Old Testament Theology and History
Old Testament Theology and History
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Discover the truths of God in this exhaustive legacy of devout exposition and reverent scholarship! E4’s carefully compiled collection Old Testament Theology And History contains a comprehensive assemblage of great and varied literature, recording several important events in human history, conveying a concrete revelation of God’s character and will. Connect with the culture and life experiences of God’s chosen people, as well as the hearts of God-inspired writers! Be challenged and energized as the vital message of the Old Testament captivates you!  

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Old Testament History: The Patriarchs and Joshua
Alfred Edersheim

Exciting! Bible History: Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim is undoubtedly a classic! Discern a deeper understanding of the Old Testament as this renowned Biblical scholar raises excellent points, opening fresh vistas of scholastic thought. Reiterating the Old Testament as an accurate record of history, this master theologian is at his best! Edersheim emphasizes the authority of the Scriptures, while making the Scriptures come alive in their ancient context! A boon to the serious Bible student, as well as to the inquirer.

"A very good doctrinally sound commentary!" — gottliebschaller

"One of the best I ever read!" — Christian Proano

Old Testament History: The History of Israel
Alfred Edersheim

A memorable journey in Bible times, Bible History: Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim explores the broad sweep of Old Testament history. Exploding with information, he sets the stage as he unveils the story of God’s redemptive work in history! This lasting work showcases his immense learning and solid knowledge of Judaism, and his deep love for Scripture as well as his desire for every Christian to know and understand the events of those ancient times as God unraveled His great salvation plan for all mankind! Unparalleled!

"Worth it!" — Bethany

"Unexcelled!" — James G. Wolfe

Old Testament History: Two Kingdoms Divided
Alfred Edersheim

A fantastic feast for any history lover! Bible History: Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim is reliable and highly informative. Recapturing the customs and culture of Biblical eras, Edersheim paints colorful word sketches of Jewish life and the experiences which shaped Israel’s history. Enriched by Edersheim’s passion for the authority of the Word and his encyclopedic familiarity with ancient Jewish sources, this classic work covers the events from creation to the time just prior to Israel’s captivity, literally bringing the history to life. Immensely enjoyable!

"Good for intense study!"— Amazon Customer

"Simply, a terrific book!" — Constitutional Lawyer

Themes of the Old Testament
Horatius Bonar

Passionate for souls, preacher, pastor and hymn writer, Horatius Bonar in Bible Thoughts and Themes: Vol. 1 The Old Testament set great worth for the Word and the unchanging character of God. Truth is his banner. This book deals with encouragement showing the immeasurable love of God, love that is uncreated, unbought, unsought, undeserved and unfathomable. God loves us simply because He is God, and the sinner is a sinner. Revel in the majesty of Bonar’s utter reverence for God and His every word. Read, meditate - and reread!

"Simple, yet profound, always insightful!" — Joel Beeke

The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Genesis
Marcus Dods

In beautiful literary style, pulsating with persuasion and conviction The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Genesis by Marcus Dods although a century old, continues to inspire and instruct. Well recognized as a standard expository commentary The Expositor’s Bible conclusively demonstrates the concerted agreement of all twenty nine authors regarding the profound realities and essentials of the Christian Faith. Dr. Dods adroitly addresses several tough passages with a practiced hand after prodigious research! A real blessing!

"Just beautiful while making clear points!" — Ron

"Worthy of all praise!" — Scotsman

The Christian View of the Old Testament
Frederick Carl Eiselen

Firmly furnishing answers to the centuries-old clash between faith and reason, Eiselen shows why the Old Testament has been able to stand the severe and merciless tests of time. Despite strides in modern criticism, contemporary archaeology and comparative mythology, there is stronger ground to-day, than ever before, for believing that men spoke words directed by God, being moved by the Holy Spirit. Although almost a century old Eiselen’s acknowledgment of the achievements of science rings out the refreshing truth that the scriptures are of concrete significance even more today.

"A great study tool!" — A reviewer

The Origin and Permanent Value of the Old Testament
Charles Foster Kent

Irresistible! Kent draws your attention to the authority and attractiveness of the Old Testament, on par with the New Testament! With enthusiastic and dedicated study, Kent convincingly and concisely answers questions regarding the supreme importance and practical value of the Old Testament. While Paul’s words of wisdom from the New Testament are often quoted, Kent reminds us that Paul possessed only the Old Testament Scriptures! The Old Testament is our grand heritage, the beauty and value of which is still greatly underestimated!

"A deeper and more profitable study!"— A reviewer

The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Judges
Robert Alexander Watson

Astounding! A comprehensive expository tool The Expositor’s Bible: Judges and Ruth by Watson provides an introduction, outline and bibliography with notes on textual questions, transliterations and translation of Semitic and Greek words. Opposing views are graciously dealt. With the death of Joshua as the historical background, Watson summarizes and recapitulates the conquest of Western Palestine. Giving a series of narratives of Israel’s twelve judges, Watson shows how each delivered Israel from their persistent idolatry, through God’s way of escape. Competently confronts the apathy and apostasy abounding today! Superb!

"One of the best!" — The Baptist Sentinel

The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Ruth
Robert Alexander Watson

Unveiling an unlikely hero of the Old Testament, The Expositor’s Bible: Judges and Ruth by Watson is an exquisite exposition, demonstrating the profound realities and essentials of the Christian faith. Although she was from Moab, Ruth is respected by God’s people and occupies an honored position in the genealogy of the Christ. Of enormous ethical value, the Book of Ruth is a wonderful example of steadfast filial piety. Steering through the story, Watson offers many valuable and pertinent lessons for the believer in Christ. A spiritual boost!

"A rich feast!" — Crux

The Expositor’s Bible: Exodus 1-20
G.A. Chadwick

Stupendous! The Expositor’s Bible: Exodus by G.A. Chadwick showcases the sacredness and spiritual authority of this book, even as Christ quoted and taught from it. Therefore, despite debates on its date and origin, it remains sanctified and invested with spiritual influence. Chadwick attempts to edify and inform, while exhibiting the Old Testament in the light of the New, discovering the permanent in the transitory, and the spiritual in the form and type which it indwelt and illuminated, simultaneously revealing the strong link between the two Testaments.

"A valuable reference source!" — The Evangelical Beacon

The Expositor’s Bible: Exodus 21-40
G.A. Chadwick

A solid evangelical tool! The Expositor’s Bible: Exodus by G.A. Chadwick has clear and practical verse by verse organization. This ancient book shows how its teaching harmonizes with the principles and theology of the New Testament, implying that the New Testament is a true commentary upon the Old. The birth and travails of a nation, the establishment of priesthood and their impact on world history are undeniable. Without a Moses, the Exodus is inconceivable, indicating God always achieves His purpose through His chosen man. Uplifting!

"Teaches the Scriptures more effectively!" — The Seminary Review

"Great resource!" — Paul Forster

The Expositor’s Bible: 1 Samuel
William G. Blaikie

Stirring! The Expositor’s Bible: The First Book of Samuel by Blaikie spans the transition between the rule of the Judges and that of Israel’s Kings. Samuel directed the nation as it changed from a republic to a monarchy and from a rather casual and indefinite superintendence to one of more systematic and orderly government. Through this careful record of the theological significance of the kingship in Israel Blaikie teaches spiritual lessons to the readers of all time, highlighting the cause and effects of various human responses to God’s grace. Enlightening!

"Great Commentary!" — Caleb

"Blaikie’s studies rank among the finest ever produced!" — Cyril J. Barber

The Expositor’s Bible: 2 Samuel
William G. Blaikie

Riveting! One of the finest expository lectures The Expositor’s Bible: The Second Book of Samuel by Blaikie opens up the text of the second book Samuel, plainly bringing this significant material to life. His biography of King David is interspersed with wonderful applications in every chapter. The ultimate blessing is God’s promise to David to be an everlasting dynasty. The Holy Spirit records these events to impart theology as well, particularly evident in the historical books of both Testaments. Powerful!

"Sound scholarship!"— Christianity Today

The Expositor’s Bible: The Song of Solomon
Walter F. Adeney

Magnificent! Far more than a mere love poem, this is a promise for the pure in heart! The Expositor’s Bible: The Song of Solomon and the Lamentations of Jeremiah by Walter F. Adeney reveal rich language, exciting imagery, picturesque settings, vivacious movement, and the high ecstasy of human love. Tender dialog delivered by the characters unfolds the strong pure love that is utterly alien to the sensual and dissolute. Only those loyal and true to one another in love can enjoy such a fitting reward for constancy. Beautiful!

"Worth reading!" — Brian G Hedges

The Expositor’s Bible: Lamentations
Walter F. Adeney

Dramatic descriptions of the deceptions, distortions, and disobedience of Israel to God, Adeney teaches important lessons for both individuals and nations on how to handle the aftermath of rebellion, following after false prophets and the fond but foolish belief of assuming that God will free us from being accountable for transgressing His Word! Adeney helps you rethink how to live with yourself and your consequences, reconstructing life to make it worth living again! A spiritual restorative, highly relatable to our times!

"Very pertinent!" — A Reviewer

The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Isaiah Vol. 1
George Adam Smith

Meticulous and scrupulous! Smith in The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Isaiah Vol. 1 chronologically identifies Isaiah’s prophecies and traces the development of his doctrine. Recounting real life in vivid color, he shows Isaiah as a life that triumphed through learning and suffering. The first four divisions of the book deal with the prophecies of Isaiah’s own time, while the last one relates to later events. Describing the world in Isaiah’s day and The Messiah, Isaiah’s Power of Prediction, Smith reveals Isaiah has the Gospel too! Very interesting!

"Simply grand!" — A reviewer

The Book of Jeremiah
George Adam Smith

Excellent evangelical scholarship and absolute trustworthiness on the authority of the Bible, Jeremiah: The Baird Lecture by Smith, presents a brilliant account and estimate of the life and teaching of prophet Jeremiah. Living during the clash of empires and among contrary ethical ideals, facing fighting, famine, and faint faith, Jeremiah counseled Israel to submit and accept their captivity. Lecture I deals with the purpose and the scope of this book, while Lecture II explains the various metrical forms of speech Jeremiah employed while preaching. Awesome!

"Remarkable!" — A reviewer

The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Ecclesiastes
Samuel Cox

Bold and brave, Cox tackles the haunting universal question of eternity head-on, while retaining the vivacity of the structure of Hebrew poetry! He helps us arrive at clearer and more definite conceptions of life itself, and what follows after death. This book which will always hold the interest of men until the final battle against doubt leads to the final victory of faith! Brimming with relevance to the conditions and wants of today, Cox categorically answers the question of how and where a soul can find eternal rest! Phenomenal!

"Excellent!" — A reviewer

Commentary on Leviticus
C.H. Mackintosh

Demolishing the myth that Leviticus is just a dry catalog of Jewish ordinances, C.H. Mackintosh, in warm and lively style, reveals it as an inexhaustible mine of blessing! Going beyond the detailed cataloguing of rites and ceremonies of ancient institutions, Mackintosh shows brilliant Scriptural principles and illustrations. The law reveals the price of sin and God’s requirements to annul it. You cannot but be humbled as he unpacks the sacrifices in light of God’s plan of salvation and its fulfillment through Christ’s death and the believer’s consequent relationship with God!

"Precious thoughts!" — A reviewer

Introduction to the Old Testament
John Edgar McFadyen

Attacking the Pentateuchal problem from a different perspective, McFadyen, using greater documentary divisions, presents the most probable conclusion possible. Declaring the Old Testament to be a record of the ancient and the Semitic world, with immense religious value and significance, he walks most warily without making unnecessary assertions, refraining from stating more than the facts appear to warrant. Exuding confidence, which can stand against the most rigorous scientific investigation, he shows the unique truth, that the Old Testament is God inspired. Truly remarkable!

"Worth rereading!" — Amazon reader

"Wonderful book on the Old Testament!" — AlmaSowell

The Human Writers of the Old Testament
E.J. Young

Intriguing! Young hones in on a very important factor in the doctrine of inspiration that has, at best, received cursory attention, which is the human element in the Scriptures. God revealed His Word, speaking through the instrumentality of men. Although they were holy men who knew and loved God, they were still sinful men. While the writers stood in stark contrast to one another, none was infallible. Therefore, although the Bible is God’s Word, it was written by ordinary men honored by God, under His own direction. Fascinating!

"Captivating!" — A reviewer


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