Missionary Heroes: Men Who Changed Their World Volume 1
Missionary Heroes: Men Who Changed Their World Volume 1
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Indomitable courage, unquenched spirits, resilience through heartache! In this captivating collection, The Missions, you will encounter brilliant minds, skilled hands, and willing hearts, were ever ready and on fire to take the 'Good News' of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the remotest parts of the globe. This assortment of missionary struggles and conquests will grip you, change your perspective and reduce you to absolute gratitude and humility! Truly beyond anything your imagination can concoct! Indubitably incandescent material! Will set your heart on fire!  

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This handpicked selection of writings of ordinary Men who attempted and achieved extraordinary results in their mission to reach the people from the remotest parts of the globe with the love and saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Select Writings of J. Hudson Taylor

Enthralling and humbling! The only book penned by Hudson Taylor himself, it records the challenges he faced in his 51 years in China, enduring personal losses of wife and children, and innumerable hindrances. You will be more passionate about evangelism and be eager to press on and conquer! Uplifting!

"Solid Book!" — Charles A. Landrum

"Life-changing!" — Elizabeth R. Skoglund

"Great Book!" — Anne Roberts

Dennis’ History of Christian Missions - Volume 1, 2 and 3

Christian Missions and Social Progress is the series containing the last of the 6 lectures by Rev. James S. Dennis, Lecturer on Missions, Princeton, and Member of the American Presbyterian Mission, Beirut, Syria. He asserted that missions are a "forceful dynamic power in social progress, a molding influence upon national life and a factor of importance in commercial expansion as well as a stimulus to religious reformation of both the individual and society as a whole." A wealth of information, well supported, with real-life examples, recounting the wonderful visible changes that missions and missionaries have made in the lives of the people they sacrificially served. Informative.

"Great historical account!" — Reviewer

Anderson’s History of Missions

Informative and heartwarming, Rufus Anderson’s honest historical account of The Missions of The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to the Oriental Churches is a valuable resource. The first missionaries sent were Pliny Fisk and Levi Parsons, on September 23, 1818, to Palestine. Eight Missions were maintained viz., Palestinian, Syrian, Greek, Armenian, Nestorian, Assyrian and those to the Jews and Mohammedans. This candid record, listing the struggles and accomplishments of the missionaries and their learning experiences is humbling and eye-opening!

"Great historical account!" — Reviewer

Collected Works of Famous Missionaries

1. Excerpt from the Writings of C.T. Studd

"The Chocolate Soldier of Heroism - The Lost Chord of Christianity" by C.T. Studd
"The Personal Testimony" by C.T. Studd

Fascinating and quite out of this world, C.T. Studdís life is incredible. Wealthy and well-read, this English cricketer was bowled over by the Lord Jesus, becoming one of His most valiant soldiers, not an easy-going Chocolate Soldier Christian! Studd carried the truth to the cannibals of the Congo, natives of India and lost in China, having given away all his fortune relying solely on the God he chose to serve. Exciting, inspiring!

"Must read!" — Kyle Shell

"Great book!" — BarabaraInIN

"More than a cricket player." — aggiecon

2. An Enquiry Into The Obligations Of Christians To Use Means For The Conversion Of The Heathens by William Carey

A timeless testament to Godís unfailing faithfulness, this book by William Carey Ďthe Father of Modern Missions,í will coax the coals of your faith to burn more brightly. From cobbler and Baptist minister to founder of the first Missionary Society in the World, Carey recounts his 40 years of toil, tears and victories in India as missionary, translator, scholar, and reformer. He founded the Serampore Mission near Calcutta, which is still active today. Breathtaking and encouraging!

"Pragmatically Biblical!" — Gire Banech

"Enjoyable and fascinating!" —

3. A brief Extract from the writings of Adoniram Judson

"Rules of Holy Living" by Adoniram Judson
"Advice to Missionary Candidates" by Adoniram Judson

The memorable and multifaceted Adoniram Judsonís 38 years in Burma as the first American Foreign Missionary, will leave you spellbound! He is best remembered for translating the whole Bible into Burmese. Living closely to the set of rules he made for personal holiness, he constantly checked for failings! At his death, one-fifth of the then population of Burma had been won for Christ. This great manís, prayer, purpose, patience and perseverance for lost souls, cannot you leave you unmoved!

"Exciting and Inspirational!" — D. Mills

"A Golden Book!" — Neal Stublen

"Very Near to My Heart!" — onesmallmirror

4. A Selection of short Devotionals by Hudson Taylor

"Exchanged life" by J. Hudson Taylor
"Faith in God's Faithfulness" by J. Hudson Taylor
"Like unto us" by J. Hudson Taylor
"The Joy of The Lord" by J. Hudson Taylor
"What Comes from the hand of God" by J. Hudson Taylor
"When Thou Prayest-helpful thougts" by J. Hudson Taylor

These carefully collected devotionals by Hudson Taylor reveal his close walk with God and his unswerving commitment to Godís work. Drawn from his own rich experiences in the mission field, Hudson Taylor shares Bible verses and thoughts, raising your faith to a higher plane! Will direct you to delve deeper into Godís word and appreciate a freshness in your devotional life. Enriching!

"Love it!" — C. Ray

"Life Changing!" — Paul Pavoa "Shammah"

5. Excerpt from David Brainerd's Works - Ordination sermon

Burning with the single-minded desire to preach Christ to the lost, David Brainerd preaches this sermon on Luke 14:23, where the lord of the feast bids the servant to bring in the lame, blind and marginalized, from the highways and byways. Brainerdís compassion to save the unreached compels him to remind every Christian of his duty to go and preach, irrespective. Brainerd battled ill health and danger, finally succumbing at 29, while serving among the tough and ferocious native Americans of Delaware.

"Read and weep at the passion!" — Roy Ingle

"A look into the heart of a man totally committed to God!" — Sue Christiansen

"Must read!" — Enrique Mata

6. Christian Devotedness by Anthony Norris Groves

Sparkling and spellbinding, Anthony Norris Grovesí narrative of his missionary service in Baghdad and India reveals a life of absolute abandon to Christ. Dealing with the fundamental conflict of a soul that recognizes its failure to live dangerously for the glory of Christ, Norris lives his message. The father of Faith Missions, he ministered to the Arab-speaking Muslims of modern Iraq. His life dramatically impacted George Mueller and Hudson Taylor. Brilliant!

"A good book!" — Carl

"Deeply moving!" — Philip Bramblet

"Well done." — Todd Nicklas

Evangelism in Missions

New Evangelism and Other Writings by Henry Drummond

Gifted Scottish evangelist, author and lecturer in science, Henry Drummond in New Evangelism and Other Writings proposed that if the Gospel be the power of God unto salvation, men must be influenced by the preaching of it. If not, it really means that the Gospel, as presented to them, has ceased to be a gospel, being neither good nor new. A standard is something that stands. Theology is a thing that moves! There must be progress in everything! He made a spiritual diagnosis, introduced fresh methods and applications and dealt effectively with the issue of foreign missions and the contribution of science to Christianity. Refreshing!

"Thorough and well researched!" — Reviewer

Communion with God by Adolph Saphir

The thorough treatment of the subject throughout this short book, The Hidden Life by Adolph Saphir is an orderly, extended meditation on James 4:8"Draw Near to God and He Will Draw Near to You." This Hungarian-born Jew turned Presbyterian minister believes this is ultimately the heart of the New Testament message, that through Christ the way is made to draw near to God, and that He will draw near to us. A beautiful expression of elementary thoughts on the Christian’s private life with God, and how to experience the reality of revelation and prayer. Highly recommended.

"A theological and practical meditation on how to have communion with the Trinity in everyday life." — Fred Sanders

"A great blessing!" — Customer (

Missionary Tours by Augustus Hopkins Strong

In his indisputably convincing narrative of his visits to the mission stations around the world, Augustus Hopkins Strong, one of the most influential theologians, church leaders and authors in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, paints vivid word pictures of the culture and needs of the people he encountered. India, China, Japan and Burma and wherever else he went, he never failed to be deeply moved by the utter lostness of men and the great burden for winning them for God. Fascinating and motivating!

"Exciting and heart- warming!" — A reviewer

The Life and Mission of George Muller

1. The Life of Trust by George Mueller
2. The Preaching Tours and Missionary Labours of George Muller

Stunning! George Mueller’s faith shines forth so strongly as to blind you! The cheap-and-easy watered-down faith that passes for much of Christianity today stands in stark contrast to the robust, vibrant, faith-in-action of this giant of a spiritual man, whom thousands of orphans rise up to call blessed. Mueller rams home the truth that we serve a Living God not dead theology! "Learn to pray in faith and receive answers" was his creed, and it was simply his unwavering trust and child-like dependence on God the Father that led him to set up innumerable orphanages! Awesome!

"Good book!" — ddfar

"I can’t recommend it enough!"— Bob B

"Faith that overcomes the world." — Michael Desario

Missionary on the Frontier

Biography of David Brainerd by Don O. Shelton

In straightforward style with a simple recounting of facts, Dan O. Shelton makes an easy and enjoyable read! "The man who trapped the fur trappers with love," David Brainerd’s short life glows in all its many facets under this skilful unfolding, from birth, through college and to the mission field. Living by the uncomplicated credo, "To believe, to suffer and to love" David Brainerd achieved vastly more than he thought possible, even to the extent of conducting an all-night prayer with the native Indians! A life aflame! Will ignite your faith too!

"A flame for God!" — Teodoro D. Mendoza

"The only book I know where you can see two things side by side — the prayer closet and the mission field." — A. J. Gordon

God’s Mighty Man of Prayer

The Autobiography of J. Hudson Taylor

Daring to believe in the faithfulness of God no matter what the test, J.Hudson Taylor lived dangerously but succeeded enormously! It was because he acted on this belief that he became a man who saw revival. His favorite method of overcoming any impediment was to "learn to move man, through God, by prayer alone!" The mountains he moved by faith and prayer are almost unbelievable. Every incident and occurrence in his life spoke loud and clear of his unfathomable love for God and China! China will never be the same. Thrilling!

"The life of faith proven!" — Stephen T. Smith

"A great man’s story of God in His life." —A. Trendl

"Most powerful book written on missions!" — Wayne Detzler

Man of Great Faith

The Journals and Letters of Henry Martyn

Totally absorbing! These reports reveal one of the most influential missionaries of the early 19th century. Remembered and honored for his quiet life and valuable contributions to India and Persia, Henry Martyn spent his life in translating God’s word into their languages. He is credited to have translated the entire Bible into Hindi, the whole New Testament and Psalms into Persian and the Book of Common Prayer into Urdu. His journal plumbs the depth of his spiritual experiences and struggles. His only desire was "to burn out for God!" He was 31 when he died. Will set your heart on fire too!

"The inspiration for a century of Missions!" — A customer

"Thought provoking! To read!" — Evan L.

Diary of a Faithful Servant

The Diary of David Brainerd

Never intended for publication, this diary of David Brainerd bares the man’s soul and his hunger to win the lost at any cost. Recognizing his physical and spiritual frailties as but the backdrop to plainly display the tremendous power of God, he records his longing for holiness, his joy in fasting and prayer and the constant belief that God saved us not for what we can do for Him, but solely for His good pleasure. This diary is a challenge at every level, certainly not for the faint of heart! His life of utter abandon to God’s will, his unmatched fervor and his depth of spiritual wisdom make his brief life of 29 years more amazing than ever.

"Challenging read in so many ways!" — Philip Fung

"This book will change your life! — Booklover

"Taking me to my knees!" —Michael R. Cooper

Adoniram Judson: A Missionary Biography
by Edward Judson

A touching tribute of a son to his father’s life, Edward Judson’s book stands testimony to the faithfulness of God to His faithful servant. With most of the original letters and memoirs lost in a fire, this account of Judson’s life becomes even more precious. Arriving via Calcutta, Judson makes Burma his home, suffers the loss of children and his first and then second wife, each equally nobly sharing his burden. Besides physical constraints he tackled Brahminism and Buddhism, translated the whole Bible into Burmese, compiled a Burmese dictionary and set up 63 churches under 163 missionaries, native pastors and assistants. Enduring ill health, a fire which destroyed their home and endless opposition from the emperor, he died on a voyage and was buried at sea. His life will never cease to nerve missionary endeavor.

"Book of impact!" — smartin

"Words that create a picture on the canvas of your mind." ¨ — K. Christmon

"Must-Read" for all Christians." — J. Jung

Missionary In Danger

The Life of John Paton by James Paton

Sensitive, clear and ringing true, Paton in his first-hand account, spiced with winsome humor, shares his willingness to die in the service of the Lord Jesus. He joyfully gave his life to win the cannibals of the South Sea Islands (the New Hebrides). His father’s life and example spurred him to keep himself pure and holy. You will be shaken by the power of the word and your understanding of faith will be changed forever! Remarkable life!

"Best missionary story I ever read!" — Daniel

"An awesome servant of God! — A. Anderson

"A wonderful and convicting autobiography!" — A customer

"Inspiring missionary classic!" — R. Martin

Life in the Middle East

A Journal of Residence at Baghdad by Anthony Norris Groves

Kindling the imagination and transporting one to an era gone by, Anthony Norris Groves recounts his life in Baghdad which rivals fiction! Totally casting himself upon the lord, Groves recognized that preaching the word was an ordinance of God. Braving hostility, hardships and heartbreak at the deaths due to plague, the heart-felt peace he experienced, surpasses all understanding! Scenes flash with the mystique of the desert and the hardness its people, and ultimately with joy when the glorious truth of the gospel permanently alters their lives. Beautiful.

"Very Very Interesting!" — A. Sepani

Following King Jesus

The Ideal Life by Henry Drummond

This thus far unpublished work by gifted evangelist and lecturer of science, Henry Drummond, contains 15 lively addresses. He believed to live greatly like Christ is to re-echo Christ’s word. It reduces life to simply going to the Father for everything! "Anyone who would perfect the eternal element in his being will recognize the unseen in the seen tasks and thus turn three-quarters of each day i.e. the hours of labor into an ever-acting means of grace!" This book will lead any sincere Christian in to a closer walk with God.

"Timeless lessons on the Christian life!" — C. Stephans

"Lively and interesting!" — Kurt A. Johnson

"The most perfect Christian I have seen or expect to see this side of the grave!"— John Watson

History of Missionary Heroes

The Book of Missionary Heroes by Basil Mathews

Unsung, long forgotten, and perhaps even unknown, Basil Mathews introduces them all to us in his inimitable style. Categorized into the Pioneers, Island Adventurers, Pathfinders of Africa, Heroines and Heroes of Plateau and Desert, these great missionaries who conquered some of the harshest terrains and inhabitants, will rouse you from spiritual lethargy and stoke your spiritual fires. Wilfred, Lull, John Williams, Patteson, Chalmers, Livingstone, Khama, Mackay, Grenfell, Mary Slessor, Abdallah, Sabat, Dr. Shedd, Cushman and ForderÖ meet them and your life will be forever changed!

"What a bouquet of lives! — a sweet smelling savor indeed!" — A reviewer


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