Works of John Gill
Works of John Gill
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A veritable cornucopia of Biblical knowledge, The Works of John Gill is a prodigious collection of commentaries, essays and theses written with detailed mastery that is hard to match. Deep, clear and profound this prolific writer has produced a thus far unsurpassed voluminous verse-by-verse Bible commentary and phenomenally detailed systematic theology besides other works. Gill, author of more than 10,000 pages stands alone! Gill is worth reading and rereading!  

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The Cause of God and Truth

In 4 massive volumes, John Gill presents one of the best Biblical reference books of all time. One of the most acclaimed Hebraists of his time, Gill’s amazing cross referencing of Biblical subjects and Scripture are as yet unequaled. This outstanding set of books, with superlatively thorough indexing of all scriptural references supports the doctrine of grace as well as classifies controversial and hard to understand biblical texts. Gill defends God and Truth with critical Biblical exegesis, systematically dismantling flawed beliefs. A great tool!

"Rich work!" — David S. Mohler

"Hard-shell Calvinistic classic!" — John Brooks

"Scholar born 300 years late!" — Stephen Hancock

A Body of Doctrinal Divinity

Written just two years before his death, this is the most complete and all-inclusive Body of Divinity ever written. Pure doctrine, devoid of philosophy, these 2 volumes in 1091 pages sum up Gill’s whole creed, which is the Truth as it is in Jesus. A most erudite and theologically sound system of evangelical truth. A standing blessing to posterity! This is the most comprehensive guide to practical doctrine, teaching the very basics of faith in God. A must have.

"Gill’s Body of Divinity is a work without which no theological library is complete. His grand old doctrines of grace... sweep all opposition before them!" —Dr. William Cathcart

"Excellent Body of Theology !" — J. Olmstead

"His Body of Divinity has long been held in the highest repute." — Augustus Toplady

A Body of Practical Divinity

Positively riveting, this awesome piece of work deals with prayer as never before. Gill challenges you to begin afresh to worship God with heartfelt humility, self-denial and thankfulness. Public worship, church worship and special worship by leaders in the church are subjects Gill handles with utmost care and clarity. Invigorating and powerful, John Gill’s explicit teaching on prayer that always and only glorifies God will revitalize your personal prayer life!

Solomonís Song

A spellbinding treatment of one of the lesser understood books of the Bible, the Song of Solomon, Gill surpasses himself. Resplendent with references to the rich literature of his time, this book is full of insights from the Septuagint, Vulgate, Latin, Jewish and old Christian writings. Gill argues for a spiritual reading of this book, with Christ as the bridegroom and the Church as the bride. In 122 sermons, with figurative and allegorical, yet clear and concise expression, this verse-by-verse exposition, is considered Gill’s best effort. A cache of lively metaphor and serious instruction!

"The best thing Gill ever did!" — C. H. Spurgeon

The Prophecies of the Old Testament

In his own meticulously methodical manner of unraveling the truth of each prophecy, Gill’s work is mind blowing! He conveys the meaning within Biblical prophecies in the sense in which the sacred texts were given. Doctrine and practical truths are set forth in plain and easy light as well. You will learn to read prophecies and understand them from a new perspective.

On Godís Love

Plumb the deepest depths or soar to the highest rapture of delight and yet not be able to quite fathom or comprehend the vastness of God’s love, as Gill expounds on its unalterable and unchangeable quality. As invariable as God’s own nature and being, as irreversible as His grace and as eternal as Himself, Gill thrills your mind and heart beyond words. As he lifts you to still higher peaks of understanding God’s love you will be more and more humbled and moved to tears at your unworthiness to be the recipient of such love. An amazing reading experience.

On Godís Sovereignty

A power-packed defense on the Triune nature of God! In his day, Gill saw God on trial and spoke out extensively against Unitarianism, the heresy of his day. Gill’s intellect and spirituality are matched by his intensity of writing. You will find a blindingly dazzling display of how God exists as Trinity and why He does so. Gill states that ignoring doctrine and truth will leave you within a shell that has no life in it! Be awed anew by the Trinity!

On Jesus Christ

Plainly stated yet with passion, The Son of God is powerfully portrayed by Gill’s pen! As the bridegroom in Solomon’s Song and the One elevated at God’s right hand, the Triumphant King returning in splendor and glory, the Lord Jesus shines in all His brightness from several facets of Gill’s viewpoint. Christ’s greatest work in eternal justification of His own people is what delights Gill beyond measure. You will see the Lord Jesus with greater love and deeper understanding, with eyes that have truly had their scales peeled off!

On Manís Depravity

Gill’s crystal clear thesis on man’s degeneracy shows how salvation is wholly God’s initiative and gift, and that man can do nothing to gain it. You will be moved at the immensity of God’s grace and uplifted in spirit at the magnitude and enormity of the eternal gift of life everlasting He proffers us. Unfathomed thoughts are brought to the surface with ease and simplicity, leaving you feeling unworthy, ecstatic and grateful! Excellent!

On Law and Grace

While the moral and ceremonial law was given to Moses, Grace came by Christ Jesus! Gill brings the shadows of the substance of the law into the light, while he simultaneously focuses on the grace which is the unbounded and free favor of God. And all of this is truth because the Lord Jesus is Truth. As he melds great truths and contrasts the privilege we enjoy under grace than under the law, Gill draws us to a new level of appreciation and adoration for God’s master plan!

On Godís Word

Authoritative and solid, this sermon advocates the awesomeness of God and His Word. Spiritual prosperity, not of this world or body, but of the Soul comes from belief in God’s Word. Gill kindles a renewed hunger and appetite for the Word as He convincingly emphasizes how hearts are established and stabilized by God’s Word. You will thirst for more!

"For good, sound, massive sober sense..., who can excel Gill?" — C. H. Spurgeon

On the Gospel Minister

Priceless for those in God’s service! Gill encourages reminds the minister of his call and responsibilities. Gill strongly advocates that he perseveres in preaching both the Gospel and doctrine to nurture and discipline the church. Warning against worldly entanglements, Gill emphasizes the enormity of the minister’s task and the faithfulness, wisdom and prudence it calls for to carry it through, until its culmination in the crowning moment in eternity. A valuable blueprint for anyone involved in God’s Kingdom building work.

On Baptism

Troubled with questions on the issue of Infant Baptism? With sparkling lucidity backed with plenty of pertinent scriptural references Gill presents the truth on water baptism as a God-ordained ordinance and command. Refuting the practice of Infant Baptism, (as having neither precept nor command), he advocates adult baptism in the name of the Triune God. A thoroughly researched and well-presented thesis! A great help to ease confusion.

On the Church

In his almost inexhaustible and substantial exposition on the New Testament Church and Public worship, Gill draws parallels from Solomon’s Temple as a figure of the Church! Vividly describing the elements of Church worship, the role of singing, the significance of the sabbath besides other aspects, he also denounces the rise and progress of popery and its deceptive form of worship! His word pictures of the latter day Church and the ultimate glory she will bask in are unforgettable!

On Death, Resurrection and Eternity

Convincingly dispelling the fear of death for a child of God in ringing tones, supported with numerous verses of scripture, Gill portrays death for the Christian as consummate gain! A tremendous assurance for the doubting or anxious, he allays the fears of death for the believer. Purchased at great price, death for the Christian is a merely a smooth passage from life to eternal life! The certainty of the resurrection of the believer and the future state of everlasting happiness are a soothing balm and a promise of blissful anticipation! Bound to raise your heart in joy.

Godís everlasting Covenant

The stability of the doctrine of grace was never as emphatically established as Gill does here. Apart from this, the believer enjoys God’s power in his life. Gill unveils God as both covenant maker and keeper. This reassurance encourages us through the struggles of life. The reality that His Covenant is everlasting infuses hope and reinforces the fact of our transitory life on earth as against the permanence of life with God eternally. Wonderful!


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