E4 Bible Study Library Vol. 4
E4 Bible Study Library Vol. 4
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This collection of Christ-centered Bible studies and writings is an indispensable software resource for any pastor, ministry leader or serious Bible student. Each author was hand picked as a tremendous biblical thinker who goes deep into the meaning of the text of sacred Scripture. The careful exposition and pastoral warmth will furnish the mind and enrich the soul of every believer.
This library is a collection of 11 most Christ-centered, solid Bible study tools available from the last 400 years.   Add this Library to your collection TODAY!
Wilhelmus a’ Brakel and The Christian’s Reasonable Service, Vol. 3 & 4 - Retail $80.99 , 1167 pages
"Warm, practical and extremely Biblical."

"A mini Calvin - 5-Stars!"

"If you are looking for a systematic theology shot through with pastoral warmth, look no further." - Dan

These 2 huge volumes (1,167 pages) are completely unique - because they combine thorough systematic theology with pastoral warmth and devotional application!

J. I. Packer says, "Blends doctrine, experience, and practice with great skill and power. There is here a vast amount of nourishment for both mind and heart!"
Charles Hodge, Commentary on 1 & 2 Corinthians (2 Volumes) - Retail $56.99 , 560 pages
"A treasure - 5-Stars!" - Amazon Review

"One of America's greatest theologians" - Pastor John

"He is the Reformed C. S. Lewis!" - Tom

Hodge's masterful 2-Volume work on Paul's two letters to the church at Corinth provides the reader with careful exposition of the text as well as practical application of its important theological meaning. A tremendous resource for the library of every pastor, teacher or serious Bible student.
Charles Hodge, Commentary on Romans - Retail $28.99 , 462 pages
Since its issue in 1864, this commentary has been recognized as being among the few truly great works on Romans. Charles Hodge lectured on the Pauline Epistles at Princeton Theological Seminary for fifty-six years; from 1822 to 1878. A priceless jewel to the Christian’s library and an invaluable aide to understanding this most important Epistle.
Thomas Watson, The Lord’s Prayer - Retail $29.99 , 300 pages
5-Stars on Amazon!

"An outstanding exposition" - Reviewer

"You will not find a better book on prayer than this!" - Douglas

"True meat to feast on - should be in the hands of every serious disciple." - Roy

One of the "Easiest to Read" Puritans, Watson gives us an outstanding exposition of Jesus' teaching on prayer that "change your understanding of prayer." forever.
Thomas Watson, The Ten Commandments - Retail $29.99 , 300 pages
Part of the three volumes that make up Watson’s famous Body of Practical Divinity. Spurgeon called this “One of the most precious and peerless works of the Puritans, and those best acquainted with it prize it most.” Watson produces thoughtful exposition on this vital portion of Scripture that is foundational to the Christian life.
John Owen, Communion with God - Retail $17.95 , 224 pages
John Owen has been labeled by many as the ‘Prince of the Puritans.’ Charles Spurgeon said, “To master his works is to be a profound theologian.” Yet every Christian will be richly blessed and rewarded from mining the gold Owen delivers. In this volume, Dr. R. J. K. Law brings one of the greatest Christian classics of all time in a brilliantly readable abridgment.
John Owen, Glory of Christ
Another rich work of the master Puritan made easy to read by R. J. K. Law. Producing a moving and careful examination of the person and work of Jesus Christ, Owen mixes pastoral warmth with profound theological truth in one of his best works. This book will prove to give every reader a more Christ-centered understanding of the gospel and the Christian life.
A. W. Pink, The Christian Sabbath - Retail $11.95
Are we missing out on God’s blessing by the way we observe the Lord’s Day? Have we trampled on this gift of the Lord’s by being too lax or too legalistic? This book contains answers to questions such as these as Arthur Pink carefully explains what it means to observe Sunday as the Christian Sabbath. This book will challenge, instruct and uplift every Christian who applies to their life.
Richard Baxter, Saints’ Everlasting Rest - Retail $14.95
A Puritan classic that was long out of print, Baxter’s Saints’ Everlasting Rest is a masterful meditation on the glory of heaven and the eternal rest of the Christian. Fix your mind upon the hope of the resurrection and the glory to come and let peaceful rest flood your soul.

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