God's Love: The Heart of Christianity
God's Love: The Heart of Christianity
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Exult in the joy of being loved as a son by God the Father, Lord of the universe! Reflect upon Christ’s perfect life and deep love for you that led to His death on the cross, and be regenerated in your spirit by the Holy Ghost. E4’s God’s Love: The Heart of Christianity unveils the passion of God to redeem the lost. Be immersed in the overwhelming love of God! Respond to the compassionate, irresistible call of our Father. Discover the beating heart of Christianity!  
Just Released May 7th 2013!!
Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to Himself
Samuel Rutherford

A wondrous exposition of God’s mercy! Rutherford’s Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to Himself is a remarkable illustration of the Lord’s all-sufficiency and mercy. He reiterates that man cannot comprehend the holiness, mercy, and glory of Christ Jesus. Rutherford powerfully highlights the shortcomings of famous Christian heroes, before displaying the splendor of our Lord’s mercy. He expounds upon the truth that even our best works are not merely inadequate, but "filthy" in God’s sight. He expresses the power of grace to transform even the worst sinners. Tremendous insights!

"A wonderful exposition of doctrine!" — A Reviewer

The Plight of Man and the Power of God
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

An authoritative work on vital foundational doctrines! In The Plight of Man and the Power of God, Martin Lloyd-Jones reiterates and grounds the central gospel truths to our day and age. Lloyd-Jones exposes the total depravity of man, whilst expounding that the truth of the cross, not moral living, must be the center of Christian life. Finally, Lloyd-Jones unveils the glorious hope of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. More relevant today than when it was written, this book merits a place in any Christian library!

"Outstanding Book!" — Bea K

"Excellent!" — Susan D. Miller

"Bold and valuable message!" — Jonathan Terranova

A Treatise of Christian Love
Hugh Binning

An excellent exposition, Binning’s A Treatise of Christian Love focuses on one of the fundamental tenets of Christianity — the doctrine of love. One of the most esteemed authors of his day, Binning expounds the Scriptural attributes of love. He explains clearly the centrality of love that only God can pour into men’s hearts, despite the evil of sin that has marred this perfect image. Revel in the love of God and His redeeming power! Particularly pertinent in a day where true love is becoming devalued.

"Magnificent!" — Jonathan

A Treatise on Justifying Faith
James Fraser

A superb exegesis, Fraser’s, A Treatise on Justifying Faith defends and expounds crucial reformed teachings. Fraser clearly and concisely presents the blunt truth. Realize the depth of humanity’s plight, and experience the despair of knowing we can do nothing to abate God’s holy wrath against our sin. Fraser brings the perfect atonement and astounding love of Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection into sharp focus. Rejoice in the magnificent reconciliation we now enjoy with God. What a release for the believer! A truly excellent work!

"Phenomenal! Clear explanation of justification by faith!" — A Reviewer

The Present Truth
Adam Gib

Overflowing with solid doctrine, Adam Gib in This Present Truth encourages and admonishes ministers. The work, applicable even today, exhibits the central truths of Christian belief. Providing several arguments and proofs of the most fundamental Spiritual teachings in the Church, Gib simultaneously debunks many false doctrines. Using powerful biblical proofs, Gib excellently displays the errors and theories that contradict Scriptural truths. Full of excellent, clear reasoning in defense of Scripture, this book is a great addition to any library. Phenomenal apologia!

"A great read! Clarity for both clergy and laymen!" — A Reviewer

The Doctrine of Regeneration
David Dickson

Have you ever felt distanced from God, or seen yourself apparently drowned in sin and the cares of this life? Dickson’s, Therapeutica Sacra vigorously tackles the issue of reviving the conscience of the spiritually dead. Allow God’s grace and love to refresh you both in times of zeal and coldness. Experience God’s unstoppable power and pure grace which ‘renews the mind, soul, and will’, of all ‘who lie dead in trespasses and sins’. An excellent read, wherever you are in your walk with Christ.

"Truly refreshing!" — A Reviewer

The Fatherhood of God
R.S. Candlish

Lofty exposition! R.S. Candlish’s The Fatherhood of God wonderfully illustrates the love and passion of God the Father. Candlish explains in explicit detail our relationship with God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. An exceptional work on the intertwined bond we share with our heavenly Father as both sons and subjects. Understand the enormity of being loved as a son by the Lord of the universe! Rejoice in the steadfastness of our Abba Father and the glories of a filial union with Him. Experience the beautiful, unchanging truth!

"The Christian life is directly related to how deeply I grasp the Father’s love for me!" — Bill

Bible Names of God
Multiple authors

Full of excellent contemplations! The collection entitled Bible Names of God includes 365 devotionals, intended for one to be read each day for a year. A powerful, inspiring reflection on our Lord to start off your every day! Each devotion is composed of a short excerpt of Scripture, followed by a paragraph of inspiring exposition, designed to provoke serious musings on the grandeur, holiness, love, and might of our Lord. A terrific preparation for each day!

"Wonderful thoughts!" — A Reviewer

Christian Meditations
Thomas Reade

A magnificent companion for private prayer and contemplation! Designed as "The believer’s companion in solitude", Thomas Reade’s Christian Meditations provides 78 brilliant devotionals intended to provoke serious contemplations on God and oneself. Experience the glory of our Lord anew as you retreat from the distractions of society and revel alone in the awesomeness of Christ crucified! Rediscover and reground yourself in the foundation of our faith, and consequently, the entire Christian life, the wonder of God in Christ. Retire from this world’s commotion and rejoice in our savior! Thought-provoking reflections!

"Fantastic book for meditation and a great catalyst for prayer, praise!"— Stone

Thoughts on the Love of Christ
David Harsha

Plumbing the inexhaustible love of Christ, Harsha’s Thoughts on the Love of Christ flows from a grateful heart while recovering from an illness. God the Father, in infinite love, birthed the glorious plan of man’s salvation revealing the most marvelous redemption to hell-deserving sinners. Love was the grand principle why God sent His Son to save sinners, and love was the impelling motive that brought Christ, to this fallen world, to fulfill that plan. Salvation was never more tenderly described!

"Unfathomable love!" — A reviewer

God is No Sinner
John M’Laurin

Expressly clear, John M’Laurin’s God is no Sinner explicitly answers one of the most widespread uncertainties among both believers and unbelievers. Decimating the frequent response to the taunt that if God is sovereign then He must be responsible for our sins, M’Laurin plainly explains the absolute perfection of God using scripture to dispel doubts. Rest assured in both the power and righteousness of our Lord. M’Laurin’s excellent answers to the hesitant unbeliever or the Christian attempting to balance a sinful world with a supreme God is almost faultless!

"Clearly answers one of the most prevalent questions in the world today!" — A Reviewer

God’s Indiscriminate Proposals of Mercy
R.L. Dabney

An exceptional antidote to the belief that God loves only the elect! God’s Indiscriminate Proposals of Mercy, As Related to His Power, Wisdom and Sincerity by R.L. Dabney reveals that God does not intend to accomplish everything He values, but He never fails to bring about what He intends. The Bible declares God’s purpose is to save lost mankind. However, it is still entirely consistent for God to be compassionate where He never purposed nor promised to save, because this compassion was restrained within the God-prescribed limits. Amazing clarity!

"The best teacher of theology in the United States, if not the world!" — A.A. Hodge

"For over forty years, one of the most distinguished and impressive teacher!" — B.B. Warfield

The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Jeremiah
William Bennett

A fantastic resource! Brimming with terrific exposition, William Bennett’s commentary on The book of Jeremiah: The Expositor’s Bible offers insightful observations, outstanding clarifications, thorough backgrounds, and detailed outlines. Bennett presents the meaning of the text and contextual information in his direct, poignant style. A Gold-Medallion Award winner, the work has become a staple in seminary and pastor’s libraries worldwide. Bennett’s work positively overflows with valuable reflections. His review is absolutely packed with important background data. Delve into the book of Jeremiah!

"One of the greatest pieces of religious literature… highly recommended!" — Pulpit Workshop

"A roaring success. Form and style contribute to readability; sound scholarship!" — Christianity Today

"A very helpful addition to the library; for studying and teaching the Scriptures more effectively!" — The Seminary Review

The Expositor’s Bible: 2 Corinthians
James Denney

Packed with perceptive knowledge! Denney’s exposition on The second letter to the Corinthians: The Expositor’s Bible is a tremendous resource. An excellent commentary, this work is full of powerful doctrine, great background information with wondrously clear explanations. Although little known today, James Denney is an absolutely phenomenal theologian. The Expositor’s Bible is a ‘major contribution to the study and understanding of the Scriptures for pastors, Bible students, and parishioners.’ Jam-packed with insightful reflections and useful information. Experience the depth of II Corinthians!

"Strongly Recommended!" — Paul Forster

"A great study guide to understanding the scriptures!" — Dale R. Morris

"Denney understands the heart of the gospel probably better than any theologian there is!" — Eli

Riches of Bunyan
Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin

The glowing genius of John Bunyan, one of the greatest Christian writers of all time, is revealed in this exceptional work, The Riches of Bunyan. Besides his famed Pilgrim’s Progress and Holy War, this lesser known compilation of his greatest points, expresses the depths of Bunyan’s brilliance. Full of picturesque imagery, radiant truths and inspirational thoughts from all of his works, arranged topically, this book is an excellent source of encouragement. Participate in this journey as Bunyan unfolds scripture in an exciting and energetic manner! Immaculate!

"[Astounding] depth of understanding!" — Amazon Customer

The Empire of Love
W. J. Dawson

Reignite the passion of your love for Jesus Christ afresh! W. J. Dawson’s The Empire of Love powerfully displays our Lord’s love, a love so great, that it stokes the embers of our ardor, to love Him more than ‘father, mother, spouse, or child’. Dawson contrasts men who simply cannot comprehend the love of Christ, with a unique man like Paul, who prayed to share in the sufferings of our Lord. A wondrous illustration of God’s perfect love, and our responsive devotion to Him!

"I have founded empires…on force and (they) have perished. Jesus Christ has founded an empire on love, and to this day there are millions ready to die for Him!" —— Napoleon Bonaparte

Herein is Love
Reuel L. Howe

A remarkable study of the Biblical Doctrine of Love, Howe’s Herein is Love focuses on the nature of our relationship with God as expressed through our relationships with other people. Full of solid information, this book is well-worth several reexaminations. We do not find love by looking for it; we find it by giving it. Howe demolishes worldviews that appear sound, but actually destroy the believer and the Church. Incisive illuminations of God’s unfathomable love and the love He desires in His church. Discover the true significance of Christian fellowship!

"Interesting!" — downdeepwithin

"He really spoke to me!" — Mad_Maudie

"Well written and is compatible with my personal philosophy and theology!" — William L. Moore, Jr.


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