The Wisdom of God Through Psalms and Proverbs
The Wisdom of God Through Psalms and Proverbs
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Excelling in theological depth, thematic breadth and devotional warmth, this spiritually rewarding and revitalizing collection is truly an extremely rare but wonderful arrangement! The Psalms and Proverbs teach you the entire Bible, as they illuminate angles and associations formerly unobserved. Concepts once cherished are expounded afresh in light of insightful combinations of Scripture culled from across God's Word. Tackling questions of various dimensions, they offer Godly instruction on every imaginable topic. Be spiritually reawakened, rejuvenated and redirected as your inner man is refreshed with E4’s The Wisdom of God through Psalms and Proverbs Library!  
Just Released July 30th 2013!!
Exposition of Psalms
Henry Law

Glory in the grandeur of Law’s The gospel in the Psalms. An essential part of Jewish liturgy, the devotional value and their suitability to every life circumstance, the Psalms are a great blessing. Their identity with Christ is clear as He shines brightly throughout the hymns. Weighty arguments, powerful proofs, effective exhortation and dire warnings are part of the repertoire. Offering suggestions for prayer, Law aims to assist devotion and make these thoughts a design for piety. Feel God’s Spirit moving within!

"Unbelievably rich!" — A Reviewer

A Commentary on Proverbs
Charles Bridges

Christ-centered exposition, A Commentary on Proverbs by Charles Bridges is a thoroughly researched work accompanied by good references on every proverb, relating it to other Biblical verses. Captivating commentary useful for practical, soul-searching personal devotions as well as family worship, clarifying each verse with explicit explanations, revealing the context and offering suggestions for relating God’s truth to daily situations and relationships, this is solid theology, enriching each verse in the Proverbs. Astute, and with homiletic and practical advice this terrific personal study guide with apt applications is a blessing!

"Sound insight!" — Pundit

"Great reference or study tool!" — Enrico Suave

"The best work on the Proverbs!" — C.H. Spurgeon

Christian Worker’s Commentary on the Old Testament
James Gray

Fundamental and foundational, Christian Workers’ Commentary on the Old Testament by James Gray will do more to disciple you besides enable you to mentor others! to educate the Christian laity. Gray’s commentary kindles a longing to study the Bible itself more deeply, for this is essential to a better comprehension of the Word. Conveniently arranged section wise and supplemented with stimulating questions and some expository suggestions for young preachers, this is an ideal tool for use in family devotions and in adult Bible classes.

"A must have for these ever-darkening times!" — sherebiah

Exposition of the Book of Psalms
St. Augustine

Transporting you to undiscovered realms of divine authority, Augustine, in Exposition of the Book of Psalms sets hearts and minds ablaze! The richness of its evangelic import, its revelation of hidden meanings and spiritual challenge, constantly elevate the worshippers releasing them out of the oldness of the letter of the law into the newness of the spirit. This entire book breathes a sweetness unknown to the Hebrews, a cache of quotable material, sanctifying and edifying to 21st century Christians, just as they did to the 5th century ones! Timeless!

"Taste and see!" — Ignotus

"Life-changing!" — Mom2Many

The Shepherd Psalm
William Evans

Rare and out-of-print, The Shepherd Psalm by William Evans is universal yet individual! Lifting you to a higher level of Christian maturity it focuses on who the Shepherd personally is to each believer. Full of life, depth, fulsomeness, and beauty, it continues to comfort, help, inspire and encourage God’s people! No other psalm so eloquently appeals to Christian pilgrims as they journey through "enemy 1and" to the fold of safety in the Celestial City. Experience a deeper appreciation of the Christian life and a greater desire to follow "the Shepherd".

"Amazing!" — Vadney Ashley

"Love it!" — Carla J. Bassett

The Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi Commentary: Proverbs

Indispensable and amazing, The Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi Commentary: Proverbs is brilliant! Medieval French Torah commentator, Salomon Isaacides or Rashi, highly esteemed for his incomparable contribution to the Torah study, was the most influential Jewish exegete of all time. Author of a comprehensive commentary on the Talmud, as well as one on the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), he is considered the "father" of all subsequent commentaries on the Talmud. Appealing to learned scholars and beginners, his work is the basis for more than 300 "super commentaries" by many rabbis. Astounding!

"Great scholarship!" — A Reviewer

Our Daily Homily: Psalms
F.B. Meyer

Sweeps you into the very presence of God! Our Daily Homily: Psalms by F.B. Meyer displays God’s power to change the heart of a man who follows Him. His grasp on of profound thoughts and his adroit use of apt expressions irresistibly draw you to sit with God and to know him more intimately. With many a practical application, this contemporary of D. L. Moody will strengthen your walk with the Lord and intensify your knowledge of the Word even as it ministers enlightenment and encouragement!

"Edifying!" — Cyril Kipkirui

"Great content!" — colliefan

"Incredible insight!" — B. Bacchus

Short Meditations on the Psalms
J.G. Bellett

View Christ from several angles in Short Meditations on the Psalms by J. G. Bellett! This collection of Meditations, Prayers, and Praises expressed by different persons under various circumstances all, certainly, under the direction of the Holy Ghost, either commemorative, prophetic or indicative of the current passage of the soul. The Lord Jesus is seen and heard through these utterances, either personally or mystically. Although Christ was always alone in prayer, He owned the prayer of the disciples, as well as taught and encouraged them to pray. Highly instructive!

"Christ in the psalms!" — A reviewer

The Nightingale Song of David
Octavius Winslow

Exquisite exultation! The Nightingale Song of David by Winslow captures the jubilation of David’s twenty-third psalm. The most divine, musical and richest composition of that "sweet singer in Israel" it overflows with a wealth of imagery, tenderness, and sublime revelation. This succinct psalm has prepared more minds, calmed more hearts, quelled more fears, and inspired more hopes than perhaps, any other writing, of any age. Commencing with Christ, and concluding with Heaven it covers all that intervenes, from a believer’s first step into grace, to his first step into glory!

"Simply glorious!"— A reviewer

Through the Bible Book by Book
Myer Pearlman

Extensive and intensive! Through the Bible Book by Book by Myer Pearlman promotes a broad, overall grasp of the contents of each book of the Bible. Designed as great training aid for teachers of biblical truth, it has served a standard classroom text for more than several decades in churches and schools, as well as an aid for personal Bible study. Pearlman divides each Bible book into an easy-to-understand outline for systematic study and memorization. Enriching in its presentation of both general and specific information for analysis! Ageless study tool!

"Excellent!" — sunnymom

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been instructed!" — illxile

Outline Studies in the Books of the Old Testament
Professor William G. Moorehead

Bright beams of Biblical truth for the beginner in particular! Outline Studies in the Books of the Old Testament by Professor William G. Moorehead is similar to an Old Testament Survey Book. A great light-center no one can miss the light Moorehead shines upon the Word. Neither critical nor expository, these studies are tailored for those new to the faith. Will deepen the conviction that the Scriptures are the very Word of God, and that the entrance of their inspired words "gives light"!

"A boon to beginners in the study of the Bible!" — A reviewer

Is the Bible the Word of God?
Graham Scroggie

Crystal clear analyses! In Is the Bible the Word of God? Scroggie explains the Historical, Internal, and Experimental evidences to prove Biblical authenticity. The Bible plainly Seems to Be, Claims to Be and Proves to Be, God’s word. All three evidences together constitute irrefutable proof of the Bible’s divine origin and sovereign authority. Undoubtedly, the Bible is in a class by itself, as several facts reveal its uniqueness, in its origin, distribution, preservation and persecution. Throughout the Bible, God speaks truth to man, touching and transforming lives, homes and nations!

"Dynamic proofs!" — A reviewer

Discipline and Other Sermons
Charles Kingsley

A palette of twenty-four sermons, full of vivid natural descriptions, Discipline and Other Sermons by Charles Kingsley spans a wide range of subjects. Nuggets of gold from this creative writer surface in his discussions on Discipline, Wisdom, prayer and Science and God’s training, False civilization, and the Name of God. Ending this collection of messages on the high note of a rousing call to reveal the Likeness of God, Kingsley’s stock of novel perceptions on little-read scripture portions come to restore and revive the spirit.

"A blessing beyond compare!" — A reviewer

The Empire of Love
W. J. Dawson

Reignite the passion of your love for the Lord Jesus Christ! W. J. Dawson’s The Empire of Love powerfully reveals our Lord’s love, a love so great, that it stokes the embers of our ardor, to love Him more than ‘father, mother, spouse, or child’. Dawson contrasts men who simply cannot comprehend the love of Christ, with a unique man like Paul, who prayed to share in the sufferings of our Lord. A wondrous illustration of God’s perfect love, and our responsive devotion to Him!

"I have founded empires…on force and (they) have perished. Jesus Christ has founded an empire on love, and to this day there are millions ready to die for Him!" — Napoleon Bonaparte

The Wonders of Prayer
Multiple Authors

Invigorating stories of faith and answered prayer! The Wonders of Prayer by multiple authors, George Muller, D.L. Moody, C.H. Spurgeon and C. G. Finney to name a few, demonstrate the immediate and practical ways that Christ interacts with those who trust Him, showing that He is nearer and more intimate with their plans and pursuits than they themselves possibly realize. Be encouraged by these testimonies that have been thoroughly investigated and found absolutely true. They confirm that God answers prayer not occasionally, but in response to unswerving trust and faith!

"Inspirational!" — Paige Seduction

"When we pray, God listens!" — M. Carey

"Very thankful for this book!" — loretta Pfoff


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