Faith and Fiction: Mapping the Intersection Between Art and Theology
Faith and Fiction: Mapping the Intersection Between Art and Theology
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Experience the gospel through some of the greatest literature ever penned. E4's Faith and Fiction: Mapping the Intersection between Art and Theology invites you to glimpse redemption through the tales of these widely heralded classics. See the brokenness of humanity, the vain struggles for self-preservation, and our ultimate need for a savior greater than ourselves. Works that will grip your soul, and burn into your heart the struggle and agonizing reality of our imperfect, selfish nature, before pointing to a hope beyond ourselves, and bringing meaning to suffering.  
Just Released May 21st 2013!!
Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens

Wrought with high emotion and ringing with striking pathos, Dickens in Oliver Twist forever immortalizes the orphaned Oliver! Tracing the twists of Oliver’s life, beginning with a wretched existence in a workhouse and traveling to London where he naively joins the Artful Dodger and their criminal trainer Fagin and other equally unforgettable characters, Dickens takes you on a rollercoaster of laughter and tears, until Oliver’s story ends .Dickens indelibly etches the various shades of cruelty and unscrupulous exploitation of humanity, not excluding the defenseless and helpless orphans. Riveting!

"Hard to put down!" — Annie

"An absolute best read!" — Harold

"A great read for anybody of any age!" — Just a gamer

Les Miserables
Victor Hugo

Unsurpassed breathtaking realism! Les Miserables by Hugo opens up the horrors of the Parisian underworld until the 1832 uprising. Within this vivid story lie captivating themes touching the intellect and emotion - crime and punishment, the relentless persecution of the protagonist, the desperation of the prostitute, the amorality of the villain and the universal desire to escape the prisons of our own minds. Hugo critically evaluates the unjust French political and judicial systems. This is a larger than life extravagant epic that dazzles the senses and touches the heart!

"Magnificent!" — Jennie Johanson

"Most captivating and masterful!" — annica

The Brothers Karamazov
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Unbridled genius! Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov by is a moving human drama in a complex politico-religious Russian setting, liberally peppered with wry wit! This satire on human corruption is interspersed with meditations on faith and a spine-tingling critique of religious institutions, with a murder mystery, love triangles and a courtroom thriller thrown in! With all the masterful themes, motives and strategies, the chilling introspection and agonizing humanity, the contrary depiction of man’s capacity to do good and the existentialistic curiosity and philosophical exploration woven in seamlessly, this epic tragedy scintillates! Unequaled!

"It slowly changed my life!" — Igor Otshelnik

"Speaks uniquely to each reader!" — Chris Salzer

"A brilliant microcosm of all mankind!" — Jason Cigan

The Dream of the Rood
Translated by James M. Garnett

A treasure! Garnett’s brilliant translations of the finest old English poetry between 8 and 10 AD include Elene, Cynewulf’s best poem. Judith, with nearly three-fourths of the poem irretrievably lost is a mere fragment. The vigor and fire portray the peak of the Old Northumbrian literature, combining the highest dramatic power with the greatest radiance of language and meter. Athelstan reveals patriotic enthusiasm. Byrhtnoth in vigorous verse recounts the Saxon and the Dane encounter. Dream of the Rood reveals the poet’s giftedness and reverence for Christ’s cross, God’s way of redeeming mankind.

"Invaluable!" — A Reviewer

The Works of George Herbert

Honest, hurting, beautiful and full of Scripture, The Works of George Herbert contains some of the best religious poetry ever written. With whimsical word play and abounding in joyful exclamations, Herbert’s choice of words precisely conveys his thoughts. Mystic matters are dealt with great tranquility! Interspersed with precise declarations, metric versatility, "conceits" and imagery, Herbert reveals his own struggles in reconciling with God! This masterpiece reverberates with his intense attachment to the Bible and church, faith and prayer! True poetry that will enhance your devotion to God as never before!

"A must have!" — Tifepihany

"Metaphysical mysticism!" — avidreader

"Full of delights!" — Theodore Kobernick

Selected Works of Henry Vaughan

Mystical vision in bold understatements! Selected Works of Henry Vaughan essentially records the transformation of Vaughan’s own hard heart, through his relationship with Christ. Vaughan was greatly influenced by George Herbert, his own personal experience and Biblical interpretation. Gifted with consistency and word power, his work is studded with pithy phrases and instances of narrative flash. The sequences are redeeming, the process therapeutic. Bracing and heartwarming, Vaughan’s rich use of metaphor, intrinsic grace and rugged earnestness reveals the beauty of a wholly loyal spirit laced with restraint! Grand!

"Clear intensity!" — Dr. Johnson

"Vaughan’s deep, Biblically coded lamentations!" — Philip West

The Idiot
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

An incredible literary feat, The Idiot by Dostoyevsky examines the superficiality of society and the petty cruelty meted to a simple man, who speaks his mind! Dostoyevsky, lights up the darkest corners of each character. Discussing human behavior in general, patriotism, nihilism, power, avarice, suicide, crime, marriage, friendship and love, Dostoyevsky exposes true human complexity in the inner workings of the characters. Replete with challenging mind-testing issues, its emotional intensity is felt throughout. Very real emotional boundaries are pushed in very natural yet unexaggerated ways. Realism dosed with Romanticism!

"A masterpiece!" — carlotta

"A Must Read!" — margrose

"Flawless!" — Paul E. Lovrien

The Kingdom of God is within You
Graf Leo Tolstoy

Inspired and inspiring! The Kingdom of God is within You by Tolstoy is highly relevant even today, a stimulant to scrutinize one’s life, beliefs and actions. A remarkable spiritual revolutionist, Tolstoy is clear, stirring, and strikingly down to earth, offering practical reasons to employ nonviolent protest to correct social ills. Tolstoy reveals that all violence is a crime against God, because God indwells every individual. A potent exploration of Christ’s famous Sermon on the Mount, from a pacifistic perspective! Tolstoy’s interpretation of the "new law" is provocative. Contemporary and compelling!

"Life changing!" — Penelope Glass

"Life changing and Life affirming!" — Hung Yu Ting

"The most thought provoking book other than the Bible!" — Bob Morgan

What Shall We Do?
Graf Leo Tolstoy

Remarkable! What Shall We Do? reveals Tolstoy’s originality, courage, and understanding of the social conception. With incisive logic, subtle intuition, analysis of the mindset of the oppressors and oppressed, and the exhilaration of authority and servility, he emphasizes the Biblical command of service. Man is to labor and woman to bear children. Any breach of this law by men destroys men immediately, while any violation by women destroys the men of the following generation. Although this defiance does not destroy humanity, it deprives the offender of rational human nature. Profound!

"Deep and impressive!" — A reviewer

Fear and Trembling
Soren Kierkegaard

Weighty insights! A nexus between ethics and theology, Fear and Trembling by Kierkegaard is based on Abraham’s obedience to God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Kierkegaard argues that faith is a drastic departure from normalcy, a renewal of personal conviction and the recognition of uncertainty and cannot be completely supported by logic or rational corroboration, countering Hegel’s moral rationalism. True faith acknowledges that uncertainty exists and perseveres despite it, willingly accepting the consequences. A great aid for those who feel life has no meaning and existence is pointless!

"A life-altering book!" — Elliot Marks

"Most poetic and influential!" — Amazon Customer

"Philosophy Meets Faith!" — Robert E. Murena, Jr.

Paradise Regained
John Milton

Innovative and bursting with poetic fancy, Milton’s Paradise Regained, continues to be an eye-opener for thousands to see God’s plan for mankind and His infinite mercy to all. John Milton wrote in a highly charged and dramatic fashion, in English, Latin and Italian. Although blind towards the end of his life, his rendition of the Biblical account of Satan’s expulsion from heaven and Man’s fall in Eden is in the style of Greek tragedy. Forcefully extravagant, without digression from the truth, emotive and expressive, Milton’s impact is ineffaceable!

"A modern masterpiece!" — Jonathan Edwards

"The greatest English author!" — William Hayley

"Very dramatic and gripping!" — Andrew Newman

Vanity Fair
William Makepeace Thackeray

Biting humor and sharp perception characterize Thackeray’s unforgettable Vanity Fair! A realist, Thackeray unveils the exploits of two English ladies, Rebecca Sharp and Amelia Sedley, around the 1830s in an informal tone sprinkled with spectacular wit! With delicacy he exposes the social hypocrisy and sham of the 19th century, gently mocking the human weaknesses while belittling the so-called virtues as humbug and hypocrisy! As he literally skewers the upper class, you will be startled to recognize yourself somewhere in this moral tapestry, for human nature appears to remain quite unchanged!

"An all around splendid read!" — bignami-finn

"A Masterpiece in Every Sense of the Word!" — botatoe

"One of the recognized stars of the literary heaven!" — Anthony Trollope

Gulliver’s Travels
Jonathan Swift

Ingenious and far-sighted, Swift in Gulliver’s Travels cleverly critiques innumerable ills, injustices and idiocies still prevalent today! In this satire fantasy set in the 18th century, Swift’s extraordinary and rebellious writing remains supremely relevant in today’s world of distortion, duplicity, and irony. Swift critically assesses the entire social order of his time through Gulliver’s encounters with different types of people. Chockfull of political commentary, including the progress in belief in the enlightenment, reason and science, as well as the system of governance, this satirically creative work is a must read!

"A delightfully humorous satire!" — Naomi

"The finest satirical novel written!" — R. D. Allison

"He manipulates language with great subtlety and mastery!" — Hautboy

Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy

Intricate in construction and interlaced with imagery, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina highlights 19th century Russian society, particularly the social class hierarchy and the high degree of hypocrisy within the moral codes of well-bred society. Dealing adroitly with fate and death, the meaning of life and the supremacy of faith, Tolstoy does not allow you the luxury to remain indifferent. Enter the thought life of the characters and participate in the real struggles and duality of their existence. The complexity of their lives grabs you in narrative and metaphor. Outstanding psychological insights!

"Magnificent and Tragic!" — Anne Rice

"Wonderfully Intoxicating!" — Nicole Gerber

"A deeply human book that repays many re-readings!" — Robert Muirhead


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