The Theology of Paul the Apostle
The Theology of Paul the Apostle
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Savor the living power that springs from this comprehensive collection of exceptional discourses on the Apostle Paul and his works! Explore these exhaustive dissertations. Engage with Paul, the great ambassador of the gospel and author of most of the New Testament. Follow the courageous disciple through the course of his perilous life, revisit the places where he permanently etched the Gospel of Christ, relish his writings and respect with renewed recognition, the man who gave his life to establish Christendom! Enjoy E4’s spectacular collection, The Theology of Paul the Apostle!  

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The Origin of Paul’s Religion
John Gresham Machen

This monumental effort by Machen is a comprehensive and scholarly rebuttal to many a controversial theory. Machen with relentless logic not only discredits these theories, he strongly affirms the tenets of the historic Christian faith. Systematically tackling the many pointed thrusts of criticism, he is simply masterful and extraordinarily relevant today. Machen’s critiques are complete and devastating. Deep in analytic perspective, this is an outstanding example of solid scholarship! Still one of the best studies published on Paul. Highly engaging!

"Helpful!" — PAW

"A real classic, still well worth reading!" — Ray

"Among the Best Books I’ve Read!" — J. F. Foster

The Doctrine of Justification
John Brown

Illuminating the Biblical doctrine of the pure grace of the Gospel, The Life of Justification Opened by John Brown is a rare book. While Justification is the status and Sanctification is the state of our Christian life, both are gifts from God. Brown defends Spiritual truths with Scripture, including a study of James versus Paul. Wisely expounding the mysteries of justification, he also skillfully dissolves all opposition, revealing himself as a true minister and a scribe guided by the Holy Spirit. One of the best treatises. A blessing!

"A most thorough exposition and discussion of the doctrine it handles!" — Dr. Walker

The Doctrine of Justification Applied
John Brown

Vigorously vindicated! The Life of Justification Applied by Brown defends the Doctrine of Justification, grounded upon Gal. 2:11, soundly refuting its opponents. Brown proclaimed that when Adam sinned, he represented all his natural descendants. When Adam fell, all mankind fell. Similarly, when Christ was born under the Law, which pronounces life for obedience and death for sin, He satisfied the Law wholly to procure eternal life for those who believe in Him. A crystal clear confirmation of this doctrine. Still acknowledged as the best work on justification!

"Clear study on justification!" — A reviewer

"Brown’s writings are still carefully sought after!" — Dr. Burns

Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians
Martin Luther

This masterpiece, a meticulous interpretation of the Galatian epistle, on the doctrine of Justification by faith alone, through grace alone, because of Christ alone, highlights the core of Christianity. The law condemns mankind, therefore, even well-meant good works, do not contribute to salvation! Luther reinforces that justification is the foundation upon which the church stands or falls. Be warned against false teaching, appreciate the importance of Bible-based teaching, and recognize that even faith is not man’s effort but a gift of God, upon which justification is founded. Great exposition!

"Outstanding!" — Robert B. Fong

"A masterpiece!" — Donald N. Gretel

"Luther’s exegesis is second to none!" — Marc C. Johnson

The Epistle to the Ephesians: Expositor’s Bible, Vol. 1 Doctrine
G.G. Findlay

One of the best recognized standards of expository commentaries The Epistle to the Ephesians: Expositor’s Bible by G.G. Findlay is a treasure! Expressing the different phases of Paul’s mind, this epistle discloses his intellect, his passion for principle, pushing every line of thought to its furthest limits. Paul, in this letter, covers every doctrine peculiar to Christianity and some precepts common to it with natural religion, with his customary logical thoroughness and characteristic overwhelming humility of his own personal unworthiness to be God’s emissary. A useful study tool!

"Conciseness and such fullness!" — Adolphe Monod

"Embraces every doctrine of Christianity!" — Samuel T. Coleridge

The Epistle to the Ephesians: Expositor’s Bible, Vol. 2 Application
G.G. Findlay

Serene and solemn, The Epistle to the Ephesians: Expositor’s Bible by G.G. Findlay ushers you into an atmosphere of reflection, inviting you into the hush and stillness of sacred ground. Shutting you into heaven, away from earthly tumult, this is Paul’s most peaceful, unimpassioned, abstract, and most divine letter. Paul, in the Ephesian epistle, stands out as the contemplative thinker and devout mystic. Findlay’s inferences and suggestions display his methodical research, giving evidence of careful consideration to every verse. Great investment!

"A haven of peace!" — A reviewer

The Life and Epistles of St. Paul
W.J. Conybeare and J.S. Howson

An excellent and exciting documentary by W.J. Conybeare and J. S. Howson, which includes the authors’ own impeccable translations and research of Paul’s inspired writings from the original Greek. The Life and Epistles of St. Paul is an insightful Christian account and analysis of Paul’s historic missionary journeys and ministry. Among the best biographies of Paul, this book is thorough, with excellent notes, perfumed with a poetic imagination that leaves a haunting aroma. An unforgettable reading experience!

"A superb book!" — FreeSpeechRocks

"A Brilliant Historical and Theological Book!" — Harold Booth

Romans Verse by Verse
William Newell

Engrossing and enlightening, Newell’s Romans Verse by Verse explodes with truths that have been misrepresented over centuries. Stand amazed and be instructed and blessed! Very easy to understand yet profound, accurate and reliable, with difficult passages tackled head on, this book has stood the test of time. Newell minces neither the truth, nor his words! Scholarly and analytical, practical and devotional, Newell’s classic commentary is a great example of the Holy Spirit’s work for the Bride of Christ! Ideal for personal Bible study and sermon preparation! An incomparable reference book!

"Exceptional Teaching!" — William D. Kahrl

"The Best Commentary on Romans!" — Servantheart

"Best book I ever read on Grace and Salvation!" — overtakenbyanap

The Character of Paul
Charles Edward Jefferson

Blazing with the brilliance of his extraordinary personality, habitual moods and character, The Character of Paul by Jefferson unveils Paul, straddling history like a Colossus. As character is a medium of revelation, God speaks to men through the operation of human intellect and conduct, revealing His character and purpose through man’s moral traits. Paul’s personality is predominant here, not his theology. To know Paul, and the power of his victorious life, and the fellowship of his sufferings, is the spur that drives us to be like him. Powerful stuff!

"Deeply challenging!" — A reviewer

The Life of St. Paul
James Stalker

Heartwarmingly honest, Dr. Stalker’ The Life of St. Paul is a fearless and frank biography. With steady sequential treatment and an orderly presentation of argument, Dr. Stalker is lucid and informative. Seizing and fixing the principal historical facts with masterly strokes, Dr. Stalker brings to life this extraordinarily endowed man, with a mind of magnificent breadth and force! Paul was God’s gift to Christianity in its most rudimentary beginnings. A natural thinker, he relentlessly pursued the cause of Christ back to its remotest causes and forward into its every consequence. Exquisite!

"I loved the book!" — Jen

"A miniature masterpiece!" — Alexander Gammie

An Introduction to the New Testament
Edgar J. Goodspeed

A meaningful, crisp commentary, An Introduction to the New Testament by Goodspeed is organized from the best available chronology of his day, commencing with the Pauline epistles to the Thessalonians. This erudite, scholarly, and concise introduction to the New Testament brims over with insights that only Goodspeed can provide. He attempts to make more widely known "the great, living messages of the New Testament," with significant interpretations of the formative period of the church and its literature. A must have for personal or group study!

"A meaningful, concise commentary!" — Mark Lee

The Bible in its Making
Mildred Duff and Noel Hope

Captivating and simply recounted, The Bible in its Making by Duff and Hope recaptures how the books of the Bible originated as well as the purpose for which they were written. The authors painstakingly trace back Biblical history in light of the cultures and practices of the lands and rulers of the times the books were written. You will find solid information, catch sight of something of the wonder and glory of the Holy Scriptures, and get a glimpse of Creator’s mind and why He inspired His living word. Precious!

"Riveting!" — A reviewer

Scenes and Incidents in the Life of the Apostle Paul
Albert Barnes

Forceful argument! Drawing a fair and cogent picture of Paul’s character, Barnes projects valid truths, proving that more can be learned about Christ and Christianity from the example of Christians themselves than from a mere creed or abstract doctrinal statements. God made a ’spectacle’ of this Apostle, who boldly lived what he preached! The early Christians manifested the doctrines and duties of Christianity in their own lives, tremendously impacting the world. Today, Christianity has much the same responsibility, and ministers too require the same qualifications as in Paul’s day! Excellent!

"A brilliant and sensitive writer!" — A reviewer

Faith and Life
B.B. Warfield

Rare and largely overlooked, this volume contains Warfield’s seminary addresses, exploring the deepest currents of the Christian faith and life! He claims the propagation of Christianity was definitely dependent upon "the foolishness of preaching"; Christianity is fundamentally faith or something to be believed in, which comes from hearing, and which in turn rests on something presented - the Word of God. Christianity must begin with an opinion or conviction. Convictions are the root of vital Christianity. The knowledge of God gives eternal life; therefore, we must know Him correctly! Instructive!

"Great book!" — Trish


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