The Attributes of God
The Attributes of God
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Moving and overwhelming! Meet with the immortal, invisible God, dwelling in light inaccessible, yet become approachable to repentant man through belief in the Lord Jesus. These rich insights expose God’s wonderful wisdom and ways, who He is and what He ordains, and none can thwart His purposes! E4’s new set The Attributes Of God Library challenges you to know this great God more intimately than you ever did and continue the pilgrim journey!  

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What the Bible Teaches Concerning God
R.A. Torrey

Unsurpassed! Torrey’s exquisite organization and categorization of key topics interpreting the scriptures and revealing their collective truth, covers the basic doctrines of Christianity, with pertinent Scriptural references in contextual setting. Easy, comprehensible and full of wonderful practical insights, the non-theologian will find Christian theology, from introductory to fairly advanced concepts, backed Biblical texts in simple straightforward style. This excellent reference will launch you on an exploratory journey of the riches of God’s word! Torrey answers questions simply highlighting scripture-based truths that are often missed. Meditate, enjoying the Holy Spirit’s leading!

"I highly recommend it!" — Troy Edwards

"An excellent thought-provoking, topically organized study read!" — Kathy Harding

"A MUST-HAVE for ANYONE Interested in Christian Theology!" — Joseph T. Reinckens II

The Attributes and Character of God
James Smith

Awesome! The Attributes of God by James Smith exalts the Lord Jesus, setting forth the true character of God. Greatly comforting troubled souls, drawing sinners to salvation, Smith focuses on the person, work, and cross of Christ! Showing God’s astonishing love to sinners, Smith revels in God’s desire to save the lost! To know God correctly is the greatest consequence, because we cannot love Him, trust Him, or worship Him, unless we know Him. God is seen in His word, and particularly through the person and work of Christ.

Befitting and beneficial, The Book that will Suit You, Or a Word for Every one by James Smith is tailored to suit every class of character, and appropriate to almost every life circumstance one could encounter. Clear and keen remarks couched in startlingly clear language, Smith’s only intent is to do good, assist every class of men, and glorify God for His rich, free, and sovereign grace. It makes a good gift or a coffee table book that a visitor may examine and be blessed.

"Truth, crisp and clear!" — A Reviewer

Smoke on the Mountain
Joy Davidman

Beautiful and bold, Joy Davidman’s classic Smoke on the Mountain views the Ten Commandments from the angle of a 20th century, Christ-believing, American-Jew. A former atheist and communist, Davidman shows the truth and relevance of the Commandments today! Sharply perceptive, she will stop you often, to think and reflect! This dynamic and original interpretation of the Law, rich with biblical and historical information, is a guaranteed faith-builder. A page-turner with wit and wisdom offers contemplations on the Jewish-Christian life, and applicability of the Mosaic commandments. Inspires an immaculate spiritual high!

"What a treasure!" — Nancy Good

"After reading this book, you just might glow!" — Christiana Washington

"Very unusual and original perspective-delightful reading!" — beggarbooks

Charles Hodge on the Doctrine of God

Comprehensive and convincing, Theology Proper by Charles Hodge explains the deeper aspects of Christianity, with profound theology from the Reformed tradition. This scholarly presentation of the Christian faith motivates a really serious study! Intelligible and true to Scripture this is Theology Proper, simply the study of God. Hodge includes a section on the Biblical teaching regarding the Being of God, His Triune personality, where he reveals the Father, Son and Holy Ghost as distinct in Persons, same in substance and equal in power and glory. Unparalleled work!

"Great work!" — John

"A Master’s Masterpiece!" — Keith Wood

Charles Hodge on the Doctrine of Man

Riveting and exciting, Systematic Theology by Hodge spotlights Anthropology, the study of man. Discussing the origin and nature of man, Hodge tackles Darwin’s Evolution theory and its failings. Hodge discusses several scientific arguments concerning the origin of the universe. Going beyond the origin of man and creation, Hodge includes man’s original state before God, man’s original test, Man’s fall before God, the nature of sin, the effect of Adam’s sin on himself and the effects of Adam’s sin on prosperity. For anyone desiring to know who and what man is!

"Comprehensive work!" — Philip S Roeda

Charles Hodge on the Doctrine of Salvation

A spiritual stimulant! Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge deals with Soteriology, the study of Salvation. Unraveling the relationship of God with the world, His decrees and His works in creation and Providence, Hodge includes a discussion of God’s big picture relating to His purpose in providing salvation to man, God’s plan of salvation for man, the person of the Lord Jesus, the work of Christ on the cross and the Lord Jesus as Redeemer. He also shows the application of redemption, regeneration, Justification, sanctification and means of grace. Inspiring!

"A must-have!" — Steven Wedgeworth

"Most extensive theology from the REFORMED tradition!" — Mr. Ronald E. Miller

Charles Hodge on the Doctrine of the Last Things

Highly absorbing! Intertwining the astounding signs of the end-times and the Church, Charles Hodge in Systematic Theology beautifully blends Eschatology, the study of final events and Ecclesiology, the study of the Church! Clearly presenting the state of man’s soul after death, man’s resurrection, Christ’s second coming, the general judgment, where some are saved and others condemned to damnation, the end of the world, and the formation of a new Heaven and New earth, Hodge debunks all fables and philosophical fantasies. Reveals all that is contrary to God’s Word. Eye-opener!

"Worth the time reading!" — genev

"Reformation theology proclaimed and defended!" — Paul

The Authority of God’s Oracles
John Howe

Elevating! The Principles of the Oracles of God by Howe is a spiritual treasure! With freshness of thought, intensity of godliness, and zealous blaze of expression Howe reveals the splendor of the mind and the righteousness of the heart of God. The second part considers God manifest from creation, His counsels and work, and the divine authority of Scripture. The Triune unity of the Godhead, the attributes and perfections of the divine being, His justice and righteousness vindicated and the general and special grace of God to save the lost.

"Amazing grace!" — A Reviewer

The Character of God the Father and Christ the Son
John MacDuff

Gentle and gracious MacDuff’s Night Watches reveals God’s loving-kindness in the morning and His faithfulness every night. With the psalmist, MacDuff remembers God upon his bed, and meditates upon Him in the ‘night watches’, with the song God gives in the night. Although ideally designed for individual devotion and expressed in the first person, it may be appropriate for family prayer times.

Enlightening! Christ in the Covenant, or The Character and Claims of the Redeemer by MacDuff considers the various covenant engagements the Redeemer fulfilled in His work of redemption! Recalling the wonders He wrought and the immense price He paid to save, MacDuff warns against ingratitude. These exercises are proposed to enable correct "thoughts of Christ and things divine" to enrich our times of meditations. MacDuff powerfully reminds us of the words of Him who spoke as never man spoke, chronicling the doings of Him who acted as never man acted!

"For sound doctrine, presented scripturally and devotionally, with application to the Christian life, you cannot go beyond MacDuff!"— C. H. Spurgeon

I Am that I Am
John Love

Potent and compelling, John Love’s I Am that I Am lifts God to heights unbelievable, with persuasive expression and authoritative views. God is incomprehensible, and cannot be perfectly known by any other understanding besides His own. His absolutely incomparable existence and excellence, and His majestic name, I AM — I AM THAT I AM, teaches us new depths of humility. Only belief based on the nature and revealed character of God shall remain; His existence is independent, underived and everlasting, a presumptive proof of the excellence of His nature. Stirring!

"Glorious revelation of God!" — A Reviewer

The Triune God
J. Gresham Machen

Tryst with Trinity! Machen’s The Triune God reiterates the Biblical stand of a personal, infinite, unchangeable and eternal God, with neither past nor future. As God created man in His own image, man too possesses some attributes of God. The New Testament concurring with the Old Testament teaches the existence of only one God, where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are equally God, three Persons in a truly personal relationship with one another. This is the great doctrine of the Trinity, three Persons but one God. A blessed mystery!

"Wonderfully clear concept of the Trinity!" — A Reviewer

Calvin’s Doctrine of God
B.B. Warfield

An intriguing invitation to introspect, B.B. Warfield in Calvin’s Doctrine of God simply states that he who knows himself will know God. Arguing that the existence of God is already given in our knowledge of self, and that it is solidly attested by His works and deeds, Warfield illuminates these gems with his genius for exposition and illustration in richness and fullness of presentation! Containing a biography of John Calvin, followed by his doctrine of the knowledge of God and the doctrine of the Trinity, this is a tremendous read!

"Absolutely great thoughts!" — A reviewer

Lectures on Predestination
Hugh Binning

In twenty-five scintillating discussions, the Lectures of Hugh Binning of the Doctrine of Predestination, open up some fundamentals Christianity! The great mysteries of faith are explained with the greatest gospel-simplicity and most deft directness; appeals to all ages, revealing Binning’s abundance of useful knowledge. His unique gift was to make his method enhance the matter he handled. The Holy Spirit who enabled him to conceive and communicate these sweet mysteries of salvation to others has profited many generations and continues to do so. Enjoy and be refreshed!

"Tough concepts made easy!" — A reviewer

Short Papers on Church History
Andres Miller

An excellent extensive, biblically sound view of ecclesiastical history! Short Papers on Church History by Andres Miller, projects God’s sovereignty, from the apostolic era to the mid-19th century. Underscoring how the Creator God calls and protects His faithful remnant and His Word, in the face of hatred and tribulation, Miller recounts the persecution and death of innumerable saints around Europe during the Dark Ages who refused to bow to Rome. Our sovereign, transcendent, and immanent God used the very ones who waged war against Him to fulfill His plans. Heartening!

"An Encouraging Look at the History of God’s People!" — S. Brogden

Various Authors

Uplifting, outstanding compositions! Providence, a collection of pulsating poems, succinct Christian meditations, pithy thoughts, and vibrant one-liners from a gamut of accomplished authors, is a store-house of precious thoughts. Octavius Winslow, William Law, John MacDuff, J. C. Philpot, John Newton, C. H. Spurgeon and Hannah More make astounding contributions. Arthur Pink expresses that God’s providences are but the manifestations of His decrees. What God does in time is only what He purposed in eternity. Superb anthology! Very handy attention- grabber!

"Each one a gem of great worth!" — A reviewer

God’s Mercy, Wisdom and Power
R.L. Dabney

An exceptional antidote to the belief that God loves only the elect! God’s Indiscriminate Proposals of Mercy, As Related to His Power, Wisdom and Sincerity by R.L. Dabney reveals that God does not intend to accomplish everything He values, but He never fails to bring about what He intends. The Bible declares God’s purpose is to save lost mankind. However, it is still entirely consistent for God to be compassionate where He never purposed nor promised to save, because this compassion was restrained within the God-prescribed limits. Amazing clarity!

"The best teacher of theology in the United States, if not the world!" — A.A. Hodge

"For over forty years, one of the most distinguished and impressive teacher!" — B.B. Warfield

Binney’s Theological Compendium

Rock-solid foundations of faith! Binney’s Theological Compendium by Binney and Steele furnishes the youth with the chief tenets of the faith to protect them from falling prey to the fatal snares of infidelity and false doctrine. This is a collection of the most forcible arguments presented by a slew of proficient writers, interspersed with his own pertinent remarks. Supported at every step by Biblical references this work is meant to remain in memory, to make a strong and enduring impression, and to help one understand and retain Biblical truths! Grand!

"A good evangelical tool!" — A reviewer

Outline of Theology
A.A. Hodge

Rich in content and logical in approach, Hodge’s Outlines of Theology is a clear compendium, in question and answer format. Presenting a pristine perception of every concept, Hodge covers a very wide spectrum of Reformed theology with energetic and snappy arguments ably supported with scripture. In particular, in his teaching on ‘The Lord’s Supper,’ theology springs to life. Angels, and the rise and fall of Lucifer are exceptional. This digest of Reformed theology with just enough scholasticism to pose a challenge is an invaluable asset to any serious student of the Word!

"Great book!" — Pasteur Tom

"Excellent compendium of theology!" — Andre


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