of the anticipation of Christ’s coming. Relight the fires of faith and rekindle the passion to preach the good news that Christ Jesus is coming in triumph to right the wrongs, to reward the righteous and to reign for all eternity. Reassure and refresh your spirit with these unforgettable pictures of glory, and indisputable impressions of the heavenly blessedness prepared for us!  

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The Book of Revelation Explained
John MacDuff

Encouraging and uplifting, Memories of Patmos: A Devotional Commentary on the Book of Revelation by MacDuff is all about the Lord Jesus! A two-part record of the Church’s struggles and victories, including seven epistles to the Churches of Asia, culminating in visions of the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials. The curtain falls with Christ’s magnificent promise "Surely, I come quickly." Avoiding prophetic theories and predictions, neither expounding nor defending any particular theory, MacDuff simply assures us of blessing, even if we get dim and mysterious glimpses of Him who offers Heaven to all believers!

"MacDuff has the golden key of interpretation!" — A reviewer

Jonathan Edwards and the Mighty Work of God’s Power

The resounding key-note in Works of Jonathan Edwards (Vol 1) is the strong repetitive chord of the acts of God! This rare and wonderful analysis of how God always works His purposes out will leave you gasping. It will evocatively draw you back, time and again for clear insight, intense meditation, and personal renewal. Although vast and comprehensive, Edwards is invaluable both to theologians searching for strength and struggling Christians seeking mercy. The basics of salvation and sin, heaven and hell cannot be more lucidly explained.

"Nothing More Valuable to a Christian!" — John Jeffery Fanella

"Theology at its richest!" — Brian G Hedges

The Surprising Work of God
Jonathan Edward

Substantive and always pointing the reader (or hearer as in his day) towards God, the Works of Jonathan Edwards (Vol 1) reveals the evangelical power of this mighty pastor. Edwards is excellent in presenting the gospel and his sermons are indelible. Be challenged by the godliness and holiness preached throughout this very inspiring work. It will surprise you afresh to see what God has done and continues to do as history unfolds. Well worth the time invested in reading it!

"Amazing thought and insight!" — Contend Earnestly

"As always, excellent!" — R. A. Livingston

Revival and the Church
Jonathan Edwards

Engaging and eminently readable, Works of Jonathan Edwards (Vol 1) will ignite the spark in your soul and refine you like gold. Edwards, a remarkable combination of mind filled with light and heart filled with fire, stirred up the spirit of revivalism termed the Great Awakening in 18th century America. Edwards’ sermons, simple yet sharp, penetrated to the very core of his listeners’ hearts, spurring them to a commitment to God hitherto unknown. His writings retain the same razor edge cutting through unbelief and sin, pointing the way to God. Scintillating!

"Brilliant!"— Peter Hyatt

The Mighty Work of God’s Redeeming Love
Jonathan Edwards

Emotionally moving and intellectually appealing Works of Jonathan Edwards (Vol 1) reveals his primary focus of helping people change from being mere believers in the Christian doctrine to becoming transformed Christians truly motivated to action by the principles of their belief. Edwards radiates the truth of scripture so profoundly that it leaves you speechless. God made salvation free through Christ’s death and by that power ordinary men are metamorphosed to do extraordinary acts for His kingdom. One of the deepest, weightiest and mind-stretching reads. Edwards is a gift, well worth rediscovering.

"Good book!" — Shoe

"A monument in Christian literature!" — Robert Cain

The Calling of Saints
St. Augustine

Impressive! St. Augustine’s A Treatise On The Predestination Of The Saints emphasizes faith is God’s gift. Augustine communicates from a biblical and persuasive standpoint that God by predestination foreknew what He had purposed to do. God’s sovereignty and human responsibility are well delineated, also that He alone is able to judge and have mercy at the same time. Augustine states that because Jesus our Head was predestined, we as His body are predestined too, thus showing the connection between man and God through Jesus Christ. Augustine thus clearly introduces the gospel in his writings. Highly recommended.

"A must read!" — David

"I really enjoyed this book!" — Rob

Persevering in Faith to the End
St. Augustine

Inspirational! In A Treatise on the Gift of Perseverance, St. Augustine authoritatively proves that the perseverance by which a man continues in Christ until the end is a gift from God by His grace. Therefore, anyone who perseveres is predestined while the others are not. He advocated that God’s elect will certainly persevere but that one’s election could never be known infallibly in this life. Augustine also believed one’s justification and baptismal regeneration could be rejected and lost through sin and unbelief! A good read!

"Very informative!" — A Reviewer

Looking Heavenward
John MacDuff

Meaningful meditations on heaven’s glories! In The Grapes of Eschol John MacDuff offers "sips of the heavenly fountain" to refresh our earthly journey. Anticipating the joy of the dawn of immortality and a distant view of the crown helps us to cope with life’s toils and warfare. Numbered to over a month these meditations are appropriate as Daily Readings. Concise and complete in themselves similar ideas or reflections could reappear more than once, reiterating the same offer. Be enabled to more cheerfully bear the cross.

"Fresh thoughts each day!" — A Reviewer

The Resurrection and Final Judgment
John Bunyan

Earnest and searching The Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Judgment by John Bunyan proclaims God’s promise of life after death. While the bodily resurrection of the dead defies human reasoning, it enlarges our understanding of God’s omnipotence. Only those saved by Christ’s death will rise having heavenly and perfect bodies like His own. With no escape from God’s omniscient, penetrating eye, the record books will be opened and every thought and deed will be judged. Only His followers will enjoy the blessedness of heaven He has prepared. Ensure your calling and election. Awesome!

"Excellent!" — Nate

Heaven on Earth
Thomas Brooks

One of his surviving rare and out of print books, Heaven on Earth by Brooks is a treasure. Rated the best book on the messianic prophecies, here Brooks presents the wonders of the blessing of acceptance with God! Although assurance is not essential to salvation, it certainly sweetens the Christian’s walk on earth. Anyone assured of his salvation enjoys "heaven on earth." Assurance is definitely worth waiting for. Pithy memorable statements pop up periodically . Deep and practical, with not a single uninteresting page, this book is an absolute treat.

"I found it helpful!" — Rose West

"Heaven in Print!" — Amazon Customer

"One of the best things you can read on Assurance!" — David G. Whitla

The Powerful Sermons of Edward Payson Vol 1

Written with punch and panache, The Works of Edward Payson, Vol. 1 leave a lasting impression. The foremost reason for his success was intense, consistent and unswerving habit of prayer. Payson could literally brand into the minds of his hearers his rich and illuminating messages from God. The passion and fervor with which he would deliver his addresses would stir every heart. The clarity and quality of his prose coupled with his strong and deep theology would irrevocably draw anyone closer to God. Riveting read!

"Heart-warming!" — A reviewer

The Powerful Sermons of Edward Payson Vol 2

Gentle in his approach, yet invigorating in tone, The Works of Edward Payson Vol. 2 is outstanding. His sermons are easy to read but with a special sense of lucidity that stimulates the reader to envision the Trinity with a much clearer perception than ever before. It is hard to find an equal who can communicate God’s truths so tenderly, yet so forcefully driving one to take a deeper, more honest look at oneself. This is life-changing!

"Great reading experience!" A reviewer

Preaching the Second Coming
I.M. Haldeman

Solid judgment backed by irrefutable logic best illustrates I.M. Haldeman’s Why I Preach the Second Coming. Intricately woven into every fundamental doctrine, promise and exhortation to holy Christian living, Christ’s Second Coming is the most recorded event in Holy Scripture. Redemption will be complete and Christ’s death justified. The Church will then rule the world with Christ. God’s covenant promises to Israel will be fulfilled and a government of everlasting righteousness and peace will prevail. Haldeman’s urgency regarding Christ’s imminent return for His bride, the Church will rouse you from spiritual lethargy!

"Kindles a desire to save the lost!" — A reviewer

Comments on the First Epistle of Peter
Robert Leighton

This excellent work A Practical Commentary Upon the First Epistle of Peter by Robert Leighton gives direction and instructions to the struggling Christian to conquer temptations and be victorious. Peter’s Epistle full of Evangelical doctrine and Apostolic authority deals with faith, obedience, and patience. Leighton tackles other heavy subjects like election, foreknowledge, sanctification, obedience, the blood of Christ, the Trinity, the grace of God, salvation, revelation, glory and faith. Peter, the apostle of hope speaks to us out of his own tremendous experience which Leighton hopes will be ours!

"Mind blowing!" A reviewer

Comments on Revelation 2
Robert Trench

Reaching down into your soul Trench raises you to unutterable exultation in this verse-by-verse interpretation on Revelation in Commentary on the seven churches in Asia, Vol 2. Unveiling the excellencies of God and Christ Trench elucidates the symbolism of the lamps, first love and self-denial, the victory, crown and rewards of labor and martyrdom, besides the sudden advent and the restoration of all things. The Church, Christ’s bride, the light of the New Jerusalem, the life river, the tree with twelve fruits and the believer’s expectancy, the end days were never so graphically portrayed! Remarkable!

"Exquisite!"— A reviewer

Notes on the End of All Things
David Steele Jr.

Steele’s straightforward and faithful commentary Notes on the Apocalypse affords us access into a historicist post millennial explanation of the book of Revelation. This work introduces Biblical eschatology drawing attention to world history since the time of Christ. Exploring the meanings of the seals, trumpets, vials, four horsemen, the Antichrist, the 1260 years, and more, his instructive and enlightening views give hope and joy in looking forward to the tremendous and thrilling manifestation of God’s will at world’s end. Great stuff.

"Steele’s theology is precise and life changing, and beautiful as well!"— Daniel Beck

Great Hymns of Germany
Catherine Winkworth (Translator)

Appreciate the treasures of a delectable English translation of German hymnody in Lyra Germanica: Second Series: The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth. A leading 19th century translator of German hymns into English, her translations are still the most widely used of any from German, particularly in the Lutheran hymnals. Her intellectual acumen and spiritual insight enabled her to transfer the beauty and meaning of the German hymns into delicate pieces of poetry. With warmth of feeling, and directness of expression, often with intricate meters, this timeless work is a must have!

"I love many of the hymns translated from German!" Shannon

"Her translations are invariably faithful and both terse and delicate!" Dr. James Martineau

"Miss Winkworth, is certainly the foremost translators of German into English in rank and popularity!" Dr. John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology

"The most gifted translator of any foreign sacred lyrics into English!" Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872, Annotations of the Hymnal

Living Faithfully before Our Maker
John Follette

Fifty chapters of prized ingots of truth from gifted preacher and teacher, Follette’s The Golden Grains contains snappy phrases or handy paragraphs to be dispensed to those in need of encouragement or aid. Full of practical wisdom, stimulating spiritual musing and ideal for meditation, each piece is a reservoir of new spiritual insight. Loosely arranged, the meditations cover a variety of topics. A truly useful supplement to one’s daily devotional time. A real blessing!

"Incisive mind!"A reviewer

How Old Testament Saints were Saved
William Deas Kerswill

Predominantly exegetical and very sound, Kerswill’s The Old Testament Doctrine of Salvation is an eye-opener. Respecting the high value Christ placed upon the Old Testament Scriptures Kerswill attempts to give a more definite and correct idea of what the Old Testament taught regarding salvation. The result of a long-drawn careful exegesis of the entire Hebrew Scriptures besides extra Biblical sources, his purpose has been to discover, not what men think, but what the Old Testament says. Will definitely change the way you look at the Old Testament!

"Very instructive!" A reviewer

Christ’s Second Coming
A.W. Pink

An extraordinary study in contrasts, A.W. Pink in The Redeemer’s Return discusses Christ’s need to return and the signs heralding it. At His first humble appearing, Christ was despised and rejected, even paying tribute to Cesar; however, at His jubilant second coming every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess Him as King of Kings! The "dead in Christ" will rise, while those alive in Him will be changed, like Him. Rewards and recognition will be given. Pink stokes the fires of eager expectation that marked the early church, which are growing so alarmingly cold today.

"An outstanding book!" — John R. Gilpin

"One of the most influential evangelical authors!" — Iain H. Murrary

Fixing our Hope on Heaven
Octavius Winslow

A matchless guide, Winslow’s Help Heavenward is a useful tool. With the Cross of Christ as the grand central truth, this is devotional writing at its finest. There is no better book to give Christians as they struggle to live sanctified, obedient lives. Winslow unfolds how Christ gently leads His children through times of trial, teaching them self-examination and the practice of transferring their cares to God and repentance of all backsliding and finally be ushered into our Father’s home. A book you will want to read and re-read!

"A book full of deep insights into God’s Word!" — bettymcjunkin

"Wonderful book!" — Mary


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