Because Truth Matters: Building a Christian Worldview
Because Truth Matters: Building a Christian Worldview
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Discover afresh the power of truth. Amidst a chaotic world, truth alone will stand against any form of deceit. Be edified by inspirational sermons and unparalleled works of classic and contemporary authors. Learn to apply the Word to every situation and be equipped to face the tremendous pressures both within and outside of you! Above all, be true to the One who claimed to be the Truth, Because Truth Matters.  

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Sermons of Ralph Erskine: Christ and His Followers

Throbbing with energy and fervor Sermons of Ralph Erskine are vivid and memorable. He and his brother Ebenezer founders of the Associate Presbytery revered the Word and preached on its authority alone. Ralph Erskine’s strong theology and unquenched spirit are evident even in his writings. Master preacher and skilled exegete he persuaded his listeners to a genuine conversion. Experience the power of the Scriptures!

"A book you should keep for a lifetime!" — Christopher

Sermons of Ralph Erskine: The Promising God

Resounding truth in ringing tones Sermons of Ralph Erskine is exceptional! Useful as a study tool Erskine’s sermons reinforce the truth of God as the one who made His promises to His people and keeps them. Recognize afresh the unchanging God who cannot and will not change and whose word will not fail. A solid rock to build one’s faith upon. A great collection of sermons worth your time. Highly encouraging!

"Precious truths!" — A Reviewer

Sermons of Ralph Erskine: The Faithfulness of Christ unto Death

Striking and scripturally sound, Ralph Erskine’s Sermons show several salient truths in simple style. Emphasizing Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, faithfully fulfilling God’s plan to purchase salvation for man, Erskine’s graphic portrayal of hell burned in the listeners’ memory! His pictures of heaven’s open doors in Christ and his admonishing the lost to flee from the wrath to come are certainly unforgettable! Challenging yet comforting! Awesome read!

"Impressive and indelible!" — A Reviewer

Scripture Characters Volumes 1 & 2

Forcibly and frankly, Robert Candlish in these 19 dynamic essays in Scripture Characters invites you to encounter select Biblical characters . Eloquently, he expounds on the biographies of Joseph, Eli, Ahab, Jehoshaphat, Herod, Pilate, Peter, John, and the family at Bethany, employing numerous supportive Scripture references. His devout nature and candid expression, are evident in the spiritual and experiential content of his sermons. He also suggests topics of inquiry, to stimulate further self-investigation! Good study. Edifying!

"A man hardly needs anything beyond Candlish!" — Charles Spurgeon

The Journal of John Wesley Volumes 1 & 2

Multidimensional! The Journal of John Wesley is an exciting autobiographical work revealing his reflections. Wesley’s passion and emotions blend with his scholarly, analytic logic. Deeply spiritual, his journals cover his adult life, a record of nearly 50 years with over 100,000 miles of field preaching on horseback. His ardent faith in God is gripping and stimulating. A clear insight into the spiritual and social conditions of his time, this book is a treasure.

"An inspiring man of faith!" — eReader1

"Example of how to live your faith!" — Cindi

"Completely Engrossing! Shockingly Honest & Utterly Real!" — Aimee Thor

The Promises of Scripture
Samuel Clarke

Sweet refreshment, Clarke’s Scripture Promises is a compilation of several Biblical promises assembled under 170 headings! Popular until well into the nineteenth century, he lists the true riches of a Christian, feeding and sustaining us through our daily duties and our demanding moments. Elegantly presented, these divine promises are displayed in a regular and easy-to-locate manner. In today’s fast-paced world, benefit from the riches of grace and glory at a glance. Excellent on a coffee table or a sick bed, this is living food for any Christian.

"Wow!" — Sheepdog4

"The true riches of a Christian!" — Isaac Watts

Sermons of Ebenezer Erskine: The Throne of Grace

Elaborately detailed, Sermons of Ebenezer Erskine are based on Psalm 89:14. In his exposition of the ‘throne of grace’, Erskine explains why God will have justice and judgment as its foundation. He figuratively describes the royal majesty in God’s very name, in His looks, words, voice and vesture, as well as in His scepter, acts and tributes. God is our Father, a God of love and peace, and above all a God with us, promising, pardoning, prayer-hearing and profuse in His giving. Through Christ we can freely approach Him. Uplifting!

"Amazing depth!" — A Reviewer

The Necessity of Prayer
E.M. Bounds

Sense a Divine tug in the deepest recesses of your heart! Bounds in this book challenges mediocrity in the Christian life at its very core, as only few can. Literally lancing into the very soul of man, Bounds makes a strong case for faith, trust, obedience and love to God, besides the habit delving into the Word of God, worship, and attendance in the house of God. Relying heavily on Scripture, he advocates prayer and its fervency showing how God’s word is the foundation of prayer citing several examples.

"Good book!" — gifted

"Essential Reading for All who Seek the Face of God! " — John Pasquet

"A Must Read on Prayer for Any Discerning Christian!" — Scott Fillmer

The Life of J. Hudson Taylor

A resuscitating shot-in -the-arm, A Retrospect is J. Hudson Taylor’s personal testimony to the faithfulness of God, in his own words. Moving, heartening and fascinating, he honestly recounts the various struggles he experienced while in the mission field, repeatedly demonstrating the power of prayer to supply all his needs in China. This is mandatory reading for anyone considering missionary work. This compelling narrative will encourage you in your struggles with trusting God for all things in all circumstances. A real blessing!

"Great Book on a great godly missionary!" —Amazon shopper

"A Life by Faith!" — Deb C

"Great Book!" — Anne Roberts

A Commentary on 1 John
Robert Candlish

Twenty-two valuable lectures on 1 John by Robert Candlish which will practically turn your life around! One of the most significant classical studies and scholarship on the epistle of John, from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this book has had an enduring impact. Originally delivered as a series, these lectures are concise and crisp explanations of Biblical text coupled with practical comment. Exuding a wealth of intellect, it is marked by subtlety of thought, exegetical fact, and great concern for a steady growing towards Christ-likeness in every believer. Life-changing!

"Clear and forcible!" — The Contemporary Review

"High intellect and holy fervor!" — The British Quarterly Review

A Spiritual Guide for the Weary
Samuel Pike and Samuel Hayward

A spiritual boost, From Cases of Conscience and the Spiritual Companion raises us from the cares of this world. Besides satisfactorily tackling tough questions they offer practical suggestions tested on the touchstone of saving faith in Christ. Learn to be restored in your spirit after periods of spiritual dullness, live with the promises of God’s word, discern providential guidance and grow in grace, beware of grieving the Spirit, seriously meditate on the Word and avoid spiritual injury from unnecessarily pursuing worldly things! Such meticulous elf-examination will renew you!

"Exciting read!" — A Reviewer

Things that Matter Most
J.H. Jowett

Clear-cut and explicit, J.H. Jowett in these devotional papers spells out what matters most in life. Quite unlike the standards of this present world he talks of what it is to be lovers of God. Pointing to Christ as the best example to pattern our lives after, Jowett discusses Christ’s prayer life, thankfulness to His Father, His friends etc. He also talks of the anticipation of the coming Kingdom and the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells within every believer, comforting and guiding them. Invaluable.

"Jowett helps us reprioritize our lives!" — A Reviewer

The Outline of the Bible
The Bible Period by Period by Josiah Tidwell

Scintillating step-wise systematic study! The Bible Period by Period by Josiah Tidwell divides the Bible into twenty one bite-size time frames. Each chapter organizes a study approach around the happenings of a particular period. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the events within the period. Tidwell maintains the Bible is the word of God and the inspired revelation of God’s will to men and His redemptive plan. Rich teaching for wise and worthy conduct for individuals and nations, this is ideal for Sunday school, college and academy Bible classes.

"Enjoyed it!" — Ruby Tuesday

Kneeling Christian

Phenomenal! Since it was first published Kneeling Christian, based on John 15, has been a blessing to hundreds of thousands of believers. Discover the key to God’s storehouse blessing. This classic book on prayer answers the most basic and frequently-asked questions Christians have about prayer. This potent, time-tested book will revitalize your communion with God and you will derive all the life-changing benefits from it. Explore the limitless power through Christ Jesus, overcoming guilt, fears and concerns, wholeheartedly embracing the instructions of Christ Jesus. Marvelous!

"What an amazing book!" — Colleen McGlashen

"Powerful. Will drive you to your knees!" — jd

"Amazing and inspiring!" — faithful

The Prayers of St. Paul
W.H. Griffith Thomas

Poignant and pertinent, The Prayers of St. Paul give us a peek into the spiritual life of this great Apostle. While they are clearly doctrinal and theological, dealing with the fundamental realities of Christianity, they are also intensely personal, revealing much of the Apostle’s own experiences. A beautiful depiction of the sources and characteristics of the spiritual life, Paul’s many prayers, thanksgivings, doxologies, and personal testimonies can be savored. A magnificent exegesis of Paul’s profound and yet simple prayers which teach us to truly pray. Highly instructive.

"Brilliant!" — A Reviewer

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification
Walter Marshall

Superlative! The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification by Walter Marshall simply defines real salvation and how to walk in it. Well-supported with Scripture, Marshall highlights the difference between works and faith most convincingly. He leads you straight to Christ through His Word. Ascertain what it is to have pure and perfect holiness in mind and soul. He encourages this to be every Christian’s aim, maintaining spiritual holiness and balance in all aspects of life. Soul-stirring.

"Must read!" — Haley

"Your life will NEVER be the same!" — GospelDrivenLife

"The best book ever written on sanctification!" — Dr. John Murray

Fervent Prayer
A.W. Pink

An intriguing look at a seldom-tackled subject, A.W. Pink in A Guide to Fervent Prayer studies the Apostles’ prayers! Interestingly, no actual apostolic prayer is recorded in the Acts of the Apostles - only the fact that they prayed fervently and much! Their prayers were always brief, very explicit, with no supplication ever made to God to supply temporal needs. Prayer was wholly of a spiritual and gracious nature and for all saints. Referring to the epistle to the Hebrews, Pink’s insights are refreshing, new and thrilling! Will redefine your prayer life!

"A fresh slant on prayer!" — A Reviewer

Holy Living
Charles Hodge

A clarion call Holy Living by Charles Hodge, in two parts is a timely reminder in today’s world of shifting values. Succinctly stated, if we are not holy, we are neither the children of God, nor the heirs of His kingdom. Belief in Christ makes us God’s children, with a new life and spiritual resurrection. A Christian who does not grow is defective. If your faith, the ability to do right, resist evil and endure increases you are growing, and will be like holy like Him.

"Enlightening!" — A Reviewer

The Thoughts of God
John MacDuff

Enriching and elevating The Thoughts of God by John MacDuff is a special delight to the soul. Realize afresh how precious God’s thoughts are toward His children, tender, gracious, helping and sufficient. His recorded thoughts are higher, infinite, immutable and everlasting. God loves and treasures even our weakest thoughts of Him. Incredibly, God sets His heart upon us, giving us new mercies every morning! These daily readings, send sparks of living fire like live coals from the holy altar kindling the fuel and fanning the flame of our faith.

"For sound doctrine, presented scripturally and devotionally!" — C.H. Spurgeon


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