E4’s Bible Reference Library Vol. 9
E4’s Bible Reference Library Vol. 9
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Let some of the most brilliant and faithful minds in Christendom answer your deepest spiritual questions. From G. K. Chesterton’s witty defense of Christianity in ‘Orthodoxy’, to Puritan Thomas Watson’s insightful thoughts on ‘The Art of Divine Contentment’, scientist-philosopher Blaise Pascal’s perceptive musings in ‘Pensees’, to the glorious mystic prayers in Catherine of Siena’s medieval ‘Dialogue’ and William Inge’s anthology ‘Light, Life, Love’, E4’s Bible Reference Library Volume 9 covers the full range of the Christian life and experience.  

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A Commentary, Critical & Explanatory On The Old And New Testaments by Jamieson, Fausset & Brown
This exhaustive work, over 3,000 pages long, covering nearly every verse in every book of the Bible, is one of the most highly prized and valued commentaries. The JFB Commentary was published in 1871, in a set of 6 Volumes. It not only satisfies the thirst of intellectual pursuit but is especially useful to those who crave a deeper understanding of the Almighty. The JFB commentary remains the gold standard of Biblical exposition and was highly rated by none other than Charles Spurgeon himself.

"Of this commentary, I have a very high opinion!" - Charles Spurgeon
The Treasury of David by C.H. Spurgeon
Unquestionably his unsurpassed literary achievement, The Treasury of David is C.H. Spurgeon’s fruit of the unstinting labor of 20 years. An amazingly insightful look into the book of Psalms, this original set in 6 Volumes is a massive, verse-by-verse commentary, recognized as one of the finest expositions ever! It is credited by the British Quarterly Review as overflowing with "intensity of belief and a fullness of assent to the great points of Calvinistic orthodoxy."

"A classic, richly rewarding, deeply devotional, and pleasingly relevant." - Cyril J. Barber
Private Thoughts by William Beveridge (Vol. 1 & 2)
This Two-Volume treasure deals with resolutions or principles that essentially present the framework upon which one can build and nurture a church. An invaluable asset, this book will stir a sleeping conscience by its sharp thrusts of timeless truth. Beveridge’s gentle persuasive style and the strength of his appeal will be hard to resist! Unreservedly recommended!

"Beveridge had a way of touching the consciences of his hearers that seemed to revive the spirit of the Apostolic Age." - Robert Nelson

The great beauty of his sermons “is a tender and pathetic earnestness, a strong and affectionate appeal to the heart and conscience; … all can feel with Beveridge.” - Hartwell Horne
Purpose in Prayer by E. M. Bounds
An exhilarating book, where Bounds expounds on the energy of prayer and draws one into a deeper relationship with God each day. Purpose in Prayer reveals the exciting ways God moves on your behalf revealing His awesome power helping you lead a victorious Christian life. Highly recommended. A truly inspiring life-transforming read!

"Bounds focuses on the real purpose of prayer - growing in the likeness of Him. ~ A great, encouraging, and challenging read" - Michael Taylor
Power through Prayer by E. M. Bounds
This is one of those rare, radically life-altering books on prayer you could ever read that will incredibly improve the quality of your prayer life, making it more personal and intimate. Bounds captures the essence of prayer drawing deep from his own personal practice directing you towards higher discipleship and a God-centered prayer life. Valuable as a daily source of encouragement and reference.

“For a dose of prayer motivation, inspiration, and passion there is no better book than this classic 128-page work, "Power through Prayer." - Todd Hudnall
Commentary on The Beatitudes by Thomas Watson
Arguably one of the best commentaries on the Lord Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:1-12) Commentary on the Beatitudes resounds with sound doctrine coupled with practical wisdom and life-changing applications. Laced with quotes, anecdotes and illustrations, disarmingly simple and yet gripping, Thomas Watson in over 300 pages, explores the “usefulness and sweetness” of the Beatitudes. This work offers deep insights that will impact your life in a never-before way.

"Watson’s works are ever fresh, pointed and instructive!" - William Jay of Bath
The Art of Divine Contentment by Thomas Watson
Convincing, clear and crisp, Thomas Watson’s perspective of contentment in a Christian is a breath of fresh air! In precise puritan style, Watson endorses divine contentment as God-centered and discontentment as sin! Motivating and practical, Watson says a Christian can be contented, “not by raising his estate higher, but by bringing his heart lower… It is a timely and resolute reminder that contentment for a Christian should be the norm not the exception!

"Extremely Practical" - J. Adrian

“A Much Needed Remedy” - David A. Vosseller
The Life of God in the Soul of Man by Henry Scougal
One of the most comprehensive and coherent expressions of Christian Justification and Sanctification theology ever, Scrougal offers some of the deepest insights into the definition of who a Christian really is, in this work. As he passionately presents the challenges to be faced, this book is bound to move, challenge and encourage your soul to more effectively reflect the Life of God in it. It stirred Whitfield, impacting the Great Awakening in America, and gave shape and impetus to the Methodist movement in Britain.

"Awesome book that describes true Christianity" – by B. Nelson
A Serious Call by William Law
A refreshingly vivid illustration of a life lived wholly for God in all aspects, including work, finances, relationships, worship and prayer. This book deals with practical ways to revolutionize one’s lifestyle. Guaranteed to inspire one to lead a balanced life, it offers the right perspective in this world of shifting values. A great read.

"An awesome spiritual classic, as timely today as in 1728." - Anonymous

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