Hymns of the Church
Hymns of the Church
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Unbelievably poignant, this exquisite Set, Hymns of the Church is bound to touch you and revitalize your faith and appreciation of God Himself. This set drives home the truth that theology can be embodied in hymns! Hymns uplift, quicken and enliven the spirit of devotion, confirm faith, renew hope, and kindle and increase one’s love to God and man! A remarkable collection that will reignite and fan the flame of your faith into a burning fire!  
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Psalms and Hymns
By Isaac Watts

Duly recognized as the "Father of English Hymnody" Watts is the composer of over 600 hymns. He is accredited to have introduced a new way of rendering the Psalms in verse for church services! Isaac Watts desired that the gospel be evidenced in the Psalms and hymns of the church, and desired that be sung them in the language easily understood. He contextualized the gospel as no one else in his time had. Will bring you down to your knees in adoration while elevating your soul to unimagined pinnacles of glory!

"The Greatest English Hymnist!" - Doug P. Baker

"One of the best devotionals I've ever read." - Emily
A Collection of Hymns
By John Wesley

A soul stirring collection of 1026 hymns in over 500 pages, which taken in their order are found to form a full body of practical divinity. The high degree of sensitivity with which the section titles have been presented reveals a virtual spiritual biography. Arranged and meticulously designed to reflect the Wesleyan concept of the way of salvation and the pattern of Christian experience, this collection cannot but confound you! A heart-warming experience of piety in poetry!

"Greatest Hymnal since the Psalter!" - Amazon customer

"Wesley was a good scholar and Godly man."- Vicki Lamb
The Story of the Hymns and Tunes
By Hezekiah Butterworth

Religion sings! This fascinating trip down memory lane shows up St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers as "the Father of Christian Hymnology! It was around the middle of the 4th century that he regulated the ecclesiastical song-service, wrote chant music to Biblical verses and some of his own and prescribed its place and use in his choirs. Tracing this thread of musical notes through the centuries gone by, will absorb and mesmerize you! An eclectic exploration of the enduring significance of music in worship!
This sparkling collection of 5 sets of hymns strikingly and sensitively translated by Rev. Brownlie contains specimens of various patterns of musical forms, influenced by the Eastern Church, particularly the Greek.

The most elaborate form of praise, the Canon usually comprises nine odes or hymns, excluding the second one which includes God’s denunciation of Israel! Hirmos or the first stanza of each ode forms the foundation of the rhythmical model. The Troparia are the stanzas following the Hirmos which turn to the strophes of the Hirmos, as following the rhythmical model. Contakia are short hymns that follow the sixth ode of a canon. A series of verses, Stichera is the next type which is often taken from the Psalter. The Idiomela follow no particular model while the Stichera Idiomela are a collection of irregular verses. Antiphon, is simply a hymn sung alternately by a two-part choir.
Hymns of the Apostolic Church
By John Brownlie

John Brownlie’s great work in translating the Greek Hymns, will offer you an unforgettable insight into their beauty and depth. The main attraction of the Greek hymns lies in its suggestiveness. While you see the picture presented, an indelible impression is made upon the mind and heart; the outline may fade, but the impression remains and possesses the mind and refreshes the soul!
Hymns of the Eastern Church
By John Brownlie

These hymns contain less of translations or renderings, and more of centos and suggestions. Extolling the Knowledge and the Wisdom of God these Hymns continually highlight Light as an attribute of God. An enlightening experience!
Hymns of the Greek Church
By John Brownlie

Brownlie’s translations reproduce these hymns in their excessive symbolism and multiplicity of metaphor with ease and facility of expression. The harmony in the original language and setting is retained by capturing the subtle suggestion of the original, and utilizing it to the best advantage. About sixty such pieces hold a secure place in all our best hymnals today.
Hymns from the Morningland
By John Brownlie

The wealth of thought and emotion lying buried in the service books of the Eastern Church have been minted afresh into a coin of golden praise suited to sanctuary use, comparable in worth and beauty to the splendor of their time, offering a new slant to sing God’s praise.
Hymns from the Russian Church
By John Brownlie

The Russian Church has always been, and still is, essentially Greek. Characterized by quiet, meditative restfulness, a sense of satisfaction with past achievements in doctrine and worship, and the wistful retrospective gaze upon magnificent accomplishment, intensified by centuries of trial, today the Russian Church has an excellent translation of the Greek Offices. Clear and simple enough to be understood by even the illiterate peasantry, they were written in rhythmical prose, ignoring meter and quantity, emphasizing accent alone. Interestingly, they were devoid of instrumental accompaniment! Chanting alone brought out the cadence.

"The Greek has been used as a basis, a theme, a motive; oriental colour, and it is to be hoped, some of the oriental warmth, has been preserved." – Brownlie
Olney Hymns
By John Newton

Reacquaint yourself with the golden hymns of Newton. Laden with less typological imagery, his hymns are planned for public worship, for use by plain people. In over 300 hymns flowing with perspicuity, simplicity and straightforwardness, yet pregnant with great spiritual truths, Newton in a sense of deep humility draws an even clearer picture of one’s unworthiness in the light of Christ’s gloriousness. Amazing grace is a well loved hymn for all time. You will undoubtedly experience renewal and refreshing!
Hymns of Wesley
By Bernard L. Manning

A veritable treasury for the expression of every state of mind and every condition of the soul this Hymnal reads like a modern Book of Psalms! Wesley moves with complete mastery, with an effortlessness that conceals that mastery while exhibiting a quiet skill of weaving patterns with his words. Charged with dogma, each hymn delves into the peculiar and pungent doctrines of uncompromising Christianity. Profound and vigorous in their orthodoxy, faith, experience and mystical air, these hymns can never grow old!
Lyra Germanica
By Catherine Winkworth

Encounter this prolific translator and hymn writer whose excellence in transferring the beauty and meaning of hymns in German into just as delicate pieces of poetry in music is unqualified. Fascinated by the challenge of rendering poetical offerings, Catherine Winkworth increasingly devoted herself to creating hymns, which appeared in the collection Lyra Germanica. Never out of date, this precious work is a must have!

"The most gifted translator of any foreign sacred lyrics into English!" - Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872, Annotations of the Hymnal
Christian Singers of Germany
By Catherine Winkworth

Savor the treasures of German hymnody offered in delicate English translation by Catherine Winkworth. The foremost 19th century translator of German hymns into English, her translations are still the most widely used of any from German, extensively found in many denominational hymnals, particularly in Lutheran hymnals published in the United States. Her great intellectual acumen and spiritual insight made for wonderful translations that will make your spirit soar in song!

"Her translations...are invariably faithful and for the most part, both terse and delicate." - Dr. James Martineau
The Christian Year
By John Keble

Compelling and captivating, this Year Book first appeared in 1827, and met with an almost unrivalled acceptance. Keble strove to synchronize the thoughts and feelings of the reader with those illustrated in the Prayer Book. With subtle and true poetic feeling, and refined, often extremely felicitous language, this book has come to be considered a religious classic! Filled with poems for each Sunday of the year and the other Holy Days, over 100,000 copies were sold in the first 25 years! Having withstood the onslaught of time, this gem will add luster to any collectors’ collection!

"The Christian Year is Keble’s greatest contribution to the Oxford Movement and to English literature." - Gregory Goodwin
Sacred Poems and Hymns
By James Montgomery

Be swept into the past with this infinitely winsome book! J. Montgomery’s hymns and other pieces, flow like oil, smooth in meter, sweet in every stroke, natural and exact in phraseology. Although he authored over 400 hymns, less than 100 are current today. You will be carried to new heights by his elevated thoughts. The name of the Supreme Being embodies whatever is great, desirable or tremendous. “Omnipotence cannot exalted; infinity cannot be amplified; perfection cannot be improved.” Lofty and uplifting!

"Montgomery has seized the spirit and exhibited some of the principal beauties of the Hebrew bard.” - Dr. Adam Clarke, Commentary on the Holy Scriptures
Scottish Psalms and Paraphrases
It was not until 1565 that the Church of Scotland allowed music as part of worship in the church. The Old Scottish Psalter initially contained all the 150 psalms and nothing else! More songs were added in later editions; the 1634 edition contained 14 extra songs. 1778 saw the Synod of Glasgow include a collection of 67 Paraphrases and 5 hymns. The paraphrases were merely a metrical version of a Bible passage. For the ardent student of Church history, or to those intrigued by the Scottish Reformation, this collection will be an asset in antiquity! Will warm your heart as it did Scotland’s nearly 400 years ago!

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