E4 Bible Study Library, Vol. 1 & 2
E4 Bible Study Library, Vol. 1 & 2

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This collection of Christ-centered Bible studies and writings is an indispensable software resource for any pastor, ministry leader or serious Bible student. Each author was hand picked as a tremendous biblical thinker who goes deep into the meaning of the text of sacred Scripture. The careful exposition and pastoral warmth will furnish the mind and enrich the soul of every believer.  
KJV Bible
The King James Version of the Bible is included FREE (unlocked) with The E4 Bible Study Library. Search the Bible simultaneously with the entire library! Search for Greek or Hebrew behind the translation using Strongs Numbers!
American Standard Version
A solid translation that many use as their main translation. It offers a very accurate translation that closely follows the original Greek and Hebrew.
McCheynne, Sermons and Letters - Retail $35.95 , 500 pages
These rich letters and sermons were noted for their deep devotion to Christ. Jerry Bridges says, “God used the writings of Robert Murray McCheyne early in my Christian life to give me a taste of what it means to walk with God. He will always stimulate and challenge you.” Previously titled “Memoir and Remains”
Ryle, Holiness - Retail $14.95 , 324 pages
J. I. Packer says, “Real Christians will find this book a feast, a gold mine, a spur and heart-warmer, food, drink, medicine, and vitamin tablets, all in one. Tolle lege—take it and read it.”
Greek New Testament (Textus Receptus) - Retail $14.95
The Textus Receptus - or the "Received Text" as it is called - gives you the Greek New Testament in it's entirety with Parsing (parsing gives you the Tense Voice and Mood - e.g. Aorist vs. Present). This is the Greek manuscript line that the KJV and NKJV are translated from.
Young's Literal Translation of the Bible
Have you ever wondered how the original Greek would be literally translated in a passage? That's what Young's gives you - a literal translation of the whole Bible.
Hodge, Outlines of Theology - Retail $27.95 , 680 pages
This is sound Biblical theology laid out in an extremely useful ‘Question and Answer’ format. Charles Spurgeon says, “We commend the Outlines of Theology to all who would be well instructed in the faith. It is the standard textbook of our college.” “One of the best treatments…on the main points of theology.”—The Minister’s Library
à Brakel and The Christian’s Reasonable Service, Volume 1 & 2 - Retail $80 , 1445 pages
These 2 huge volumes (700 pages each!) are completely unique—because they combine thorough systematic theology with pastoral warmth and devotional application! J. I. Packer says, “(a’ Brakel) blends doctrine, experience, and practice with great skill and power. There is here a vast amount of nourishment for both mind and heart.”
The Weymouth New Testament
A contemporary-language version that makes the Scriptures easier to understand by translating the text in plain, simple language while retaining a solid level of accuracy. It is very beneficial to have Young's literal and Weymouth's contemporary translations open next to more standard translations like the ASV to complement your studies.
The Westminster Confession and Catechisms - Retail $27.95 , 350 pages
Harmonized By Topic: The Westminster Confession, Larger Catechism and Shorter Catechism are considered by many to be the best concise statements of what the Bible teaches available today. Their distribution to the church today will have a profound impact, to mature and grow everyone from child to pastor. The topical and Scriptural indices (along with the hyperlink connections between the 3 documents) will make them more useful than ever before. Imagine pastors everywhere consulting the historic Westminster standards as they prepare to preach week by week.
La Biblia (Versión Reina-Valera De 1909)
This Spanish translation will be of great benefit in sharing the gospel with Spanish-speaking neighbors.
Vincent, A Family Instructional Guide - Retail $15.95
40 puritans (including John Owen, Thomas Manton, Thomas Brooks and Thomas Watson) recommended this useful volume as a very worthy aid for family instruction. This volume gives parents very simple explanations to take their children through the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Children instructed by parents and Sunday School teachers using this book may end up knowing more solid biblical theology than most pastors!
E4's Naves Topical Bible
If you want to study all the Scriptures on a given topic, Naves Topical Bible is the place to start! It has takes thousands and thousands of biblical topics and gives you an large list of relevant Scriptures for each. This is one of the most important study tools for any library.
Thompson Chain References
If you've ever used a Thompson Chain Reference Bible, you know that those topical chains that lead throughout Scripture are amazingly useful. This work gives you all those wonderful topical chains of Scripture references found in the Thompson Chain Bible so now you can easily follow a topic through the Bible!
Haldane, Commentary on Romans - Retail $33.95 , 668 pages
This commentary will guide Christians everywhere into the great themes—both analytically and devotionally—of the most important book of doctrine in the NT. Lloyd-Jones called Haldane the best commentator on Romans. Jerry Bridges says, “A masterpiece! It helped ground me in the essentials of justification and sanctification.” “(Haldane) is so plain and easy to understand, and his doctrine is strictly Biblical.”—Jay P. Green
Hodge, Commentary on Ephesians - Retail $21.95 , 320 pages
This commentary shows that Hodge’s theology came out of solid biblical exegesis. Here we have a true classic which will safely guide you down good paths. “Should be in every pastor’s library.”—The Minister’s Library “Profoundly biblical”—Dict. of American Biography
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Every serious Bible student needs a good Bible dictionary, an Easton's is a great one for looking up a scholarly articles on most every topic from Aaron to Zuzims. By using KeyLinking you can instantly see the dictionary's article for any word you are look at in the Bible.
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary is a well-loved classic commentary covering the entire Bible that will offer you great nuggets of Biblical insight and devotion, filling your heart and mind with the deep things of the Word of God
E4's Hebrew Lexicon
E4's Hebrew Lexicon, based upon Thayers and BDB, gives you easy to understand descriptions of the original Hebrew words so that you can study the Word of God in it's original language. Its even keyed with Strongs Numbers for instant access from Strongs Numbered Bibles.
E4's Greek Lexicon E4's Greek Lexicon
E4's Greek Lexicon based upon Thayers and BDB, gives you easy to understand descriptions of the original Greek words so that you can study the Word of God in it's original language. Its even keyed with Strongs Numbers for instant access from Strongs Numbered Bibles.
Spurgeon, A Collection Of Sermons - Retail $29.95 , 450 pages
Many today highly esteem Spurgeon without really knowing what he believed and taught. This topically indexed volume will expose many to the great themes of Spurgeon’s preaching—God’s absolute holiness, man’s total depravity, and the free grace found in the accomplished atonement of Jesus Christ.
E4's Tense Voice Mood
E4's Tense Voice Mood allows you to look up the tense, voice and mood of the original Greek and Hebrew words from Strongs-Numbered Bibles, so you can know if the original Greek is aorist vs. present, active vs. passive, imperative vs. indicative, etc. Essential for original language study
Jonathan Edwards on Revival - Retail $14.95
A great resource recording one of the greatest works of God’s Spirit in America. Lloyd-Jones felt that Edwards’ works were the most helpful to him in the early years of ministry. “Edwards is the greatest thinker that America has produced.”—President McCosh, of Princeton. “In our day there is no man who comes within a thousand miles of him.”—Lyman Beecher
Dabney, Systematic Theology - Retail $38.95 , 900 pages
Hodge called Dabney, “The best teacher of theology in the United States, if not in the world.” Warfield says, “As a preacher, as a teacher and as a writer he equally achieved greatness.”
Hodge, Commentary on Westminster Confession - Retail $26.95 , 432 pages
Want an explanation of biblical Christianity? This wonderful exposition of the Westminster Confession gives it to you! It will be extremely helpful for pastor and laity alike. Alexander McPherson says, “This is a book of special value to ministers and divinity students, but anyone who has an interest in the teachings of God’s Word will find it most useful.”
Smeaton, Paul’s Doctrine of the Atonement - Retail $19.95 , 1856 pages
Good teaching on our Savior’s atonement is sorely needed today. Wilbur M. Smith says, this book “should be on the shelves of every student of the New Testament.” Smeaton expounds the doctrine of the atonement by using a commentary format; working through each text dealing with the atonement in the writings of Paul. Extremely helpful!
Owen, The Glory of the Trinity - Retail $15.95
Owen is called the “greatest of the Puritans,” and this volume is one of the reasons why. The glories of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit shine in all their radiance. The topical index will lead you into this valuable work again and again.
Baxter, The Reformed Pastor - Retail $12.95 , 256 pages
Packer calls Baxter, “The most outstanding pastor, evangelist and writer…that Puritanism produced.” “In the whole compass of divinity, there is scarcely anything superior to it.”—Daniel Wilson. “A classic treatment that has been a blessing to pastors since its first appearance in 1656. This deserves to be studied in depth.”—The Minister’s Library. “Many good men are but shadows of what... they might be, if the maxims and measures... laid down in this incomparable Treatise were strenuously pursued.”
Witherow, The Apostolic Church, Which Is It?
A very useful work which goes directly to the Scripture to show us how the Church in the apostolic era governed itself. Here is a simple biblical explanation which supplies us with a good model to follow. “One of the best handbooks for church government that has been written. It packs an enormous amount of information into a small book.”—George Knight.
Charles Hodge, Sermon Outlines - Retail $15.95 , 234 pages
"These Princeton sermons of Charles Hodge, one of the greatest Christian teachers of the last century, are only outlines; but what outlines! They form almost a complete systematic theology, and are extraordinarily suggestive and satisfying.”—J. I. Packer. A wonderful resource for sermon outlines and theology! This book will do wonders by spreading good theology and giving great examples of doctrinal preaching.
Guthrie, Your Salvation - Retail $11.95
Guthrie explains how to know if one is saved and how to obtain salvation. It will be a very useful aid for pastors and lay-people alike in preaching the gospel and in dealing with those hard cases regarding one's salvation and assurance. John Owen described Guthrie as “One of the greatest divines that ever wrote.”
Spurgeon, All of Grace - Retail $11.95
Spurgeon’s goal in this book was “the salvation of the reader.” There is no question that Spurgeon was among the greatest evangelists who have ever lived. This book will be an inspiring resource for witnessing and preaching evangelistically. And now Christian Classics has given you the ability to easily search the work by topic to encourage your hearts as you consider the gospel.

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