Collected Works of John Owen
Collected Works of John Owen
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E4 is delighted to offer this unique collection of the works of one of the greatest Puritan minds, John Owen! An accomplished, erudite scholar and prolific writer, Owen has unparalleled theological discourses and expository to his credit. Revel in these expositions and dig deep for nuggets of pure truth in this collection and grow rich spiritually. Owen can only surpass your greatest expectations. Truly a priceless set to possess and explore! A tremendous spiritual investment! Highly recommended!  

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A brilliant treatise illustrating the mystery of divine grace in the person of Christ, “Christologia’ assumes the truth of the Godhead of Christ, and expounds this truth in the light of Christian duty and experience. Owen, the “prince of the English divines,” rethrones the Person, Spirit, Grace and Authority of Christ in the heart and consciences of man. You will be warmed and overjoyed as you unravel the Mystery of His Person and work.

“To read John Owen is to enter a rare world. Whenever I return to one of his works I find myself asking “Why do I spend time reading lesser literature?” — Sinclair B. Ferguson
This 5-part thesis is one of Owen’s best known and most highly esteemed works. While the first part carries a preliminary account of the Holy Spirit, the second part addresses the operations of the Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments. In the third part he discusses the doctrine of regeneration, whereas the fourth accounts for the doctrine of sanctification, and the Holy Spirit’s role in it. The final part culminates with arguments extolling the reader to personal holiness. You will be strengthened and uplifted by the power, depth, and resources conspicuous in every chapter as you savor these extraordinarily elevating revelations.

“This discourse on the Holy Spirit is an epitome, if not the masterpiece of his writings.” —John Newton
Sermons of John Owen
Expressly put together, this splendid volume contains the sermons that Owen delivered during his life, as well as a series of posthumously published sermons. You will be stirred and enthused by burning thoughts liberally offered by the author through every sentence! “A genius with learning second only to Calvin’s,” Owen plumbs the depths of Christian experience in an uncommonly refreshing manner! The general spirit and tenor of his statements however, are also calculated prick the consciences of the unbeliever! A rare reading pleasure.

“Owen stands at the head of his class of divines. His scholars will be more profound and enlarged, and better furnished.” — Cecil
Oxford Orations
Owen, “indisputably the leading proponent of high Calvinism in England in the late seventeenth century,” ardently promoted Reformed theology and Puritan piety. For a fascinating look into the life of university students and those involved with the education system of his times, the radicals who strove to destroy universities and the role of educator s and benefactors, this volume is a cache of wealth!; You will enjoy the historicity and the passion of Owen’s presentations.

Great Book!” —J. Sullivan
Sacramental Discourses
An outstanding exposition to Christians of all denominations on why believers fail to benefit from the sacrament of communion! Owen clears up the misunderstandings on the nature of the special union with Christ in participating in the Lord’s Table. He reorients Christians towards the Bible as the standard of truth, highlighting that Christians are called to first represent Christ to themselves before they profess His greatness to others, with confession and self-examination as the prerequisites to participation. These discourses will encourage you to partake in the Lord’s Supper with fresh joy, overcoming all distractions, fixing your heart on Him alone.
Death of Death in the Death of Christ
“The leading figure among the Congregationalist divines,” Owen’s definitive work on the extent of the atonement is a polemic endeavor, designed portray that the doctrine of universal redemption is unscriptural and destructive of the gospel. Owen presents arguments against penal substitution and then demonstrates, from Scripture, the importance of penal substitution and how it affects one’s understanding of God and the work of Christ. Thought provoking and convincing!

Greatest Book Title Ever!” —Rob Black

“It is safe to say that no comparable exposition of the work of redemption as planned and executed by the Triune Jehovah has ever been done since Owen published this in 1648.’ —J. I. Packer
Two Short Catechisms
Abounding in truth and profound in comprehension, Owen’s catechisms function as two levels of theological explanation - the Lesser Catechism specifically catering to the children of his congregation. In a question and answer format, Owen with pastoral concern and doctrinal instinct addresses frequently raised queries with forthrightness and simplicity. The Greater Catechism, also following the same pattern, delves deeper covering a wider range of topics, all with extensive Scripture references. His clear answers will astound you. These catechisms are the foundation of his theology. A wonderful source for study for any serious student of the Word.
Several Common Cases of Conscience Resolved
Several Practical Cases of Conscience Resolved is a series of discourses dealing with momentous questions about the Christian experience of sin, grace, faith, prayer, God’s providence, and the preparation for Christ’s second coming. Published in 1721, it is a system of casuistry, resolving specific cases of morality by appealing to general principles. Replete with suggestions and advice, this is a prized possession, as long as Christianity is not buried in formalism. Pragmatic and practical, its realistic and sensible approach will invigorate you and help you resolve irksome issues.

“A must read for those who are pursuing holiness!” —William P. Dowd
Of Temptation
Duly recognized as a remarkable book, personally edifying for any believer, Owen earnestly pleads that his readers be safe against the wiles of the devil. In his warm, appealing style Owen leaves no corner of the heart unsearched and challenges you to judge your own heart, to know what temptation means, and to be fully on guard against it. Awesome and life changing it will put you on the path to personal holiness as never before.

Worth Reading 400 pages? ABSOLUTELY!!! —James John Hollandsworth, M.D.
Profoundly Edifying! — Brian Chang
Revolutionized my view of killing sin. —Wendell W. Cole
Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ
A much needed reminder, this exposition on the excellencies of Christ from both the Old and New Testaments will astound you. This series of discourses on John 17: 24 discusses the Glory of Christ, as the representative of God to the church, the mystery of his Person, His office as Mediator, His exaltation, His relation to the church during every age of its history, and the final consummation of His work, when all things will be gathered into a blessed unity by His mediation. It contrasts Faith and Sight which will be a spiritual awakening to all who bear His name.

“Inexhaustible Riches” — J. Adrian
Profound treatment of a vast subject!” — Redditt Andrews, III
On Communion with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Your understanding of the timeless truth of the Trinity will be raised to a higher plane! Owen beautifully unfolds the functions and features of each Person of the Trinity, emphasizing the holistic nature of our communion with God. A difficult subject dealt with delicacy and dynamism, it is bound to drive you toward a clearer understanding of the Triune God and direct you to a closer relationship with Him.

“No one else has laid open the paths of personal fellowship with the three persons of the Trinity the way Owen does.” — John Piper
“A great work!” — Richard J. Mouw
Doctrine of the Saints Perseverance Explained and Confirmed
Blessed with a prodigious intellect Owen is a towering Puritan thinker and writer, who continues to influence contemporary readers. He wrote theology using scholastic methodology. This work on the perseverance of the saints is the most masterly vindication typical of the Calvinist doctrine of predestination. Honest and upfront, Owen dares you to face your personal convictions and reassures you of the permanence of your salvation.

Awesome book! Another one of those Puritan classics that challenges your assumption as to if you are in Christ or are deceiving yourself.” —Justin Andrusk
Of Mortification of Sin in Believers
Discover anew the sound spiritual wisdom in this well-balanced presentation. If you are struggling with sin and habits that seem to overwhelm you, this book is for you. Owen offers much-needed encouragement to those struggling in the ongoing battle against indwelling sin and sinful tendencies, despite their having a new life in Christ. Owen insists that this fight can be won only through faith in Christ, and in the power of the Spirit. Battling sin in human strength will produce only self-righteousness, superstition and anxiety of conscience. A handy referral that reassures and restores.

“I owe more to John Owen than to any other theologian, ancient or modern; and I owe more to The Mortification of Sin than to anything else he wrote. — J.I. Packer
Gospel Grounds and Evidences of the Faith of God’s Elect
Owen deftly delineates the nature and effects of faith, the prime feature being the spiritual comfort of believers in this life through all their conflicts with sin, in all their trials and temptations. Also, faith is evident by a constant endeavor in maintaining a life of private and public worship. It also brings the soul into a state of repentance. Bible based and well written he explores faith, heavily quoting Scripture for support. You will be confronted to examine your faith with sharp tools to strengthen or provide it!

“Owen challenges Christians to examine their faith and offers them tangible tools to strengthen their faith in places it might be lacking.” —Emmalon Davis
Doctrine of Justification by Faith
Justification by Faith Alone is the cornerstone of the Christian faith and the Reformation, which John Owen rigorously defended. Quoting relevant Scripture, Owen argues for the imputation of Christ’s righteousness alone as the grounds for justification. He sees justification as a judicial act of God, wherein God declares that all the claims of the law are satisfied regarding the sinner on the basis of the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Immensely informative and perfectly proposed, you cannot have a clearer picture of the doctrine of Justification.

“Owen is logical, exasperatingly thorough, pastoral, evangelical, and wonderful.” —Scott
Brief Instruction in the Worship of God
In merely 50 questions and answers, Owen outlines the constitution and ordinances of a Christian Church and explains the duties of its office-bearers and members. Providing rich spiritual nourishment this short catechism describes the set-up of a Church. Owen reiterates that the worship of God is natural because of the nature of both God and man. God’s nature means that anyone who knows God must worship him. Owen teaches us to delight in the divine service that is rooted in “contemplation on the will, wisdom, grace, and condescension of God.” You will worship God more meaningfully!

“This treatise speaks to us today as we seek a helpful way forward for ourselves and our family, friends, and visitors to our churches.” —Danny Hyde
Brief Declaration and Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity
Highly focused and pristinely clear, Owen’s defense of the truth and coherency of the doctrine of the Trinity is admirable. Utilizing both Scripture and tradition, Owen calls for faith in the Trinity as well. He ends his treatise by explaining the satisfaction of sins through Christ which could not happen outside of the Trinity. An eye opener on the mystery of the Trinity! A must have!

“I thank God for John Owen’s unwavering passion for communion with God. We are debtors to his mighty pen and to the passion for God’s glory . . . that drove it. —John Piper
Discourse Concerning Evangelical Love, Church Peace and Unity
Moved by the shallow fellowship and schisms in the church, Owen advocated more love, because without it, unity would be lost. Pride was the basis of disunity in the church, raising more dissenters and nonconformists. Owen offers several strategies for remedying broken churches that can be still used today. “God still speaks”, says Owen, when the world is in flux and the church finds itself in seeming peril—truths as applicable today as they were in his time.

For solidity, profundity, massiveness and majesty in exhibiting from Scripture God’s ways with sinful mankind there is no one to touch him.—J. I. Packer
“... the greatest theologian who has ever written in the English language.”—Roger Nicole
Treatise of the Dominion of Sin and Grace
Characterized by profundity, thoroughness and consequently authority this work exposes the nature of sin’s power over humanity but assures believers that sin does not have ultimate power in a believer’s life. Owen’s work is a perfect blend of recognition of sin and its influence on all humans, as well as its limitations. While he employs the basic knowledge of sin as in the Bible, he gleans implied meanings and deeper understanding. Readers can get an honest yet hopeful account of sin.

“Owen makes you feel when he has reached the end of his subject, that he has also exhausted it.“ —Andrew Thomson
Life of Dr. Owen
This 17th century Puritan lived a life of spiritual experience, literary accomplishment and national influence excelling most of his peers that he merits the title of “The greatest British theologian of all time“. Andrew Thompson in his chronicle on the life of John Owen: Prince of the Puritans, unveils the man behind the theology, in this absorbing 180-page biography. Owen’s spiritual attainments finely balance his intellectual gifts. His works include 28 books on theological and devotional themes. His greatest work, though, is probably the 4-volume set on Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, a magnificent commentary, the last one published posthumously. He continues to have an avid following even 300 years after his death!

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