Living Out The Faith: Theology in Action Amidst a Watching World
Living Out The Faith: Theology in Action Amidst a Watching World
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Empowering Christians to actively engage in life, live it abundantly and pleasing to God, E4’s new collection, Living out the Faith: Theology in Action Amidst a Watching World is a true compass and an unshakable anchor. Every author dares you, above the dissonant voices, to dynamic Christian living! Revel in your identity in Christ alone, stand bravely for the Truth and display to the skeptic world the eternal hope which steadies you through earthly failures, toils and loss! Will help you live out your faith as never before!  

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Sermons of C.F.W. Walther Vol. 1, 2 & 3
C.F.W. Walther

Enlivening and inspiring, Sermons of C.F.W. Walther include 20 selected sermons for personal study and edification of Christians who truly hunger for the bread of life and thirst for the living water. Ideal for small house groups, meeting as in the days of the early church. A rousing call both to the indifferent and the blatantly straying ones drawing them gently but firmly back from their self-chosen ways, this world and life. A prolific writer, his works are still pertinent!

"A wake-up call!" — A reviewer

The Life of Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke

Phenomenal! Clarke’s massive Bible commentary which took him 40 years to write and remained a great theological resource for two centuries has left an indelible memory! An Account of the Life of Adam Clarke is an unforgettable autobiography of a remarkable British theologian and Biblical scholar. He believed the Bible to be the most complete interpretation of God’s nature and will. He claims the Scriptures as a miracle of God’s grace that dispels darkness and ignorance. He excites us to fervent faith and deeper diligence.

"I love Adam Clarke’s work!" — Librarian and Student

"Mr. Clarke was an awesome writer!" — Blessed John "phototiger"

To My Younger Brothers
H.C.G. Moule

A strong Scriptural support, H.C.G. Moule’s To My Younger Brethren, calls young ministers to prefer a personal walk with God over carrying the Church through successful programs! Personal holiness is vitally necessary to combat the strong surface currents of the age including the organized hurry, indiscriminate projects and exaggerated ecclesiasticism. When communion with God is sacrificed in favor of ‘church’ work, the ’Church’ runs the risk of becoming a substitute for Christ! A treasure to those seriously seeking the power of God in their lives in the ministry!

"Excellent for young ministers!"— Daniel M. Peede

Christ the True Way
John Brown of Wamphray

A no-holds-barred, grand-old gospel, Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life by John Brown is simply effective. A Christian’s life is characterized by drawing people to repentance and faith, to live pleasing to Christ, depending on Him for their needs within their specific contexts! Appropriately applying God’s Word and acknowledging the Holy Spirit’s involvement in daily living, Brown teaches conformation to Christ Jesus. Brown’s casuistry echoes down the years, a fitting reminder that a sovereign God will have us on His terms, not on ours, or any other!

"A coordinated event!" — Jacques Schoeman

Finding True Comfort
James W. Alexander

Soothing and comforting, James W. Alexander’s Consolation contains 18 discourses, restful to the hurting heart. Every meditation on the attributes of God, His mercy, His divine intervention, His omnipotence, His goodness and His compassion are healing to the soul. The richness of his writing on Christ and His consolation of the Christian is a veritable oasis to the weary, refreshment to the bruised and a restoration to those in conflict! An excellent writer, he merits a re-read!

"Gospel as medicine for the soul!" — Daniel Romer

Holiness and the Christian Life
Horatius Bonar & John Calvin

Honing in on the crux of the Christian living, God’s Way of Holiness by Bonar reveals that peace and holiness are but one. Peace precedes holiness, and is its parent. Anyone claiming to have peace, while living in sin, is a liar, for the essence of holiness is consciously being in a right relationship with God. A counterfeit holiness can exist from self-righteous legalism or other delusions. It is only the love of God in Christ, experientially known, that can motivate real holy living. This book is a friend for life.

"Classic treatment of an often misunderstood concept!" — Les Newsom J. Adrian

"Biblical Holiness Examined!" —J. Adrian

Resonating with passion for revival, Calvin’s magnum opus, On the Christian Life (selections from the Institutes) has molded the church’s understanding of Christian doctrine for generations. ‘The Institutes’ provides the best information on Calvin’s thoughts on the Church and Church Government, Papacy theology of God and the benefits of grace through Christ. In four sections he deals with God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Church. Scriptural citations, well-constructed argument, and references to earlier Christian writers, his defense of predestination is awesome. Every thought is worthy of contemplation!

"Classic theology - Classic literature!" — Douglas VanderMeulen

"A must read!" — Geoffrey S. Robinson

Watching Out for the Tongue
Richard Allestree

A tremendous treatment The Government of the Tongue by Richard Allestree is justly reputed as one of the most important parts of the human body. So slippery that it easily deceives a half-hearted or heedless guard. Allestree skillfully unfolds the manifold abuse of speech, lying, uncharitable truth, flattery, boasting and obscenity. He concludes with ten much-needed specific lessons on how to control and use the tongue as an instrument to bring honor to God! Will leave you tongue-tied!

"Admirable treatment!"— A reviewer

Practical Christianity
J.C. Ryle

With power and proficiency, J.C. Ryle compels truthful self-examination. In Practical Religion Ryle nimbly walks the line between systematic and practical theologies, constantly challenging one to reflect Truth in one’s life. Interpreting and applying Scripture impeccably, the practice of heart-religion seems simple and beautiful and the Bible appears to disclose new and exquisite truths, thus far obscure! Speaking to the soul with a pastor’s heart and a scholar’s mind, he promotes zeal as imperative for the individual and the Church. Potent practical applications abound in each chapter!

"Uncommon Wisdom!" — A. Sutono

"A Classic on Christian Living!" — J. Adrian

"Outstanding!!" — Fan "Student"

Christian Duties
Sir Thomas Browne

A warm and witty exploration of faith and tolerance, Browne’s Christian Morals is impressive! Edited by Samuel Johnson and printed posthumously, all three parts provide sapient advice, primarily for his own children. Humorous contemplations on Christian values and conduct, his breathtaking range of writing and learning present a clear picture of human nature. Browne’s fascinating account of the sciences, history, literature and philosophy end with intriguing meditations on the mysterious order found in nature, on death and the desire for immortality. Brilliant!

"Enjoyable!" — A reviewer

Sermons of George MacDonald
George MacDonald

Robust thoughts in delicate prose, the Unspoken Sermons of George MacDonald are solid, meaty, and well worth the reading time! These sermons hold the theological keys to his fantasies, novels including children’s fiction. His intense and incisive thinking always leads to Christ. MacDonald’s reflections on the presence and love of God, Christ, Man and the reason for his creation, Nature and the Holy Spirit reveal a rare wisdom that has been largely underappreciated. This is classic MacDonald nonfiction that you just can’t miss! Will change your thinking!

"Profound!" — Jim Prothero

"A rare book that will change your life completely!" — Jeff

"The only way that Christianity makes any sense whatsoever!" — Sue

The Glorious Church
Jan Huss

Precious truths for which Jan Huss paid with his life. The Church, his most important work, was the basis on which the Council of Constance pronounced him a heretic and burned him at the stake. Originally in Latin, Huss defines the church and its headship, refuting the role of the pope and the cardinals, while advocated conducting the mass in the Czech language! Declaring the church as not inerrant, he also rejected the practice of restricting the chalice during Holy Communion to solely the priest as nonBiblical. Passionately stirring!

"Fiery stuff!" — A reviewer

Letters of St. Ambrose
Ambrose of Milan

Rare and historically valuable, The Letters of S. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, are lively and engaging! He was the first to formulate a framework for church-state relations that would become the prevalent medieval Christian viewpoint on the subject. His letters to the Emperor, bishops and Church Councils encouraging them to live according to Christian values. A towering figure, Ambrose strongly impacted his contemporaries through his forceful personality, undaunted courage and his exercise of church office through the repeated crises between church and state. Breathtaking narrative!

"Fascinating for its scholarship!"— Amazon Customer

Clothed with Christ
Athenagoras &Tertullian

An astounding apologist, Athenagoras straddled a momentous epoch in history, 176-177 AD, when philosophers espoused Christianity and Christians were becoming philosophers. In A Plea for Christians he resists religious inequalities in choosing which God to serve, decries polytheism as true atheism, because God is one and indivisible, of one essence, and denounces that Christians are cannibals, a misunderstanding of the Eucharist. Condemning abortion, infanticide and gladiatorial games, he gave the seminal concepts of the Trinity from which Trinitarian theologies and Christologies later arose! Astounding!

"A very good early Christian apologetic work!" — Johannes Platonicus

Rare and riveting, On Modesty by Tertullian confronts Christians with issues relevant even today. A subtle change in how the Church in Carthage dealt with blatant sins provoked him to take a tough line on sins of daily committal, of which none are exempt, and the graver, destructive sins, like adultery and fornication. Highlighting many standard misuses of scripture, and calling for the highest standards of intellectual and personal integrity, this is a sharp reminder to take the Scriptures seriously, and avoid propagating easy ’forgiveness’ which God does not recognize!

"A good introduction to Tertullian!" — Coyle

The City of God’s Holiness
St. Augustine

Twenty-two exceptional books in City of God from this fifth century mystic, St. Augustine, is a highly respected classic! Written over fifteen hundred years ago, defending the charge that Christianity was causing Rome’s decline, Augustine’s vivid imagery of two contrasting cities, the earthly and heavenly, shows how everyone will necessarily spend eternity in either one! He was keenly involved in the practical concerns of the churches he served, teaching how paganism bore within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Augustine beautifully bridges the ancient and medieval worlds. Simply awesome!

"Immensely interesting!" — David White

"This book will help you understand today!" — James

"One of the great classics in all of human history!" — John

On Christian Doctrine
St. Augustine

Four fabulous books of remarkably persuasive yet pristine interpretation of the Scriptures, St. Augustine’s On Christian Doctrine is more theoretical in perspective than his other works! An inspired and spirited defender of the faith, proclaiming the all-sufficiency of God’s word and unwavering in his stand, he lucidly and logically teaches doctrine providing clear guidelines to interpret Scripture, leading to a deeper understanding of God’s intentions for His children and the absolute immanence of God within all Creation. Hard to put down!

"Classic Augustine!" — M. Boswell

"Augustine’s Hermeneutics!" — Stanford Gibson

"God’s revealed truth outlives human history!" — Dennis J. Koupal, Jr.

Lectures on Divine Teaching Vol 1
Octavius Winslow

Simplicity backed by a straightforward resolute yearning to affirm the love of Christ, Winslow’s The Ministry of Home or Brief Expository Lectures on Divine Truth targets the specific audience of a household. His aim is to supply basic and brief Expositions of Divine Truth, suitable for family instruction and private personal meditation. An admirable asset for the head of the home, this manual teaches how to have meaningful and meditative family worship and train the entire household to please God. Very helpful.

"Highly recommended!" — A reviewer

Lectures on Divine Teaching Vol 2
Octavius Winslow

Earnest and sincerely striving to make Christ the substance of each reading and the center of the entire work, Brief Expository Lectures on Divine Truth by Winslow, is an immense work of great value! Vol. 1 & 2 together contain twenty impressive chapters, each reflecting a facet of Christ as the One singular Object around whom all divine honor concentrates, from whom all saving truth cascades, and towards whom all Christian experience and practical godliness converges.

"Brilliant!" — A reviewer

The Life of the Soul
Octavius Winslow

Practicality and commitment characterize Octavius Winslow’s The Inner Life. His Christ-centered writings are richly devotional, warming the soul and inflaming the heart with genuine love, reverence, and praise to God. Paradoxically, the whole business of life is preparation for death! Today, true godliness is declining. The quantity of religion is on the increase while its quality is sadly deteriorating. This impressive and impassioned attempt to unfold the nature, the degeneration, and the revival of the spiritual life of the believer is par excellence!

"Excellent!" — A reviewer

Things Worth Living For
J.R. Miller

Pure fact! Amid nebulous values and chasing after the wind, Things to Live For by J.R. Miller, plainly states the true meaning of life, which is longing to live for anything worthy of Christ, discerning what is best. Anything eternal is worthwhile, anything that permanently enriches character is valuable; anything which makes the world better, holier and which accompanies us to eternity is worthy. Work per se, being a friend, serving God are blessings too. Hurt and loss strengthen the fiber of one’s being. Amazingly insightful!

"Really liked this book!" — goober

A Good Old Age
Ashton Oxenden

A time-tested recipe, Oxenden’s A Happy Old Age or Home Beyond is unbeatable! The Bible likens life to a journey, a tale, a day, a vapor or a flickering flame! Truly the longest life is but ‘a little while’ from eternity’s perspective. Psalm 90, however, portrays gracious old age. Oxenden advises a retrospective look, learning patience, practicing gentleness, praying and sitting loose in the world, ever ready to leave it! Ending with prayer for the morning, noon and evening he inspires us to readily await our Lord’s return!

"Valuable!" — A reviewer


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