The Power of Gospel Preaching, Vol. 1
The Power of Gospel Preaching, Vol. 1
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Power and good news pulsate through E4’s new release, The Power of Gospel Preaching! Rich sermons from both lesser known and famous preachers overwhelm you with the wonder of God’s grace, His immeasurable love and willingness to forgive sins, past, present and future! Pronouncing Christ as the only Way of salvation, the Hope of sinners and ultimate Glory, these illuminating thoughts, confirmed with Scripture, will awaken you from spiritual lethargy, enable you to enjoy freedom in Christ and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Potent!  

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Sermons of Samuel Davies: Vols 1-4

These four massive Volumes of sermons irresistibly draw you closer to Christ to truly hunger after the things that please Him! Samuel Davies sublime and elegant style are evident in The Love of God

The Wonderful Compassion of Christ, The Ministry of the Gospel, Looking Unto Christ. Using Biblical texts in their easy and natural sense, citing relevant passages as proof and amplification of the truth, sometimes openly and directly, and at other times implicitly and indirectly, with solid, unbiased, and well-regulated judgment, Davies’ Sermons are pure genius. His was a soul that "breathed after God and after true holiness." Leaves a deep and lasting impression. Truly a great spiritual guide!

"No discourses were so adapted to awaken the conscience and impress the heart!" — William Jay

"Davies - The greatest preacher you have ever produced in this country!" — Martin Lloyd Jones

"Real greatness of mind!" — Bostwick

Gospel Ministry for the Present Age
John Angell James

A powerful motivation, An Earnest Ministry -The Need of the Times by James, is a strong call, particularly to ministers, to be earnest in ministry. Will challenge you to hold firmly to your purpose and be resolute and consistent in action. Like a shot of spiritual adrenaline, he energizes you to pursue the lost and plead for their salvation, always emphasizing the Holy Spirit’s powerful work in salvation and sanctification, as earnest effort alone can be ineffective. His beautifully balanced theological convictions and practical piety in life and ministry are very appealing. Sheer spiritual vigor!

"A fine tool for a minister’s ministerial arsenal!" — Paul Simpson

"A little-known book that makes a great present!" — Tony

Sermons of John Angell James: Spiritual Idolatry

Precious truths, exalting God to His proper place, applicable more today than ever before! Spiritual Idolatry from Sermons of John Angell James discusses physical and spiritual idolatry. Self, the great idol rears its ugly head as the arch rival of God. These sermons thoroughly address the issues of life and temptations of idolatry and turn our hearts afresh to the only One worthy of worship. Refreshing reminder!

"Best book on the home outside the Bible itself!" — Amazon customer

"I write plain truths, in plain language, for plain people!" — John Angell James

Sermons of John Angell James: Growth in Grace

Vibrant with vitality and verve Growth in Grace from Sermons of John Angell James infuses life! Recognize holiness as the fruit and effect of salvation! Be encouraged to grow in grace evidenced by an increase in piety revealing the fruit of the Spirit. Appreciate how affliction, one of God’s effective methods, nurtures the growth of grace! Develop a close and personal relationship with Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit and the study of the word of God to grow in grace! Learn how growth is both duty and privilege. Inspiring!

"Challenging!"— A reviewer

Sermons of John Angell James: Hearing the Word of God

A masterpiece of detailed instruction and reflection Sermons of John Angell James exhort and correct! Realize the valuable opportunity of being early to church with a composed mind and collected thoughts, of listening attentively to the prayer and sermon, and hearing in faith, recognizing the truth of God. Profitable hearing results in self-application, as critical hearers rarely benefit. Hear to obey, digest the thoughts and pray to make the lessons personal. This little-known preacher will immensely bless you! Encouraging Reminder!

"Highly useful!" — A reviewer

Sermons of James Smith: Vols 1-4

Four volumes of forceful energetic prose bring Christ to life and the cost of living the Christian life! Sermons of James Smith Christ includes Redeeming Love, Abiding in Christ, and Comfort for the Christian and Continue in Prayer. Beginning with the Giver who is also the Given, the only begotten Son of God the author and sustainer of creation, the brightness of divine glory, the source and end of all things Smith reveals Christ as Substitute, Sacrifice, and Redeemer. Experience the joy of knowing we are a people purchased, sanctified, separated and set apart. Be enthused to become loyal subjects, soldiers, servants and children, eternally His own. Prompts you to zealous obedience, systematic study of the Word, and a life of honor. Amazing direction!

"Invaluable asset!" — A reviewer

Sermons to Humankind
W.G.T. Shedd

These twenty sermons in 430 pages preached to those without Christ are saturated with uncompromising dedication, vivid and profound reality of spiritual matters and the solemn conditions we encounter in our transitory life. Sermons to the Natural Man by W.G.T. Shedd grasps the very core of truth. Wonderfully clear and accurate, illustrated and applied with singular grace, these highly impressive and lofty thoughts will open your eyes to see yourself as God certainly knows you. Humbling! Will deepen, widen and exalt your understanding of God!

"Pleasant surprise!" — Dann J. Golden-collum

What Does Christ Require of Man?
Hugh Latimer

Fiery and down-to-earth, Latimer’s homely parables and illustrations pertinent to the evils of his age continue to admonish and teach! One of the champions of the English Reformation, Latimer is particularly noted for his Sermons on the Card and Other Discourses. This amazing collection of sermons relates to warnings against the then prevalent card-playing, besides other similar vices, to demonstrate several significant spiritual truths! Imprisoned and finally burned at the stake for his faith, Latimer’s sermons are life-changing!

"I like to read Hugh Latimer’s books over and over again!" — Dave

"Books by Hugh Latimer are so cool!" — Sara

Sermons at Brighton
F.W. Robertson

An uncanny understanding of the suffering, loneliness and a yearning for love that is often deeply buried behind the façade of fierce and fearless independence so characteristic of the human spirit, distinguishes Sermons Preached at Brighton by F.W. Robertson. Captivating and offering the solace that often times eludes those in pain, Robertson lays down inspiring principles and guidelines, dispelling any cloud of depression that dares to hover. Written with staggering depth, the topics he deals with exude wisdom, strength and inspiration!

"Perhaps the most uplifting works in literature I have ever come across!" — Jib

Gospel Hope
George MacDonald

Vividly imaginative and skillfully woven with Christian symbolism, The Hope of the Gospel by George MacDonald is one of the most challenging and strikingly true summaries of the gospel. MacDonald constantly brings us back to the practical applications of all the principles he discusses. You will be amazed at his exceptional understanding of Christ and His teachings. MacDonald’s writings appear to be almost prophetic. Fortify your faith! Truly a treasure to those seeking to put their trust in Christ.

"I regarded him my master!" — C.S. Lewis

"MacDonald never ceases to AMAZE!" — OShay

"This is a book that can be read over and over again!" — Debby Kean

Sermons from the Great Fathers of the Church
Greenville Kleiser (Editor)

Bursting with literary genius and rhetorical excellence The World’s Great Sermons Vol. 1, affords the greatest reading pleasure, attractively presenting the best examples of sermonic preaching typical of the various ages of Christian history. Benefit from the brilliantly illustrated variety of God’s gifts, diversity of methods, racial, national and ecclesiastical peculiarities, as well as progress in the science and art of preaching, revealing manifold types of pulpit presentations. Avail of the valuable instruction offered for ministers! A great tool to build personal character and strengthen faith.

"Motivating!" —A reviewer

Gospel of the Pentateuch
Charles Kingsley

Lofty yet simple Charles Kingsley’s Gospel of the Pentateuch plainly spells out what one will find in the Pentateuch. Encounter the living, working God, as only the Bible, and no other ancient book reveals, the One who can satisfy both reason and conscience! Discover beyond doubt that the God of the Old Testament is none other than Jesus Christ, the central Person of the New Testament. Kingsley confidently confirms the Old Testament as the herald of the Good News of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Eye-opener!

"Truly penetrating truths!" — A reviewer

The Right Time for the Gospel
Charles Ebert Orr

Solid and scripturally sound! Meet God afresh as Orr in The Gospel Day leads you to the source of meekness, gentleness, and love, the fountainhead of beauty. Christianity is simply God in man, exhibiting God’s loveliness. Orr lifts true Christianity up to its legitimate plane, to help you see its true character in the light of Christ’s teachings, blowing away the clouds of error that have long distorted its perfect light. Indisputably, Orr starkly reveals Christianity as it should be, in its pristine glory. Absolutely elevating!

"Awe-inspiring!" — A Reviewer


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